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6 Times Justin Timberlake Pulled Off Curly Hair Like A Boss

Trying to get the ultimate Justin Timberlake curly hair with minimal effort, yet with visible results? Justin Timberlake is one of a few people who can rock his curly hair and look like a true pop star while doing it. If you want to copy his look and you want all the girls to ‘rock your body’, here is how to do it!

How to Style Your Curls Like Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Curly Hair

JT is one of those singers & actors with curly hair that the fans from all over the world admire. So, it’s only natural to want to have curls like him. Here is how:

Step 1: Shampoo your hair every 3 days to keep your curls soft & bouncy. Once you shampoo it, use high-quality and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners which are specifically designed for curly texture.

Step 2: Don’t use alcohol-based products. Instead, use something which has shea oils, or even macadamia oils. These are so powerful and nutritive for your strands.

Step 3: Leave your hair to air-dry if it is not too long. In case it is, use a diffuser to prevent any breakage, and to end up with luscious curls. Before you start the air or blow-drying process, make sure you’ve applied a leave-in cream, or even a wax which will emphasize the texture of your curls.

Step 4: If you can, don’t comb your hair and rather let it naturally fall & curl as it should. Men who want to style their curls or who prefer the combed look should use a wide tooth comb since it is the best choice because it won’t damage your curls.

Step 5: Style it by combing the hair on the side if you truly want to get Justin Timberlake’s curly hair. Once the edges are combed through, apply a bit of your favorite gel on top to get a fuller look and to create an appearance of a fuller hairline, as well as shinier curls.

Popular Curly Hairstyles of Justin Timberlake

These are the most popular curly hairstyles that Justin Timberlake sported.

1. Curly Undercut 

Justin Timberlake's Cury Hair with Undercut

Justin Timberlake rocked this curly hairstyle so fearlessly, and who says that you can’t do the same? A bit of your favorite gel or hair wax on top will get the job done in no time, just make sure that your medium undercut is properly cut & defined.

2. Tight  & Long Curls

Justin Timberlake's Long Curly Hair

In this picture, Justin was a part of NSYNC, which was a legendary band back then. However, even to this day, Justin kept inspiring young boys to embrace his old-school and voluminous curly haircut.

3. Blonde Highlights

Justin Timberlake's Curly Bleached Hair

For guys who are into shorter & easier to maintain curly hairstyles like Justin Timberlake, this one is a must! It demands a bit of hair gel on top, especially around the bangs, and a good and precise cut on the sides. Ideal for younger men who are in their 20s.

4. Short Afro Curly Hair

Justin Timberlake with Short Curly hair

If you love Justin Timberlake curly hairdos and you have an afro make sure you embrace it and wear it proudly wherever you go! Let your hair air-dry and enjoy the most voluminous curls ever.

5. Textured Curly Hair

Popular Justin Timberlake's Curly Hairstyles

If you are worried that this haircut won’t look ‘smart’ or business casual for you no worries; it will! Justin can rock this curly hairstyle easily once paired along with a goatee without mustache, and some neat jewelry.

6. Naturally Curly & Frizzy Hair

Justin Timberlake's Natural Curly Hair

Men who have a bit more texture and frizz should tame it down with frizz-fighting products. Apply your favorite frizz-controlling leave-in conditioner, and enjoy your manly & fierce Justin Timberlake brown hairstyle with long stubble beard.

If you love Justin Timberlake and his music, as well as his amazing personality; why not get the Justin Timberlake curly hair in his homage? Both younger & older guys can freely and easily style and rock this haircut, it is all about the right use of a few hair-care products, and most importantly- with confidence & a smile!