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35 Curly Undercut Hairstyles for Men to Rock This Season

Men’s curly hair is a blessing to everyone who has it, but not everyone realizes their true beauty and importance when it comes to hairstyling. Curly hair can be styled differently such as- curly undercut, curly mohawk, faded curls etc.

Many stylists find it challenging to cut such hair into a particular hairstyle due to its rigid hair texture and twisted locks. However, it isn’t difficult to create hairstyles with curly hair. We have compiled here 35 of the most undercut hairstyles for curly haired men.


Funky Men’s Curly Undercut Hairstyles

To have a better idea about the different ways of styling your curly hair, read the following types of curly undercut hairstyles for men.

1. Blonde Thin Curls

blonde curls with nape undercut for men

This men’s curtain haircut features long blonde curly locks that cascade over an edgy black undercut. This style is especially suitable for men who may be self conscious of thin hair.


2. Rounded Black Afro

curly undercut for black men

Men of color who want to rock their natural curly hair will look very handsome in a rounded afro with an undercut. This style allows you to keep a longer length, but it’s easy to maintain at home and comes with plenty of room for edge.


3. Curly Hair with Braids

men's curly undercut with braids

If you’re all about the details when it comes to finding your perfect curly hairstyle, just copy this look! There are two thin braids that top off a undercut. 


4. Messy Curly Undercut

curly undercut for men with glasses

Bedhead will never go out of style, so you can feel both comfortable and confident rocking this messy curly undercut! It’s a great wake up and go style for guys who don’t like to spend a lot of time on their hair in the morning.


5. Taper with Curls

side swept undercut on curly hair

With a taper to complement your curly undercut, you’ll be embracing those grey hairs in no time! For styling, neatly comb your hair so it falls flat, but scrunch in some mousse to enhance those curls.


6. Long Hair Combed Back

men's afro curls with undercut

Looking for a truly eclectic haircut for your long curls? If it has texture like the style above, let it grow several inches and just smooth it back with your fingers and hair product. An undercut will help it not look so bushy.


7. Short Twisted Curls

curly hair with shaved undercut

A bald fade undercut keeps these short twisted curls looking fresh and classy! If you’re a man with natural black hair, this is one haircut that is always in style and will keep your locks protected.


8. Long Curls with Undercut

men's undercut for long curly hair

We love a man with long hair; even better if it’s curly! Give some style and shape to your mane, though, with an undercut. When you flip your hair to one side, that hot fade will be seen by everyone.


9. Tight Curls with Undercut

men's corkscrew curls with undercut

Are you having trouble maintaining your very tight curly hair? Cut it short to bring back its shape, then use a quality curl cream to keep them frizz-free. Rock them over a short undercut!


10. Wild Curls with Shaved Fade

messy curly undercut for guys

Are you more of a go-with-the-flow type of guy? You can keep your preferred style of wearing your curly hair, but give it a punk look with a shaved undercut!


11. Long Undercut for Guys

curly fringe with undercut

Having front fringes for men can make one feel super-stylish when it comes to trying out curly undercut styles. If you’re bored of a plain undercut, then you may grow out the front hair long enough to reach the bridge of your nose.


12. Curly Hair Bleached Undercut

curly undercut for bleached hair

Bleaching your hair might be a good option to go for if you want to make your top hair pop. This will create a two hair color tone look which sounds fun and will really define the curly undercut and the top hair. To add more style to it, get sidelines trimmed to modify your look to the next level.


13. Side- Swept Curls with Undercut

Side- Swept Curly Undercut

If your hair is not as curly as the above hairstyles, then you may go for a side-swept undercut style. For this look, one can completely shave off the sides and keep the top hair thick and reaching the nape of your neck.


14. Military Undercut

military style curly undercut

Military haircuts are the neatest and disciplined hairstyles of all. Anything that hits the trends list automatically becomes popular like this hairstyle. If you want a military hairstyle with an undercut, then go for this look which has the top curly hair reaching all the way to the forehead.


15. Curly Undercut with A Bun

 Curly Undercut with Bun

Men who love having long curly hair that they never want to get rid of should go for this hairstyle. They can get a curly undercut to really make the top hair more visible and can tie the rest of the hair into a man bun. This way the curls will remain intact and well-maintained.


16. Top Front Bush Undercut

Curly hair can sometimes cause trouble especially if it’s thick. Thick curly hair tends to get tangled more often, so to maintain the curly locks into one place without letting it get tangled, get a top bush undercut.


17. Curly Faux Hawk Undercut

Curly Faux Hawk Undercut for men

Mohawk style can look even better if one has curly hair. It remains firm in one place as not a lot of hair products are needed to hold it in one place. Combining a curly Mohawk with an undercut will make it look even more amazing.


18. Curly Pompadour Undercut

curly undercut with pompadour

Pompadour and a curly undercut hairstyle for men is a combination that never fails to run out of trends or styles. They both are classy in their own ways, but when combined into one hairstyle; they create an awesome look that every guy with curly hair would want to have.


19. Blonde Curly Hair Undercut

blonde curly undercut

The lighter the hair color, the more prominent the curly hair and undercut style would look. Having naturally blonde hair along with curls is what anyone would kill for. Try going for a tapered undercut to let the curls on to look as natural as possible.


20. Flaming Hot Color Curly Undercut

curly undercut with colors for men

If you love flaming hot Cheetos, then you can for sure get a hairstyle just like them. Dying the top curly hair into an eye-catching color tone like, red would just take your curly undercut style onto a whole new level. To make your hairstyle even more perfect, go for high or low faded undercut with a well-trimmed hairline.


21. Curly Bangs with Disconnected Undercut

curly bangs with undercut

Your curly hair is your personality, so; you should style them in a way that genuinely reflects who you are. Get your curly hair into a Mohawk hairstyle and leave curly bangs for an aesthetic look. Add a curly undercut to the sides to finish the style.


22. High Raised Curly Hair with Temple Fade

Curly hair already has a lot of volumes. But, if you want to level up your curls game and add more volume to your curly hair, then raise them high using some styling products. Add a temple fade with a neat frontline that creates a stark contrast to your curly hair.


23. Kinky Hair with Tapered Undercut

Kinky hair can sometimes be challenging to style, but if you know how to style them the right way, you can rock your kinky hair look any day anytime. Neatly trim your curly hair and then add a curly undercut for added perfection.


24. Curly Fohawk with Undercut Fade

Fohawk is a fantastic hairstyle that goes well with every face cut. If you have got curly hair, style them in a fohawk hairstyle with front fringes. A high fade to this hairstyle will make you stand out of the crowd in an instant.


25. Curly Spikes with Messy Undercut

curly spikes with undercut

Curls are one thing, and spikes are another, but when combined, they form an amazing curly hair undercut style. Use some gel to raise your curls in the form of spikes for a funky look. Include a middle fade to the side and back hair to complete the look.


26. Long Side-swept Curls with Undercut

Long hair that is also curly automatically levels up your hairstyle game a notch. Let your hair grow long and then side sweep them for a long side-swept curls look. Add to subtle undercut to the side hair and look perfect.


27. Short Hair with Undercut

For an amazing undercut hairstyle on curly hair, get your curls short on top. Trim the side and back hair neatly to the skin for an undercut look. This haircut will add to your personality massively. With this hairstyle, you are going to be a hairstyle inspiration for many and a true style icon.


28. Curly Mohawk with Undercut

If you are a Tumblr person, side-swept curly hair will give you an aesthetic look for your Tumblr boy style. With a curly undercut to this hairstyle, you are going to be the limelight of every show. This haircut is also going to enhance your personality a lot.


29. Curly Man Bun with Line Design

Rainbows are magical and if you want your hair to be magical too, ask your stylist to dye your hair into beautiful rainbow colors. Once you are done with the hair color, take all of your hair and tie them into a high curly bun. Add an undercut and trim a line design into it.


30. Classic Curls with Undercut for Boys

curly hair undercut

For a classic look, we suggest that you go with classic curls with an undercut. This haircut doesn’t require a lot of mess and can easily be styled. Adding a curly hair undercut to this hairstyle will only make the styling more manageable.


31. Rough Curly Front Fringe with Mid Fade

If you don’t like neat hair, then rough curly front fringe hairstyle is the look you have always wanted. For this hairstyle, there is not much to do except that you have to work your fingers through your hair to give them a rough curly look. Style them into a front fringe and add a middle fade to complete the style.


32. Blonde Undercut with Low Fade

Blonde hair that is also curly is the best hair and really easy to style too. Cut your top hair short while leaving the front fringe long enough to form asymmetrical bangs. Including a low fade will increase the style and make you look more attractive.


33. Brown Curls with Curly Undercut

If you have got brown hair and you’re tired of their dullness, it is time to style them into beautiful brown curls with a curly undercut. Use some gel or pomade to give your hair some texture. Add an undercut, and you are all set to go.


34. Side Part Undercut

blonde curls with undercut

If you don’t like your mono-tone hair, then go to your stylist and ask him to dye your hair into two shades of black blonde curls. Don’t forget to add a low faded undercut to this curly hairstyle for an amazing and refreshing look.


35. Gelled Curls with Undercut

gelled curls with undercut

If you like using hair products and a lot of gel to style your hair, then this hairstyle is just for you. Neatly gel your curly hair for an elegant look. Include a curly-haired undercut to this hairstyle to look your very best. With this hairstyle, you can rest assured that you are going to make everyone fall in love with your hairstyle.


Having an undercut, especially if you have curly hair really helps in accentuating the curls that are present on top of the head. The side hair is removed which makes the top hair more prominent and really defines those natural curls that swirl beautifully when winds pass through them.

Try out these amazing curly undercut hairstyles and give your natural curls the attention that they deserve when you walk out on the streets filled with a crowd.