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10 Most Incredible Kai Havertz Haircuts

With an evolving football career, German footballer Kai Havertz has emerged as one of the most promising soccer players.

And if you have noticed Havertz’s looks on and off the field, the Arsenal forward never fails to surprise us with his bold choices of haircuts.

From his debut with Chelsea in 2020 to his departure to Arsenal in 2023, it is evident that the attacking midfielder loves to change his hairstyles frequently.

In the last few years, Havertz has been seen sporting different hairstyles. But all those haircuts had one thing in common: the short sides. He blended shorter sides with different types of top hairs.

Kai Havertz’s Best Hairstyles

haircut by Kai Havertz

If you are interested in the soccer star Kai Havertz’s best hairstyles that he has sported throughout his career so far, check out the list below:

1. Messy Top+ Low Skin Fade

Kai Havertz hair 2024

Here is a Kai Havertz hairstyle while he was playing for Germany. The hair is casually tousled on the top. He tapered down the sides and back to the skin level to give a sharp look to this haircut. This style is perfect for a casual outing.

2. Short Curls with Fades

Kai Havertz with fade haircut

This hairstyle rocked by him while playing for Chelsea shows the natural curl and waves on his hair.

He cuts the top short and gets the style naturally when the hair is dry. Kai faded the sides for a neat look and got rid of the sweat easily when he was on the field.

3. Short Uneven Bowl Cut

Kai Havertz hairstyle

Unlike a regular bowl shape, this hair is cut relatively short and follows a bowl shape around the head. Harvertz gives it a modern twist by intentionally cutting the front unevenly. He also used hair spray to give it a glossy look.

4. Highlighted Spiky Sweep

Kai Havertz hair color

This style contains a textured, spiky top with the hair swept to one side. Havertz also added caramel highlights to one side and tips of the hair. For the spiky feature, he surely used matte pomade or wax.

5. Undercut Fringe

Kai Havertz hair with undercut

The short, smoothly faded sides complement the longer top. The sweat on the head gives a wet look on his fringe. You must need hard-hold hair gel for the fringe to copy this hairstyle.

6. Short French Crop + Temple Fade

Kai Havertz with short haircut

Arsenal forward Kai Havertz’s French crop is meant to appear natural and casual. It has a short crop on the front, while the top is a bit longer than the sides.

The sides and back are gradually transitioned from longer on the top to shorter near the temples.

7. Tousled Top with Lower Fade

Kai Havertz messy hair

This natural haircut has textured and longer hair on the crown. Later the hair on top is tousled with fingers that complement Havertz’s youthful personality. It combined with shorter hair on the sides, gradually fading down.

8. Messy Soft Curls with Highlights

Kai Havertz with curly hair

Kai Havertz’s soft curls from his early career portray a playful charm. The highlighted upward fringe gracefully framed his face and gave him a distinct look compared to recent days.

9. Slicked Back + Short Sides

Kai Havertz with slicked back hair

This dashing Havertz haircut features slightly longer hair on top that is swept back elegantly with a distinct angle.

The sides are expertly trimmed to a short length with a seamless transition into a longer top that showcases his natural charm.

10. Angled Comb Over with Side Part

Kai Havertz with combover hair

This Harvetz hairstyle from 2018 blends classic comb-over style with modern allure by caramel highlights on the top part.

As the caramel hue perfectly creates a fusion with Kai’s natural tone, it eventually accentuates his sharp facial features.

Kai Havertz’s haircut reflects his growth as a footballer and a style icon. Like his amazing performance in the arena, Havertz’s hairdos mesmerize fans and eagerly wait for the next transformation.

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