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6 Remarkable Richarlison Haircuts And Hairstyles of All Time

Brazilian football sensation and Tottenham Hotspur forward, Richarlison’s ever-evolving and audacious haircuts have a separate fan base.

Like his playing style, Richarlison likes to switch up his hairstyles every now and then and the striking coolness inspires millions of fans to copy the style.

From his legendary mohawk to his current buzzcut, we’ve seen some all-time great hair moments from the soccer star. So, get ready for his boldest haircuts!

Richarlison’s Signature Haircuts

Richarlison platinum blonde haircut
Source: sbonsi/Shutterstock

What is the most unique characteristic of Richarlison’s hair in recent times? For me, it is the blonde hair color that makes him stand unique from the other soccer players.

Richarlison has been sporting platinum blonde hair for the last few years. His short curly hair on the top is shaved on the sides and back from the hard part.

So far, he has appeared with numerous unique hairstyles over the years. But, some of the styles have emerged as iconic ones, and we have listed them below.

1. Blonde Top with Shaved Sides

Richarlison haircut world cup 2022

This Richarlison haircut from 2022 contains a cropped short top portion which is dyed with blonde color. However, the sides and back are shaved, and it helps to get full focus on his head.

We have seen Lionel Messi and Neymar with similar shades of platinum blonde like Richarlison but their hairstyles were different.

2. Antizica Cut

Richarlison hair color

Richarlison appeared with this designed fade haircut right before the 2022 World Cup to promote Clear Shampoo.

As usual, he had short hair on the top with faded sides but a small branch of rue was designed above the ear, which indicated the Brazilian forward’s focus on his goals.

3. Buzz Cut

Richarlison hairstyle

Richarlison has been seen sporting a buzz cut with shaved sides in 2019. While the top had a uniform cut, the sides and back were closely faded, giving him a clean appearance.

4. Razor Fade with Sharp Line

Richarlison haircut with line design

It is an edgy variation of the classic fade cut. The hairstyle contains short textured hair on top and razor fade on the sides and back.

The sharp line on the side distinguishes the fade and short top while giving a gradual transition toward the bottom.

5. Short Mohawk

Richarlison with mohawk haircut

This mid-2022 hairstyle of the Brazilian footballer incorporates a blonde shade on a short mohawk part while the sides are shaved.

The blonde shade gives contrast to his natural black hair, which gives an eye-catching element to his overall appearance.

6. Induction Cut with Lined Design

Richarlison with shaved haircut

Unlike a regular induction cut, this hairstyle has shaved sides and curved lines. However, it is a popular hairdo for athletes who prefer an effortless style. The curved line right above the temple adds uniqueness to his overall look.

As we go through Richarlison’s amazing haircuts, one thing becomes clear- he is not just a football player; he is a trendsetter.

These bold styles demonstrated his talent beyond the football pitch, as each hairstyle serves as proof of his firm spirit and solid commitment to self-expression.

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