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55 Flawless Medium Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

If you are a woman with medium-length hair trying to find some hairstyle inspiration for your thin hair, wish you good luck! Not that all of these gorgeous women have thick, voluminous and beautiful hair right? Women can look blissful even with their thin hair if they know which hairstyle would suit their face and which one to skip!


Inspiring Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Women with thinner hair can usually find themselves at a disadvantage, that’s a fact. Adopting a haircut which they like while not making their hair look completely flat can be a hard thing to do. Well, we’ve made the task easier for you by providing you with 55 medium hairstyles for thin hair that can even make your hair look vibrant.


braids for medium thin hair



half-up medium thin hairstyle



updo for medium thin hair



medium hairstyle for older women with thin hair



medium curly thin hair



medium thin hairstyle for women



ponytail with medium thin hair



slicked-back medium thin hairstyle



medum thin hair with bangs



pigtails for medium thin hair


11. Tousled Medium Haircut

medium length haircut for thin hair

If you’re looking for volume and style, to make your thin hair look better, tousled locks can easily help you achieve that in no time. With minimal effort, your thin hair can look twice as voluminous. The tousled look makes the hairstyle look thicker, especially adding volume to the upper part of your hair!


12. Parisian Shag

medium shag cut on thin hair

The Parisian long shag is an incredibly stylish and retro look! With a longer fringe from the front and a cascade of layers at the bottom, this mid-length haircut for thin hair ensures that it will leave your hair looking thicker and more flamboyant than ever before!


13. Women’s Medium Length Bangs for Thin Hair

women's medium bangs for thin hair

Bangs are quite unarguably one of the most famous haircuts of all time. Keeping the hair shorter from the front and longer from the back, makes the hair look thicker and fuller than they are. Not only do the bangs contribute extra volume to the hairstyle for thin hair, but they also add a certain level of vibrancy to the haircut!


14. Layered Shoulder Length Bob for Thin Hair

medium length bob for women

Layers are one of the most perfect and popular mechanisms used to cope with thin hair. The layers added to your hair can make them look more voluminous and can also add a certain life to the hair. In such haircuts, highlighting the different layers accordingly can give an even stronger illusion of thicker hair!


15. Face Framing Highlights

medium haircuts on thin hair

A recurring issue faced by most people with thin hair is how they lie flat from the top. The lower region can be curled or blow-dried to look more stylish but the upper part is what concerns most women. This medium haircut is a great solution to this problem!

The medium length layers on thin hair surrounding the face ensure that no matter how you choose to wear your hair, you look chic and classy!


16. Beach Waves

medium length haircut for thin hair

Beach waves are another comparatively more rugged look that can make you vigorous and sprightly in the most natural way. Allow your curly hair to flow naturally and let your waves and layers do the job of making your thin hair look vivacious and beautiful with this medium hairstyle!


17. Flipped Out Fringe

If you’re a fan of the fringe but feel like it may take away too much volume from your hair, then worry not! The flipped out fringe is an easy and simple life hack for a problem like this. Simply adding a touch of curl to your hair can make your hair look twice as good!

Now you get to carry your fringe without worrying whether they suit you or not!


18. Subtle Medium Shag for Thin Hair

women's medium haircuts with thin hair

People with thin hair usually find themselves styling their hair excessively in order for it to look more vibrant and lively. If you’re tired of constantly using styling products and are looking for a more natural and to-go look, this medium cut for thin hair is a perfect look for you. You can now bid the curling iron goodbye and still manage to look flawless!


19. Layered Bob with Balayage

medium hairstyles for thin hair

We all know that layers are one of the easiest solutions for a girl with thin hair to allow them to look bouncy and vibrant. However, if you’re willing to go an extra mile to add a special touch to your hair, adding a balayage to your layered bob might be the perfect way to go! The highlights actually play a very important role in enhancing the texture and volume that the layers add to your hair!


20. Carefree Waves

If you’re looking for straighter, less layered hair, waves would be a suitable alternative. A sharper cut would enhance the waves, allowing them to frame your face and fall in a more graceful manner. Rather than leaving your hair lying flat, the waves would add an air of liveliness to your cut!


21. Shaggy Lob

lob on women's thin hair

The shaggy lob is a simple yet chic medium length haircut for women with thin hair, perfect for an easy going and ready-to-go look! It is noticeable how this haircut requires almost no styling and can be worn easily just as it is on any day, without having to worry about how your hair will look.


22. Cheekbone Highlights for Thin Hair

medium length haircuts for thin hair

For someone who has a sharper jawline or more defined facial features, thin hair can feel like a major drawback if it takes away from the beauty of your face. The cheekbone highlight is a classic solution allowing you to make your hair look flawless while simultaneously drawing attention to your beautiful features!


23. Voluminous Curls

If your someone who has curly hair yet has always hated them because of their high maintenance or the difficulty you face in styling them, you’ve been handling your curls wrong. Curls are a perfect illusion used to mask hair that is thin. The naturally add more volume while looking effortless!


24. Messy Waves

medium wavy hairstyle for women with thin hair

Waves are the next best thing to curls when it comes to thin hair. Leaving them flowing naturally can make them look even more pronounced. Girls with thin hair know that excessive brushing only amplifies their problem. A messier look allows for lesser brushing while still allowing your hair to look natural on point!


25. Mid-Length Curly

Curls are undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to make your hair look more voluminous. For someone who has naturally curly hair, this would be an ideal medium length haircut for thin hair. Rather than wearing your curls lower as most people do, medium length curls can easily be worn higher making your hair seem fuller by concentrating the volume around your face.


26. Stylish Waves

For someone who’s looking for something more stylish and put together than simple natural, if your hair is medium length, stylish waves should definitely be on top of their list. Simply gather together your hair and add a bit of curl to them to make them look more bouncy and fashionable!


27. Side-swept Winder

medium haircuts for thin hair

Another medium hairstyle for women with thin hair who wants a hairdo that will add definition to your face and will frame it flawlessly. Not only does the side-swept winder ensure that no attention is taken away from your features! Gathering your hair together at one side can also concentrate volume, making it look fuller.


28. Supremely Sweet for Straight hair

Straight hair can generally be even a bigger problem for people with thin hair, making it look flatter than usual. This chic hairstyle can make your hair look bouncy and lively even with perfectly straight hair!


29. The Middle Part

medium cut for thin hair

Although side parting is trendier these days, the above women’s medium hairstyle for thin hair can make you look good even with a middle part. The middle part evenly distributes your hair allowing it to look voluminous!


30. Straight A-Line Bob

medium cut hairstyles for thin hair

If you want to keep your straight hair looking straight, yet add volume, the straight A-line bob is an effective way to go about it! The A-line shape rather than letting your hair look flat allow your hair to look vigorous and dynamic!


31. Side Parted Wavy Bob

A side part does wonders for any woman with thin hair in helping it look thicker. The switch up in parting the hair creates sexy volume and looks even better with wavy body. 


32. Flowered Low Updo

For that special occasion you need a statement look for, gather your thin hair into a low bun secured at the neckline. Tuck in a few faux flowers in a contrasting color and the look is flawless.


33. Blonde Highlighted A-Line Bob

Ashley Olsen proves how gorgeous an A-line bob with blonde highlights is on her thin locks. With longer pieces up front to frame the face, this is a great look for women with round faces.


34. Grey Balayage Bob

Who would’ve thought grey as balayage would look so great? Try it on your thin hair with your natural hair color or blend it with light blonde.


35. Tucked In Ponytail for Thin Hair

To thicken up your thin hair and give it some texture, go for a messy low updo like this ponytail which is tucked into itself. 


36. Straight Layered Haircut with Bangs

Add shape to your thin hair by asking your stylist for long layers and bangs. When hair is straightened, the layers are noticeable and fan out beautifully in a feathered way. 


37. Long Blonde Waves

On this long blonde haircut, only the front pieces are shorter, drawing even more attention to the face. Add soft waves starting at the middle of the hair to thicken up thin hair. 


38. Wedding Updo for Thin Hair

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or the bride, a low bun updo with extra waves to create texture is just the romantic hairstyle you need for your thin hair. 


39. Blunt Bangs with Bob

A brunette bob with a hint of light red hair color glows with its body mixed of waves and straight pieces.


40. Side Part Blonde Bob

Emily Blunt totally rocks a blonde bob with its side part and so can you! Start the part in the middle of one eyebrow – this will create a lift in your thin hair. 


41. Half Updo for Thin Hair

No one will be paying attention to whether your hair is thin or not when you sport this half updo. The top is gathered loosely into a bun, creating texture with its bumps. 


42. Blonde Highlighted A-Line

You won’t need to worry about your roots growing out when they can look this amazing on an A-line bob for thin hair. Worn down or up in a pony, you’ll love the way this style complements your features.


43. Crown Braid Half Updo

For dances or weddings, a crown braid is the perfect combination of romantic and chic. Start the braid at one side of your head and follow it around to the other.


44. Thin Hair Space Buns

Another great half updo great for thin hair are these space buns! Create two small ponytails with the top half of your hair, filling the body with voluminous waves. 


45. Thick Bangs and Ponytail

Before gathering your thin hair into a low ponytail with waves, ask your stylist to cut in blunt bangs. This type of cut has a way of thickening up thin hair and draws all the attention to your gorgeous eyes. 


46. Short Bob with Layers

Short layers on a short bob create tons of texture and choppiness that is super sexy. Emma Watson is the perfect example of how a side parted bob with straight side bangs will make you look amazing.


47. Curly Updo

A surefire way to making your thin hair look fuller is by loading it up with waves or curls. Gathering it into a high updo, let the waves or curls hang over the top of your head and leave your bangs loose to drape across your forehead. 


48. Side Part Thin Hairstyle

After Cameron Diaz wore her blonde hair in a long layered hairstyle with a side part, everyone wanted in. Make the part uneven to get the same volume up top.


49. Side Bang and Long Bob

Years after Friends aired on TV, Jennifer Aniston’s signature long bob is still in style. Its side part and textured combination of straight and wavy is ideal for any face shape. 


50. Side Braid Updo

A side braid is easy to do and works beautifully for thin hair. Just pick a side then, after your braid is secured, pull out a few pieces of hair to soften up the style.


51. Twist Braid Side Ponytail

An easy way to liven up a side ponytail for thin hair is by adding in twisted braids at one side. Wrap them around into the ponytail and fill the hair with waves that cascade over the shoulder.


52. Thin Pink Ombre Bob

If you love playing with color, you’ll love how a sweet magenta or light pink pops on a wavy bob. The side braid makes this hairstyle super detailed.


53. Choppy Bob with Bangs

Dying for texture on your thin hair? A short bob with lots of short layers loaded with waves is your key to gorgeousness. Straighten your bangs for edgy contrast. 


54. Grey Balayage Wavy Hairstyle

Grey hair color is becoming more and more popular for the way it mixes youthfulness with edge. On a long thin hairstyle half filled with waves, the grey balayage is stunning.


55. Side Bangs and Ponytail

Pump up the volume in your thin hair with a low side ponytail. Give your hair a blowout beforehand to ensure maximum volume.


No matter what occasion you’re dressing for, thin hair won’t ever be a problem! With this wide variety of medium hairstyles for thin hair to choose from you’ll look stylish and chic wherever you go!