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23 Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Haircuts For Every Texture

Do you have medium-length hair and are looking for ways to upgrade your hairstyle? Well, you are at the right place!

Your everyday hairstyle can be easily enhanced with just a few snip-snaps. There are several medium haircuts that you can try out, such as a layer cut, wavy lob, or a messy shag – the choice is enormous! 

Today, the majority of women prefer having low maintenance haircuts which they can style in a couple of minutes. Whether you are a working or non-working woman, having a low maintenance medium-length haircut can help you save time in the mornings.


Top Low-Maintenance Medium Length Haircuts

As about 39% of women now wear low-maintenance hairstyles, no wonder why you’re looking for one.

We recommend you check out our list of top 23 low maintenance medium length haircuts! We are sure you will find your next easy-to-maintain shoulder length hairstyle as you scroll down the list.

You can also check these short and long low-maintenance haircut ideas.

1. Side Swept Layers

low maintenance layered haircut for medium length hair

This side swept layered haircut gives off a very soft and alluring look. This versatile medium length hairstyle requires less maintenance and is suitable for all face types, such as oval, round, heart, and square.


2. Double-colored Loose Curls

low maintenance medium length curly hairstyle

Many women often find it difficult to manage their curly hair; however, this double-shaded shoulder length haircut works well for women with loose curly hair. The USP of this easy-to-maintain haircut is that you hardly need to style it as the double-toned color makes you look stylish with minimum fuss.


3. Wavy Lob with Choppy Layers

low maintenance medium length brown ombre hair

If you have a round or oval face, we recommend this low-maintenance wavy lob with a choppy layers haircut. The choppy layers look amazing while framing your face and are also great at covering up your split-ends or even grown-out lengths.


4. The Long and Short of It

low maintenance asymmetrical haircut for medium length hair

This is a super fun medium hairstyle to try out, which suits women of all ages. This simple look will require a short length on one side and a slightly longer length on the other. A couple of brushstrokes are all you need to carry this style.


5. Messy Shag

low maintenance medium length edgy haircut

Shag haircuts have become popular mainly because they hardly require any styling efforts and are easy to maintain. The blunt ends allow for carefree movement and give an illusion of a fuller face. Upgrade your shag by dyeing the hair in the crown area in a darker shade.


6. Curl Explosion

low maintenance medium length haircut for black women

Women with tight curls and good hair volume can try this low maintenance hairstyle. You hardly have to spend any time styling your hair – just let those natural curls do their job! Make sure that you get regular trims to maintain the look.


7. Soft Effortless Lob

low maintenance medium length haircut for brunette hair

If you have medium length, thin hair, then this soft, effortless lob would look beautiful on you. This haircut truly gives off a very soft and feminine look. This no-fuss hairstyle is ideal for all face types and just requires a few brushstrokes and you are ready to go.


8. Medium Shag

low maintenance medium length balayage hairstyle

This medium length shaggy bob haircut is ideal for women with thin to medium hair density. If you want more texture, opt for a feather razor cut. You can also add some streaks to highlight the different layers.


9. Soft Feathered Bangs

low maintenance medium length haircut for fine hair

Low-maintenance bangs are an all-time favorite and one of the most versatile hairstyles for women with medium-length hair.

To flaunt this hairstyle, ask your stylist to give you some soft feathered bangs, and that’s it! You can either let your hair loose or even try a cute ponytail.


10. Face-framing Bob

low maintenance medium length haircut for blonde hair

Here is a low-maintenance haircut ideal for women over 40 years. This soft face-framing bob haircut is enhanced by different layers that sit beautifully on your shoulders. You can also style the ends of your hair in the outward direction as shown in the image.


11. Short Tousled Waves

low maintenance medium length haircut for Asian women

This short, tousled waves haircut looks fun and beautiful on all face types. This is a great haircut if you wish to create some volume and save time in styling your hair every day. Overall, it’s a fairly easy to maintain yet stylish hairstyle.


12. Curl It Up

low maintenance medium length haircut for frizzy hair

Here’s another fun and low maintenance shoulder length haircut for women with curly hair. This hairstyle is a combination of tight curls on the top of the head and soft wavy curls at the ends. 


13. Classic Salt and Pepper 

low maintenance medium length haircut for older women

A shoulder-length haircut is ideal for women in their 50s and above, such as this classic salt and pepper haircut. There are several ways in which you can style your hair without the need of too many styling tools and efforts.


14. Permed Lob

low maintenance medium length haircut for round face

If you have thick, luscious hair, opt for this simple, cute shoulder-length haircut. Let those natural waves weave their magic with just a couple of brushstrokes!


15. Straight Brown Hair

low maintenance medium length haircut for women with glasses

If keeping it simple and classy is your mantra, this simple shoulder-length lob should be your next haircut. This is one of the best low maintenance haircuts for working women as they do not have to worry about styling their hair every day.


16. Glam it Up

low maintenance medium length haircut for thick hair

Get your glam quotient up with this gorgeous medium length bob with soft wavy ends. This super glam look requires minimal effort and is relatively easy to maintain as well. Definitely a movie-star haircut! 


17. Baby Bangs

low maintenance medium length haircut with blunt bangs

Bangs look amazing on hairstyles and with the option to choose from different types of bangs, you will never run out of options for your next low maintenance shoulder length haircut. The straight, sleek haircut with baby bangs looks professional yet fun.


18. Straight See-through Bangs

low maintenance medium length haircut with wispy bangs

One of the best ways to spice up your shoulder length hair is to get a cool, eye-catching low-maintenance color, such as this vibrant pink. Add some wispy bangs and get a razor cut for the ends.


19. A Layered Mess

low maintenance medium length shag haircut

This shoulder length layered haircut may look complicated, but it is quite simple to achieve and maintain as well. The different layers from top to bottom add a lot of volume and bounce to your overall haircut.


20. Wavy Shoulder Length Hair

low maintenance medium length wavy hair

This is one of the prettiest easy-to-maintain shoulder length haircuts on our list! The soft tumbling waves look alluring and are sure to make heads turn your way.


21. The Glam Look

low maintenance medium length ombre hairstyle

If you want to sport a slightly edgy and glam haircut, we recommend this simple yet stunning low maintenance haircut with purple highlights at the ends. You can also change it up by opting for any other vibrant color like red, pink, or electric blue.


22. Choppy Layers with Bangs

low maintenance medium length hairstyle

If classic looks are your go-to haircuts, then this choppy shoulder length haircut with razor cut bangs is worth a try. This choppy colored hairstyle can look sophisticated as well as messy, depending on how you style it.  


23. Classic Bob for Fine Hair

low maintenance medium length dirty blonde hair

The final low-maintenance shoulder-length haircut on our list is this classic bob which is ideal for women with fine hair. You can either have a mid-partition or even a deep side partition.


As shown in the images above, women with medium length hair can achieve a stylish and low-maintenance haircut with just a few snip snaps. As you can see, shoulder-length hairstyles are one of the most versatile haircuts and flattering for all face types.

We hope this list inspires you to try out some new haircuts. And, of course you can also go one step ahead and experiment by playing around with different styles and colors. Bookmark this list and refer to it whenever you head for your next haircut!