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How to Copy Mel Gibson Beard Style – 8 Easy Steps (2024)

To get the Mel Gibson beard look you must follow the given below parameters first:

Face Shape

ideal face shape for mel gibson beard

Mel Gibson’s beard style is not for every face shape. If you have heart, round or oval face shape, you are the lucky one as this beard will look awesome on you.


Beard Shape

Beard of Mel Gibson looks bushy and rugged. It resembles a ducktail beard but not completely, so you have to take very deep care of it while growing your beard that it looks more likely to Mel Gibson beard, not a ducktail shape.


Beard Length

The beard length of Mel Gibson is neither too long nor too shorter. Maintain this balanced in the beard length for perfect execution of his beard.


How to Achieve a Beard like Mel Gibson

mel gibson full beard style

Once you clearly understand all the above-mentioned parameters, you are ready to copy the Mel Gibson beard style like a pro. To achieve his van dyke beard style, kindly follow the below discussed important steps:


Be Patient

Patience is the most important step in getting a full beard especially when you have light stubble or completely shaven face. Normally, it takes almost four months to grow a bushy full beard like Mel Gibson.


Skin Exfoliation

skin exfoliation for beard

Scrub your face two to three times a week to remove the dead cells. It will also help in giving the path to ingrown facial follicles to grow freely.



Exercise daily to improve the blood circulation in your body. Blood circulation has an important role in growing your beard effectively and rapidly.


Healthy Meal

tips to get mel gibson beard

Eat healthy food. Include the proteins, omega 3-fatty acids, Iron, and zinc in your diet. The healthy diet will boost your beard growth. Increase your water intake as well.


Take Supplements

If you think your beard growth is slow, you can take multivitamins or vitamin D supplements according to the advice of the doctor.


Apply Moisturizers

When your beard started to grow, apply good quality moisturizers such as beard oil or gel. It will prevent you from itching and any discomfort. It will remove dandruff and will make your beard glossy and soft.


Avoid Trimming

trimming beard for mel gibson look

When you are in the beard growth phase, do not trim your beard at all till you get the desired length. Once you achieve the glorious beard you can trim or shape it into Mel Gibson beard. To get the beard like Mel Gibson, trim the beard by the following method;

  • Trim the facial hair from the neckline and sideburns zone.
  • Trim the chin area in such a way that it gives your beard a pointed shape in the middle section. Trim the chin beard very carefully. Taper the chin hair gradually to attain a sharp pointed end. Take your full time and pay deep attention while trimming, as a little mistake can ruin your whole effort.
  • Keep both sides of face shorter than the chin zone. Keep the mustache trim too.


Apply Dye

The last and major step to style the Mel Gibson Beard is to dye it professionally. Apply the dye in an upward and downward direction for an evenly look. Apply the dye only on chin zone and leave the cheeks and mustache undyed. We suggest you to go to a professional salon for a perfect dye. When you apply the dye, keep it for one whole day and wash it in the evening. Apply the dye again the next day.


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