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35 Handsome Van Dyke Beard Styles You’ll Want to Copy

Van Dyke beard was considered one of the most popular beard styles in 17th century Europe. The name “Van Dyke beard” was inspired by Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck, who first wore this beard style.

It is also known as a “Charlie beard,” named after Charlie King. In some regions, it was known as a Pickedevant beard, meaning “front facial spikes.” It gained popularity in the United States in the 19th century. Over time, people gave a lot of variations to the old Van Dyke beard. It is basically a striking combination of mustache and a goatee beard.

Nowadays, there are many variations of the Van Dyke beard style that even many celebrities have worn. It is ideal for oval and square face shapes. It can suit other face shapes as well if you wear the Van Dyke beard with a carefully chosen hairstyle.


How to Grow a Van Dyke Beard

Growing a Van Dyke beard professionally includes the following steps:

Beard Length

beard length for van dyke beard

In order to achieve a van dyke beard style, you must have to grow your beard about ¼ inches long. If your hair growth is faster then, there is not a big problem for you. If you have slow hair growth then, you have to wait for a few days or weeks to obtain the desired length.


Apply Shaving Gel

how to grow van dyke beard

Once you achieve the desired beard length, you’re ready to achieve your dream Van Dyke beard. Apply a quality shaving gel on your facial hair for a leathery appearance.


Make a Goatee Beard

goatee for van dyke beard

Shave your cheek area and sideburns completely to achieve a circle beard resembling a French beard style. Shave the neckline area for a neat look. After removing the excess hair, give the circle beard a goatee shape by trimming the beard precisely.


Trim Mustache

trimming van dyke beard

Once you get a goatee beard, start trimming your mustache. Cut both ends of the mustache carefully for a pointed look. Disconnect the mustache from the beard and that’s it!



tips to grow van dyke beard

Now, rinse your face thoroughly. Apply a gel for a glossy, fixed look.


Famous Van Dyke Beard Styles

These are the 35 most famous Van Dyke beard styles that are not only versatile, but stylish and manly.

1. Imperial Van Dyke Beard

Imperial Van Dyke Beard

It is one of the most masculine van dyke beard style which is a combination of imperial mustache and petite goatee. Imperial mustache achieved by pointing the upper lips facial hair from both ends in an upward direction. Turn the beard below the lips into a triangular shape in order to achieve the petite goatee. Shave the remaining hair completely for a neat look.


2. Anchor Van Dyke Beard

Anchor Van Dyke Beard

It is also known as a Johnny Depp beard because he carried this beard style for many years as his signature style. You can wear the soul patch and chin beard with a chevron mustache or a handlebar mustache as well.

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3. Thick Anchor or Zappa Van Dyke Beard

Thick Anchor or Zappa Van Dyke Beard

You can achieve the Zappa beard style in two ways: with a goatee or a painter-brush mustache. Whatever combo you wear, grow your Van Dyke beard thick. Turn the beard into an anchor shape or grow a soul patch connecting to the chin beard.


4. Royal Beard

Royal Van Dyke Beard

It is a combination of villain mustache and a goatee beard. It looks equally good with a side swept or a Mohawk hairstyle as well. It is perfect for those guys who have sharp facial features.


5. Thick and Trimmed

Thick Van Dyke Beard

With its thick texture, it is very easy to maintain the Van Dyke beard. You don’t have to spend time trimming the beard after a few days in order to maintain the beard length. It looks good with a buzz cut or taper fade hairstyle, and with or without sideburns.


6. Disconnected Style

It looks awesome on any outfit whether it’s formal or casual. Grow a soul patch with chin beard and a disconnected pencil mustache, or if you want a prominent beard for a strong personality, go with a thick Van Dyke.


7. Van Dyke Beard with Full Stubble

If you don’t want to shave your facial hair but also want to look modish, try this striking beard style. Maintain the beard after 5 days or one week according to the growth speed of your hair. Do not trim all the facial hair, just trim the cheek sides. 


8. Van Dyke with Handlebar Mustache

A handlebar mustache with a Van Dyke gives men a masculine look. It looks perfect with light stubble or cleanly shaven sides as well. Keep the beard as thick as you want, as thick and thin beards look equally nice on men.


9. Extended Version

This version is very flattering on men. You can carry the extended Van Dyke with messy brushed up hair or a crew cut hairstyle. Use a handlebar or chevron mustache combined with an extended beard.


10. Chin Puff

 Van Dyke Beard with Chin Puff

Want to have a distinctive beard style for a unique look? Try out the thick long chin puff beard along with a Zappa type mustache. Maintain light stubble or keep the cheek area clean shaven. If you want completely shaven sides, we recommend you  keep sideburns longer for a balanced look.


11. Stubble and Handlebar 

van dyke beard with long curly hair

A thick handlebar mustache and goatee stand out nicely over a shaved beard, giving the Van Dyke beard style a hipster vibe. We love how the style looks with long curly hair.


12. Clean Shaven with Rectangle Soul Patch

van dyke beard for older men

The elongated rectangular soul patch over a clean shaven beard is a classy style that looks great on older gentlemen. Wear it with a thinner handlebar mustache and short hair for a handsome biker look.


13. Imperial Mustache and Short Hair

van dyke beard with long mustache

The pointed imperial style seen above is the epitome of a Van Dyke beard. Combine it with that pencil thin mustache, securing the points with beard gel, and a short haircut and you’ve got one statement look! 


14. Classic Van Dyke with Shadow

van dyke beard

Looking for a classy, professional version of the Van Dyke beard style? The minimal mustache and goatee seen above with a five o’clock shadow are perfect with a wavy short haircut. It’s perfect for office professionals.


15. Chinstrap Beard with Handlebar

van dyke beard with imperial mustache

Do you like a fuller facial hair look? Then try this thin chin strap beard with a narrow goatee and thin handlebar mustache. This Van Dyke beard version is fairly easy to maintain at home and definitely easy to style with a little beard cream.


16. Beard Ponytail and Trimmed ‘Stache 

van dyke beard with bead

A longer Van Dyke beard is the perfect length for rocking this trendy ponytail. Use a silver cuff to secure it in place. It will look best with a trim mustache and soul patch that are either connected or disconnected.


17. Disconnected Van Dyke with Point Soul Patch

van dyke beard with side swept hair

A small, pointed soul patch is just the size and shape for a short beard and trim mustache. The patchy look can be handsome on many men, so try it out if you like low maintenance styling!


18. Disconnected Goatee and Thick Mustache

hipster van dyke beard

Do you love a precise shaping in your facial hair? This handsome fuller goatee features a W shape and looks great on men with oval or rectangle face shapes. Rock this classy Van Dyke style with a thicker mustache and a neat combed back hairstyle.


19. Buzzed Beard with Feathered Soul Patch

van dyke beard style

Between the buzzed beard area, a feathery-looking soul patch, and a nicely shaped handlebar mustache, it’s clear this Van Dyke beard look is for men who have a clear sense of their own style. We love the look with combed back textured hair.


20. The Scraggly Van Dyke

van dyke beard for young men

Is your facial hair more scraggly in appearance and texture? Make it look its best by trimming it into a short Van Dyke beard and a curled mustache. Buzzing the outer area will be a breeze to maintain.


21. A Classy Mix

This beard is different from the other van dyke styles because here, the mustache connects with the goatee beard. Light stubble sides look awesome with a circle beard.


22. Blonde Van Dyke Beard

Blond long hair and blond van dyke beard exhibit a macho look of men. Keep your long hair opened and grow a thick anchor shape van dyke in order to stand out in the crowd. You can grow a blond walrus mustache for a more powerful look.


23. Zappa Van Dyke Beard

Wavy long hair with Zappa van dyke beard makes you feel like a rock star. Zappa mustache is basically a long mustache which both ends point in a downward direction. Grow a very light stubble and a small patch of beard at the chin area along with a soul patch.


24. Along with Chin Strap

Give a simple chinstrap beard a funky look by growing it with a goatee and a villain mustache. Trim the chinstrap a bit shorter than the van dyke beard. You can blonde the beard if you want. Swept back hairstyle gives you a macho look.


25. Super Cool Style

Coolest Van Dyke Beard

It is a simple van dyke beard style but when you wear it with the combo of handlebar mustache it becomes a super cool style. A Sleeve tattoo, goggles, and taper fade comb-over hairstyle will surely succeed to steal the heart of the girls.


26. Balbo Van Dyke Beard by Tony Stark

Tony stark’s Balbo beard style is enough to add a class to your whole personality. He is undoubtedly wearing this van dyke beard style very gracefully. Conjoin the anchor goatee with thin neckline hair to achieve the van dyke beard. Shave the excess hair completely.


27. Van Dyke with Zorro Mustache

Zorro mustache is a v shape mustache that got separated into two parts by trimming it from the middle. A goatee beard with Zorro mustache looks remarkable with the slick back hairstyle.


28. Under The Chin

It is particularly for those guys who have a narrow chin area. You can achieve the van dyke beard by growing it under your chin or below the neckline. Grow a light soul patch below the lips area along with a Zorro mustache.


29. Pencil Beard

A goatee and a pencil mustache with a lineup afro hairstyle is a perfect demonstration of van dyke beard style. Trim the mustache in such a way that it turns into a thin pencil line. Trim few inches below the lips carefully for a distinctive gap between the mustache and the beard.


30. Gigantic Long Van Dyke

Gigantic Van Dyke Beard for Men

Are you bold enough to try a gigantic van dyke beard? If yes, then start growing your facial hair longer from today till you become able to carry the given attire. It requires a lot of styling time as well as maintenance.


31. English Mustache

English mustache is basically a sharp horizontal mustache that you can wear with a chin puff beard to make a unique van dyke beard. It looks a bit unusual but still grabs the attention of people.


32. Pointed Van Dyke Beard

A cool beard style with a slightly pointed end. Shave all the cheek’s area completely while leaving a pointed beard in the Centre below the lips. Gray and honey blonde touch in beard give more stylish look.


33. Anchor with Chevron Mustache

This Van Dyke beard is very graceful on men with short hair and bangs. Turn a simple mustache into a chevron mustache by trimming it in a V shape, shaving all excess hair around the nose area. Wear with an anchor beard and chevron mustache.


34. Ancient Times

It is a visual example of how royals used to carry the Van Dyke beard style. A handlebar mustache, sideburns, and a back-combed curly hairstyle is very regal.


35. David Beckhams’ Beard Style

David Beckham’s Van Dyke Bead Style

David Beckham carries each style very elegantly. It is another appealing Van Dyke beard, with stubble, and a comb-over hairstyle. The walrus mustache makes an amazing combo with the beard.

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You can try any of the above beard variations with every confidence you’ll look handsome.

We recommend going to a professional barber with a picture of a Van Dyke beard and the haircut you want to adopt. This will ensure precision. A little mistake can ruin any effort you took in the beard-growing stages.