20 Easy To Do Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men

Rockabilly is a forefather of rock-n-roll music style that appeared in the early 1950s. It was born in the USA by combining country-n-western, bluegrass, hillbilly-boogie and rhythm-and-blues styles. The main ingredients of this mix are reflected in its name.

“Rock” – was taken from rock-n-roll (rock as a separate style appeared a little later) and “billy” from “hillbilly. First, this term appeared on 23rd June 1956 in a Billboard review to Ruckus Tyler’s song “ Rock Town Rock”. Some of the most popular singers of the early second half of the 20th century were creating rockabilly music. You will hear it from such stars as Elvis Presley Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and Bill Haley. As always the case with movie and music stars, their style has been copied by their fans.

Men rockability hairstyle

Accordingly, the hairstyles sported by these popular artists became wide-spread among the public. The greasy and high haircuts got the name “Rockabilly hairstyles” and some of them are still used nowadays. Whether you are a big fan of rockabilly music or just looking for a special image for the next masquerade party, these easy to make rockabilly hairstyles for men can be of great help.

Take a good look and you will see why these haircuts were so popular in the previous century.


Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men that Don’t Go Out of Style

When rockabilly was first created as a style, it made a real explosion on the music arena. Popular music artists, who used to be into rock-n-roll or country quickly picked up on it and soon it was flooding radio airwaves and record stores.

The popularity led to music stars developing their own special hairstyles that were associated with rockabilly music. These haircuts became popular among men all over the USA and spread beyond the borders.

Even now in 2019, those hairstyles are still done. They have different names and became a little more modern, but their roots stay in the 1950s when rockabilly music was born.

We have prepared a list of easy to do rockabilly hairstyles for men, that you can enjoy. They can be created on everyday basis or for special occasions. It is up to you.

1. Greasy taper fade

Greasy taper fade rockabilly hairstyle for men

This is the simplest rockabilly hairstyle that will suit absolutely any man out there. All you need to do is create a simple taper fade while leaving hair on top long enough for a comb over. Use a lot of hair gel to create that popular wet rockabilly look.


2. Voluminous fohawk

rockabilly haircut for men with fohawk

High hairstyle is a must have for many rockabilly fans. You need to keep the sides short, but not shaved! Leave the hair on top long enough to make a voluminous fohawk. It should be about 8-10 inches. Style it upwards with the use of some hair spray.

Difference between Fohawk and Mohawk


3. Go modern

modern rockabilly haircut for young boy

If you don’t want to copy Elvis, but still hope for a stylish hairstyle to make you look like a real music lover, this modern style is for you. Cut the sides very short. Shaving is allowed as well. The top should be carefully styled into a high lateral comb over.


4. Ivy league

Easy to do Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men 4-min

If you like Ivy League styles but still want some rockabilly touch to your hairstyle, then this cut is your best choice. Create a simple long taper fade and leave about 5 inches on top. Style it a bit upwards and to the side. Add a beard to complete the look.


5. Undercut with a side part

 Undercut rockabilly hair

This modern look is quite simple to make and maintain. You need to create a neat undercut while leaving not too much hair on top. Make an obvious side part with the help of a strip and brush the hair to another side. All you will need to do is apply some gel daily to keep it neat.


6. Spiky taper fade

Easy to do Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men 6-min

This spiky taper fade is used by modern music stars, but they didn’t go far from rockabilly times. A neat taper fade is crowned with a voluminous top. Create some spikes to make this Zayn Malik hairstyle to look really amazing.


7. Neat vs. messy

 Rockabilly for messy haircut

If you are not a big fan of too much hair gel, which was very popular in the rockabilly times, try something different. You can create a high hairstyle but keep it intact by a bit of hair spray. The look might be a little messy, but you’ll really save your hair.


8. Creative fohawk

Easy to do Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men 8-min

This creative fohawk will really make some heads turn your way. Instead of making a full-time taper fade, you should create a partial one. The hair in the back should stay as long as the one on top. Styling will be complicated, but it is worth it!

9. Simple start

Simple rockabilly hairstyles for short hair

This is not a true rockabilly hairstyle for men but it is something you can start with. We would like to show you that any rockabilly cut can be created out of a very simple and mundane style. So, don’t be afraid to experiment! You can always get your simple cut back.


10. Natural pompadour

Easy to do Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men 10-min

If your hair is very thick, you can make the rockabilly hairstyle without any hassle. Don’t forget that the sides are only partially cut short and the hair on the back is longer. The top part is left about 4 inches long. This is a perfect length for your natural pompadour.


11. Short spikes

best rockabilly mens hair with spick

This easy to achieve rockabilly hairstyle is very popular among young men nowadays. The undercut is complemented by short spikes on top. In the end, you get a short hairstyle which really resembles the haircuts of the 1950’s artists.


12. Wet and curly

Easy to do Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men 12-min

If your hair is curly, it is usually very unruly and hard to make neat. A rockabilly hairstyle will take care of that. Apply a lot of gel to your mane and start styling it into a high crest. The more gel you use, the better it will hold together.


13. Office look

nice look rockabilly hair for men

If you thought that rockabilly hairstyles for men and office looks have nothing in common, you were really wrong. By keeping the volume down, you can achieve a truly respectable style. At the same time, a combed over side part will create a wild impression.


14. Side part with a short pompadour

rockabilly hair style with short pompadour

This is a wonderful hairstyle, which can be used for any occasion. It is easy to make. Ask your hair stylist for a taper fade with an outlined side part. The rest is up to you. Use a lot of hair gel to create a short and neat pompadour.


15. Rock the world

mens best rockabilly hairstyle

Not into high crests? No problem. Another way to look like a music star is to grow long hair. Create bangs and middle part to make a really romantic look. Make sure to keep your tresses brushed and neat. Such hairstyle can easily be turned into something wild by using hair gel and imagination.


16. Just the spikes

most popular easy spicky rockabilly hair

A slight variation from a rockabilly hairstyle is allowed for the modern men. The sides are cut short or completely shaved. The top is left about 5 inches long to create amazing wet spikes. This hairstyle is different from a mohawk since there is a lot of hair left on top.


17. Get creative

young boy nice and favorite rockabilly hairstyle

Want a real special hairstyle which will help you make a true statement? Ask your hairstylist for a creative rockabilly look. Create a really large pompadour on top, while making special designs on the short part at the back of your head. You will truly rock!


18. Spiky comb over

Easy to do Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men 18-min

Some modern hairstyles look a lot like fashionable rockabilly cuts. This is one of them. The hair is cut short on the sides, but not shaved as it would be in a mohawk. The top is left about 3-5 inches long for easy spiky comb over creation. Almost no maintenance required!


19. 21st century rockabilly style  

your all time favorite rockabilly hair

Want to combine the popularity of the 1950’s haircut and the modern image? Go for the 21st century rockabilly style. This haircut can be created out of a “simple start” hairstyle. All you need to do is use some gel to spike it upwards.


20. Soft and beautiful

rockabilly mens hair you always like

While wet looks ruled the music world in the second half of the 20th century, there is no reason to copy them completely. Create a soft lateral comb over by using a bit of hairspray. If your hair is thick, it will stay in place all on its own.


Hoping to become a real rockabilly star or just want to look extremely stylish? Now you know what to do. Most of these haircuts are very easy to make and maintain. You can really make a statement with each one of them. So, choose a hairstyle and become popular right now!