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The Best Wavy Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

Thick hair can be a bit tricky to style, especially when they possess a wavy texture. It can be hard to tame because of its volume and disability to stay uniform as straight hair does. We sympathize with that situation and therefore, compiled a few ways to make sure you never have to experience a bad hair day again with your thick wavy hair.


Best Men’s Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

Finding the right hairstyle solely depends on your face shape, the texture of your hair and its volume. Pick the perfect one from our list of top 7 men’s wavy hairstyles for thick hair.

1. Slicked Back Waves

slick back wavy hairstyle

Taking inspiration from the famous and classy Nate Archibald, these slicked back waves are the perfect hairstyle for thick and wavy hair. Due to your thick hair, you won’t even need to use any hair products at all. This look is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a classic yet trendy way to style your hair.


2. 80s Wavy Fringe

wavy fringe for thick hair

If you’re looking for a younger and more boyish look, a wavy fringe is a way to go. It’s just carefree enough to catch your required attention and still look casual. You could also get a high fade on the sides of your head for a hipster look.


3. Neat Textured Crop

textured crop haircut for thick wavy hair

This is the perfect men’s haircut for thick wavy hair since this style requires volume and messy texture. Even though the textured crop is casual and boyish, it looks great on men of all ages and succeeds in keeping their hair on-trend.


4. The Sexy Long Mane

long thick wavy hairstyle for men

Men with long hair look equally as sexy as women, especially when it’s thick and wavy. Not only does it have a surprisingly appealing look, but it also gives you a classy and hipster vibe that is sure to get anyone falling head over heels for you.


5. Comb Over Waves on Thick Part

wavy Comb Over with thick part

This timeless thick wavy hairstyle is perfect for when you’re looking for a classy, gentleman look that Zac Efron is surely rocking in this picture.


6. Unruly Wavy Bob

men's wavy bob for thick hair

Get your hair styled in the trendiest way and tame your thick and wavy mane in vogue with this hipster and boyish hairstyle.


7. Dreadlock with Bun

dreadlock bun for thick wavy hair

The best thing about dreadlocks is that they are great at taming your unruly, thick wavy hair. Although rocking this hairstyle is not just any man’s business, its unique and original approach is sure to turn heads anywhere you go.


We hope that our list of the best thick and wavy hairstyles for men works as a helpful guideline on how to style your unruly hair and helped you realize that your thick and wavy mane is too sexy not to flaunt.