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31 Cutest Nigerian Kid Hairstyles for Your Children

Are you looking for the most adorable hairstyles for Nigerian kids? You are as hair is a big deal in Nigeria and children are not left out of the styling process.

With kids required to have their hair done for school as well as social events, it’s necessary to have a list of hairstyles you can run to when you need to pick your kid’s hairstyle.

Although some schools already choose the hairstyle, there’s nothing wrong with having some backup for special events such as birthday parties, school excursions, and similar events.

Adorable Haircuts and Hairstyles for Nigerian Kids

Nigerian kids hairstyles

In this post, we have a list of Nigerian kid hairstyles for both little boys and girls. They range from simple hairstyles to some that might be considered unconventional, what they all have in common is that they would make any kid—boy or girl feel gorgeous.

1. A Simple Puff

nigerian kids hairstyle

Simplicity is key when picking hairstyles for Nigerian kids and a simple style like the puff on natural hair looks effortlessly adorable.

And you don’t have to break the bank trying to get accessories because natural hair alone has the charming effect of many accessories. So, only a headband will do, let her gorgeous kinks do the talking.

2. High Flat Top for Nigerian Boys

high flat top for nigerian kids

The high flat top has slowly made its way back into the heads of many and we love it.

While some might see this as being too dramatic for a kid, others can only see their kid’s next hairstyle. The height of the flat top is totally based on preference and can be shorter or higher.

3. Mohawk for Little Boys

mohawk haircut for nigerian kids

The Mohawk used to be something quite garish and associated with punk stars, but thank goodness it has been ‘watered down’ to suit just about anyone who isn’t into rock and roll. That makes it perfect for a children’s hairstyle.

4. Side Braids with Beads

nigerian hairstyle for kids

A cute Nigerian hairstyle for kids with beads. Side braids are cute enough of .on their own, but when you add beads to the mix, it makes it even better and perfect for a children’s hairstyle.

5. Simple Cornrows for Nigerian Girls

cornrows for nigerian kids

A simple cornrow braided all the way from the crown to the nape is a convenient hairstyle for nigerian kids. For special occasions, add accessories like beads, headbands and so on to make it look even better.

6. Curly Frohawk

The curly frohawk is a cute hairstyle for Nigerian kid. It works best if your little girl has natural hair. But if she doesn’t, a curly extension can be sewn in or crocheted to get the same look. To get this look, section the hair horizontally. Get a brush and gel to slick down the hair on both sides and secure it with a ribbon. Repeat the process in other sections and style as desired. If you’ll be adding extensions, braid the middle part down and include your extensions there for a natural look.

7. Two Twisted Pigtails

Don’t you just love this look? Although adults wear buns and updos, no one does them quite like kids. The gelled up look plus the ribbons are what little girls’ dreams are made of.

8. Double Puffs for Nigerian Little Girls

Just packing your kid’s hair in two puffs is as cute as they come. Styling your children’s hair doesn’t have to be fussy.

As usual, there are extensions that can be used to achieve the puff if the kid doesn’t have natural hair. However, if you would rather not use extensions, there are other styles on this list to try.

9. Nigerian Little Kid With Braids and Puff

The braid and puff are cute, sassy and also very simple. Cornrow about 3 or 4 big braids halfway, secure them with pins to keep them from unraveling, then add a little extension or comb the hair out if long and full enough.

This kid’s hairstyle is perfect for graduation, birthday parties, and similar events.

10. Tree Cornrow

The tree cornrow is a great way to transform the basic cornrow and it’s so easy to do.

You just have to braid each section of hair towards each other in small-sized cornrows then join all that into one giant cornrow. Repeat in as many sections as you choose and you’re good to go.

11. Blowout

This is another gorgeous hairstyle for Nigerian kids, especially teen boys. It is done by using a clipper to ‘clean up’ the edges and then using a blow-dryer on the hair to make it appear this way.

Similarly, if done on natural hair, a texturizer can be used to blow out the hair to achieve the same look.

12. Cornrowed Hearts

There are many ways to let a child know that they are loved and one creative way is to design hearts into their braids as in the image above.

It can be styled in so many ways so long as the stylist can include hearts not only behind but in front so whenever she looks in the mirror, she remembers that she is indeed loved.

13. Slicked Updo for Nigerian Kids

Buns are really simple to make, but they can look basic on a kid. In order to prevent this from happening, try jazzing it up like in the image above, you can never go wrong with accessories, especially not on children.

14. Fade and Curl

nigerian kids haircut

This fade cut would make any boy feel as fresh as his cut. The curls on top are just the icing on the cake to make him look presentable and smart.

15. Nigerian Kid: Go With The Cornrows

hairstyles for nigerian kids

Although cornrows on boys is not a widely accepted kid hairstyle in Nigeria, there’s no denying that it does make a good hairstyle for them. For the progressive and bold parents, neatly braided cornrows like this would make your little one the envy of his peers.

16. Dyed Top and Line hairstyle for Nigerian Kids

Adding some color to hair has been changing ordinary hairstyles from as far back as we can remember.

This line hairstyle is better suited for Nigerian teen kids considering that adding color to the hair of kindergartners is frowned upon culturally.

You could try using spray-on dyes, pastel chalk, colored chalk to get a color if you are scared of damaging your child’s hair with permanent dyes

17. Nigerian Little Boy Locs

We know that in Nigeria, locs are seen as a grown-up hairstyle. But there are many kids who wear locs, although mostly for religious reasons.

If your kid wears locs, they could clean it up with this shaven look. If you are thinking of locing a Nigerian kids hair, this is also a great inspiration to consider.

18. Nigerian Little Girl With Colorful Braids

Box braids for kids are one of the most convenient Nigerian kids hairstyles. They can be accessorized with beads, clips, and barrettes.

But a new and cheap accessory to use is a thread, a colorful one. Winding it around the braid would create a gorgeous look like in the image above.

19. Shuku with Faux Bun

Shuku with Faux Bun for nigerian kids

The shuku is a hairstyle that involves braiding the hair upwards into a bun. An intricately woven cornrow like this in addition that elegant braided bun and bow is the perfect recipe for an amazing kid hairstyle.

20. Two Shukus

Double braided buns are one of the most popular braided hairstyles for Nigerian kids. It’s rare to attend a kid’s party without finding even one little girl rocking this hairstyle. It is simple, classy, and cute, allowing them to be just kids.

21. Cornrowed Top

Cornrowed Top hairstyle for nigerian kids

The faded top is a wonderful hairstyle for Nigerian kids on its own. But when you add cornrows to the mix and tie it up in a little kid bun, this kid is sure to stand out in a crowd.

22. Afro

afro haircut for nigerian kids

Boys don’t always have to get a haircut, sometimes just let their little afro be free, no add-ons no accessories, just a good old afro.

What Are the Most Common Hairstyles for Nigerian Kids?

Afro Puffs

Imagine a ponytail with a burst of natural curls at the end. That’s what we’re talking about! Nigerian kids rock this hairstyle by gathering their hair into one or more puffballs. It’s simple, cute, and lets those natural curls have their moment in the spotlight.


Next up, Cornrows. Imagine rows of neatly braided hair lying flat against the scalp. You can go simple with straight lines or get creative with shapes and designs. It’s neat, it’s stylish, and it’s a classic that never gets old.

Bantu Knots

Say hello to Bantu Knots! Here, the hair is divided into sections, and each section is twisted into a small, tight bun. The buns look like little knots and can be scattered all over the head. It’s fun, unique, and adds a touch of culture to the look.


\Take two strands of hair and twist them around each other. That’s it! Twists are like the laid-back cousin of braids. They’re quick to do, and you get tons of styling options. Wear them long, short, or even in a bun.

Braids with Beads

Kids love Braids with Beads. Why? Because beads are fun! The hair is braided, usually in cornrows or plaits, and then decked out with colorful beads at the ends. It’s like wearing a party in your hair!

Bob Braids

Picture the classic braids, but shorter and chicer. The hair is braided and then cut to bob length. It’s sleek, trendy, and perfect for older kids who want to make a statement.


This Nigerian kid’s hairstyle is where the hair twists into locks. It’s low-maintenance and versatile. Boys, in particular, dig this look. You can wear them long, short, tied up, or let them hang loose.

Natural Curls

Natural Curls are all about embracing what you’ve got. No fuss, just wash, maybe add some curl cream, and go. From short fades to bouncy afros, this style celebrates the beauty of natural curls.

Flat Twists

Last but not least, Flat Twists. Think of cornrows, but twisted. The hair is sectioned and twisted close to the scalp. It’s neat, lasts for weeks, and you can even mix it up with other styles. It’s like cornrows, but with a twist.

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