5 Benefits of Using Organic Hair Colors Over Chemical Ones

The advantages of organic hair colors are many! Hair health is on the mind of every man or woman who indulges in hair coloring, whether they’re in the salon every other week getting a touch-up or simply want to switch up their style on a whim.

But let’s face it- we all know how horrible hair dye can be on the locks, causing some serious damage, dryness, and even breakage.


Advantages of Using Organic Hair Dye

If you want flawless locks stepping out of the salon, what’s a girl to do? The answer is simple: try out organic hair color.

No Harsh Chemicals/Additives

benefits of using organic hair color

Most hair dyes are loaded from top to bottom with harsh and harmful chemicals such as peroxide, ammonia, and resorcinol. Not only are these ingredients terrible for the health of your hair, but they also smell just as bad! Organic hair color is completely natural using only herbs to create color.

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Works Effectively

organic hair color benefits

When deciding to try organic hair dye, your biggest question is undoubtedly going to be this: does it work? While you may think only pure, natural ingredients won’t have the spunk to color your hair root to tip, you would be incredibly surprised to find out that they work JUST as good as the chemically-charged hair products.

Of course, just like with ANY hair coloring results will vary from person to person, but you can rest assured that organic coloring will be just as good as regular hair color when it comes to achieving the results you desire.


Causes No Breakage

advantages of using organic hair color

You don’t have to worry about breakage when it comes to organic hair color products, which is enough of an advantage for most men and women to have them making the switch in a millisecond.

Say goodbye to that awful at-home or salon treatments that leave you with brittle ends- some of which may come off during the dying process; YUCK!


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Nourishes The Hair Shaft

organic hair color for natural hair

Have you ever heard of a hair dye that actually nourishes the hair shaft? Seems impossible, right? But think again. With organic hair dyeing, this dream can quickly become a reality.

Because of all of the wonderful ingredients found inside of organic colors, your hair will naturally reap the benefit and become healthier, stronger, and more nourishes with each and every hair coloring procedure.

If you want to step out looking and feeling like a million bucks- then you really need to try organic products for hair color. You will be amazed at how soft and luscious your hair feels!

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It’s Safe to Apply

how to apply organic hair color

Whether you’re trying to dye your hair at home or you simply want your stylist to switch up your ‘do, you are probably curious as to how safe the ‘hair procedure’ is; especially if your skin is sensitive or you’re pregnant.

The great thing about organic hair dye is it is free of any chemicals which can irritate sensitive skin, and it has no disgusting odors that shouldn’t be inhaled during pregnancy.


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What are you waiting for? Make the switch and enjoy lustrous locks with organic hair colors without all the nasty side effects.