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25 Beautiful Henna Hair Color Ideas – New in 2023

Are you looking for a natural way to color your hair? Henna hair colors are an excellent way for those seeking a more natural solution for coloring their hair. They are a great alternative to synthetic hair dyes and are far better for the environment.

Henna hair coloring offers hair a wealth of benefits, including manageability, increased thickness, improved texture, and glorious shine.


Trendy Henna Hair Color Ideas

It might surprise you that henna hair colors are not limited to brown for those considering henna hair coloring. This byproduct of a flowering shrub is available in many colors and benefits hair health. Here are 25  henna hair color ideas for you to consider.

#1. Wine red hair

henna hair color

Wine red hair henna color is a member of the burgundy family. Those who want subtle hair color which will push them to the edge, this henna is a perfect choice. It’s a perfect solution to all your holiday blues and gives your overall look a lively and sexy punch.

Wine red is more of a sexy mom’s color! Make your long and sleek hair look more gorgeous. Note: if you are a GOT fan, this redhead look is waiting for you!


#2. Ginger Red

henna hair dye for women

Want a chic redhead look? Ginger hair on a bob cut looks very classic and sensual. This henna hair dye is perfect for a sexy high-school look.

This color can accentuate your facial features and make you stand out in the crowd. Ginger red is a perfect winter blues’ color that you can wear with almost any look.


#3. Walnut Hair

henna hair ideas for women

No color is more perfect for blondies than walnut hair. Long, sleek, straight walnut hair accentuates the fair skin color and features.

A perfect blend of blonde and brown, this color is fresh, bold and one of the most popular henna shades worldwide. Walnut hair color is the best way to enrich your natural blonde hair without looking overdone.


#4. Burgundy Hair

best henna color

Burgundy henna color is getting more popular with time. The richness of this color gives one a royal effect that stands unmatched among all other hair colors.

Burgundy hair color has a certain sex appeal of its own. Also, if you are new to hair dyeing, this color is a safe option. Enjoy the subtle highlight with burgundy and go colorful.


#5.  Chocolate brown hair

popular henna hair dye

Olive-skin-toned women can perfectly enjoy vibrant chocolate hair. This henna shade adds more dimensions and depths to hairstyles.

You can choose any shade from the long list of chocolate brown dyes, ensuring it goes well with your skin tone. Chocolate brown henna is one of the beloved colors of brunettes with medium-length hair.


#6. Copper blonde bob

Adding more diversity to the family of blonde shades, copper blonde is yet another henna hair dye with a characteristic punch. This color is a perfect blend of blonde with yellow tint.

Blonde henna is the best option for those women who want to give a kick-out to their otherwise natural blonde base hair. It gives a subtle peachy hue to the blonde hair roots and intensifies the look.


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#7. Fuchsia Hair

Fuchsia henna color is a punch of pink with a tint of red in it. It goes perfectly smooth on back base hair, creating a blend of dark colors.

Bold and young girls with sharp features must try this hair color because not everyone can do justice to this fantastic tint. Don’t forget to maintain the look with high-shine products. It’s time to embrace cool and funky hair!


#8. Chestnut hair color

Chestnut hair is perfect for summer, fall, and spring. The warm chestnut hue adds new dimensions to one’s hair, making one’s naturally black hair a sunkissed look.

Sleek medium-length hair gets more depth with chestnut henna ideas for women. Moreover, chestnut har is a perfect choice if you want a subtle hair color ideal for every look. Go natural and effortless with chestnut hair.


#9. Golden brown hair

A golden-brown dye is yet another subtle hair color for moms who want style with a natural look. However, young girls do not make any exceptions.

Shoulder-length dark brown or black hair makes the perfect base for golden brown henna. Like other shades of browns and blondes, this hair color is ideal for fair-toned skin.


#10. Sunset hair

henna color for women

Sunset hair looks terrific! The way this henna hair color gets brighter down the hair length will leave you in awe. Long and dark brown hair makes an ideal base for this henna shade, giving it enough length to evolve into a livelier shade. Ocean waves will accentuate the look and turn all the eyes towards you.


#11. Copper brown hair color

women favorite Copper Brown Henna cut

Copper brown henna hair color is a fantastic option for those seeking a vibrant but muted version of a blend of red and brown tones. Copper brown henna loves the sun and is an excellent natural color.


#12. Caca rouge henna

Caca Rouge Henna

For those with strawberry blonde hair, caca rouge henna is a beautiful way to enrich your natural colors. Caca rouge gives hair a gorgeous red and auburn color.


#13. Indigo on black hair henna

nice Indigo on Black Hair Henna for girl

Indigo on black hair gives a lively hair look as a result of this henna hair color. This color works well for most brunettes. The longer the henna remains on hair during the application process, the darker it becomes.

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#14. Ginger blonde henna

Ginger Blonde Henna

Ginger blonde henna hair color is a definite rival of the copper, so choose your colors wisely. Know which end of the spectrum you’re seeking.


#15. Persian blonde henna

Persian Blonde Henna

Persian blonde henna color brightens hair and celebrates highlights.


#16. Platinum blonde henna

Platinum Blonde Henna hairstyle you like

Becoming a platinum blonde is not easy. Platinum blonde henna coloring takes you one step closer to achieving that look.


#17. Auburn hair

Auburn Henna hairstyle for women

Auburn color is yet another safe choice for those not looking to make bold statements with their hair color but looking for a change in their overall appearance.


#18. Mahogany henna

Nice Mahogany Henna hairstyle for women

Mahogany henna hair color is a fantastic deep brown option for those not looking to be a dark brunette, but not trying to be a redhead.


#19. Basic brown henna

girl favorite Basic Brown Henna haircut

Looking for a pure henna color? Basic brown color might be the option for those trying to avoid drastic hair color changes.


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#20. Light brown henna

women favorite Light Brown Henna

Light brown hair color can be complementary to those trying to lighten their otherwise dark tresses.


#21. Dark brown henna

Dark Brown Henna for cute women

The dark brown henna color, as seen here, gives hair a richer color that is flattering to those with lighter brown tresses.


#22. Black henna

Black Henna hairstyle

A black henna hair color is a fantastic option for those seeking darker locks. This beautiful, smoky option is an excellent way to reinforce hair with additional depth that is already dark.


#23. Burgundy plum hair

The perfect definition of plum hair is “Burgundy with a tint of brown accentuated by a sun-kissed look”! Long sleek hair with ocean waves and plum henna sounds like a fairytale.

The shine of this color makes it stand out.  For those women who want to try subtle burgundy hair with added depth, plum hair is a perfect choice. Moreover, this hair color looks good on all skin tones and hair lengths.


#24. Maple Hair

Maple henna hair dye

Maple henna hair dye is a competitive rival of brown. The way it adds flow and depth to the natural hair color makes it one of the preferred hair colors. However, choosing a good-quality henna color is the basic condition for perfect maple hair. Give a natural maple punch to your hair and oomph up the glam.


#25. Bordeaux hair color

henna hair shades

Bordeaux hair color is a subtle version of plum. It gives a lift to naturally dark brown base hair. Bordeaux is trending as one of the hottest hair colors; you need to get your hands on it before it gets mainstream.

High-shine products will maintain the freshness of this color and make it live long. Girls of all ages can enjoy this subtle yet elegant henna hair color.