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41 Modern Shag Haircuts That Gets Attention

Shag haircut is one of the most popular styles that both genders can rock easily. While some hairstyles are suitable only for men or women, this one is suitable for everyone.

However, in this post, we’re going to focus on shaggy hair for the ladies. Scroll down to learn more about this type of hairstyle, how to cut it, and get inspired by 41 absolutely awesome suggestions.

What Is A Shag Haircut?

girl with shag haircut

At the very beginning, we’re going to address shag haircut in order to eliminate some potential misconceptions about this style.

Shaggy hair is all about asymmetry, and it’s a haircut that has been layered to various lengths. This haircut is indicated by layers and choppy look feathered at the top and sides.

Shag hair appears casual, messy, and effortless but with the right outfit you can pull it off informal events too. Choppy layers around the crown and more textures are typical features of this hairstyle and a major reason we love it.

Probably the best thing about shag is that they are suitable for both longer and shorter hair and are ideal for every type of hair too, thicker and thinner. Women of all ages can opt for this haircut and look stunning, as you’ll see below.

How to Cut Shag Haircut

How to Cut Shag Haircut

The easiest way to get this hairstyle is to go to a salon where a professional will give you the ideal shag hair styles based on your face shape, hair length and thickness, and other factors. However, if you’d like to learn how to cut a shag on your own, that’s not impossible either.

Before you start cutting your shag divide the hair into sections for the top, sides, and back. Use elastic bands or clippers to pull your hair back and clearly define each section. Pull the desired amount of hair forward to cut your bangs.

The length of the bangs is up to you. Some women prefer short bangs while others love longer ones. You can also cut your bangs symmetrically or asymmetrically, angled, straight. However, you want. Now that you’re done with bangs it’s time to move to the sides. You can cut hair in two methods.

The first method angles the hair toward your face while the second method moves your hair away from your face. Layers can be angled or straight, based on your preferences. Try to make layers on both sides reasonably even to give your hairstyle more texture and definition.

When you’re done with the sides, you need to proceed to the back. Use the same method (angled or straight) for cutting layers. Bear in mind that fewer layers give you a more sophisticated and a sleek look while multiple layers result in a highly textured and edgy look.

Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Cut Modern Shag

Suitable Face Shape for A Shaggy Hair

All women can rock shaggy hair; all you need is a great hairstylist who will create a haircut suitable for your face shape. However, shag looks particularly beautiful on women and girls with oval and oblong face shape.

Round faces may also work great with shag hairstyle because this type of face shape is a good match with asymmetrical cuts.

Best Shag Hairstyles for Women

Not all shag haircuts are the same. We bring you 41 ideas that are bound to inspire you to rock this style. Take a look below.

Shag Haircuts for Thick and Thin Hair

Choose suitable modern shag for your thick or thin hair from here!

1. Icy Blonde Hair

Icy Blonde Shag for Thick Hair

Shag gives more definition to your thick hair. Icy blonde hair color is highly popular nowadays, and it’s a perfect match with this hairstyle. If your hair is long, a combination of shorter and longer strands here and there can give you a whole new look.

2. Shaggy Style for Thin Hair

Shaggy Style for Thin Hair

Thin hair may appear lifeless from time to time. Of course, it all depends on the haircut you’ve chosen. Shaggy cut add more volume to your thin hair and allow you to achieve fullness you desire.

3. Messy Blonde Haircut

Messy Blonde Shag Haircut for Women

Say hello to warmer temperature with beachy blonde shade, and a lovely shag ‘do that will shape your thick hair perfectly.

4. Mid Length Shag

Mid Length Shag for Thin Hair

Speaking of haircuts for women it’s impossible not to feature this mid-length shag that adds fullness to thin hair. Cute, isn’t it? The French bangs add fullness to the look!

5. Cute Shaggy Look

shag hairstyle for short hair

Women with fine hair will find this hairstyle beyond adorable. Cute, chic, yet shaggy and casual at the same – this style’s got it all.

6. Huge Waves

shag haircut with curtain bangs

It is so easy to create a modern shag haircut! Start by layering your hair and creating an impressive balayage. Make sure the colours you choose are very close to each other. We recommend using a caramel nuance that transforms into a beautiful blonde colour. Give your hair fabulous volume and texture!

7. Short Blonde Shag

short shaggy hair

An uneven trim looks gorgeous on both long and short hair. Inspired by a shag, this bleached blonde pixie haircut ads value to your look. The hairstyle is so versatile and the great option for all hair types. So, consider cutting your hair like this whenever you need a drastic change.

8. Blonde and Ginger

This burning hot hairdo uses two contrasting colours like a red copper and blonde. Part your hair in the middle, creating two sections and dye each in itr own fantastic nuance. The hair will look amazing whether you choose to wear it on your shoulders or pinning it in a ponytail.

9. Pale Candy Pink

shaggy hair ponytail
Instagram / nikki_corsair

When you want a crazy look and have a fair skin tone, you will certainly love a medium haircut with lots of layers and a fashionably pale pink colour. If you are not in the mood to style your hair, you can easily pin it with a hair elastic on one side, achieving that childish young girl look.

10. Black Peek-a-boo highlights

Shag haircuts are not forgotten and they are back in trend and considered rockin’ hairstyles. As an Asian woman who wants to stand out, you might want to add a touch of rebellion to your look by chopping your banks and mame and adding black peekaboo colours to that fringe.

11. Shaggy Mohawk

shaggy mohawk haircut
Instagram / rockndollslondon

Shags can easily be transformed to show off your punk rock side. Use this traditional haircut and adapt it to your face by making it look messy and shaving the sides. You will end up with a mohawk that makes your face look slimmer and adds value to your layers.

12. Short Bangs

shaggy mullet hair
Instagram / mortuarae

No matter what style you want to adopt, a shag can be your best friend. It is so versatile and low maintenance because it can be styled to look both rebellious or glamorous. So if you want to pull off a look that accentuates your eyes and other facial features, consider getting this copper shag with short bangs.

13. Shag with Ombre

shag haircut without bangs
Instagram / donovanmillshair

A long choppy haircut willl create a gorgeous frame for your face. Moreover, if you choose warm highlights and a brown base color, you will capture that summer vibe with sun-kissed highlights. 

14. Blonde and Caramel

If you have naturally wavy hair, take advantage of your hair texture and layer your hair. This practise will allow your waves to form better. Go for peekaboo blonde highlights, especially on the site and underneath your baby bangs. For the rest of your hair you can opt for your natural color or a warm a brown hue.

15. Purple Balayage

shag hair with balayage
Instagram / gingerlemonhair

As a woman with an olive skin tone, a modern shag haircut with curls and a purple balayage will show off your personality and draw all the attention you deserve. Keep your locks in medium length, reaching your shoulders with side swooped bangs. 

16. Rainbow Look

long shag haircut
Instagram / voodoo.ido

When you want to get creative, forget those regular hairstyles with highlights applied in the crown area. Keep your hair natural but build rainbow peekaboo highlights for both your bangs and mane. 

17. Pale Strawberry Blonde

curly shaggy hair
Instagram / blushandblowlondon

Make your strawberry blonde colour as light as possible, especially if you have blue eyes and a fair skin tone. If you choose a cool modern shag haircut, you can wear your tresses flat or curl your strands from time to time.

18. Multicolored Highlights

straight shaggy haircut
Instagram / jemmhair

Most women with wavy hair love a good shag, but if you have naturally straight hair, that doesn’t mean this layered trim won’t look fabulous on you. To spice things up, consider getting peekaboo highlights on your sides.

19. Black Side

shag haircut with bangs
Instagram / districtblend

Shags are perfect hairstyles for women with all face shapes. So if you have prominent cheekbones, you might consider getting a shag that keeps the hair reaching your shoulders but with fewer layers. Get a fringe and create a patch of a black color on one side of your bangs. 

20. Bumpy Shag

Women that have texture and want to combine the traditional hairstyle with some modern touches can opt for a haircut that includes an ombre and adds volume for the fringe and crown section.

Suitable Shag Hairstyles for Older Women

When it comes to shaggy hairstyles for women, older ones shouldn’t be left behind too! Check the following hairdo out.

21. Curls with Short Bangs

shag haircut for women over 50
Instagram / 220salon

Modern shag haircuts can be upgraded if you use styling products for your curls, make them look slightly wet, with a better shape. If you find your curls too much to handle, this haircut can reduce the volume and the weight. 

22. Messy Short Shag

shag haircut for older women with fine hair
Instagram / hdpsyhair

Shags can lack symmetry and long tresses. So if you’re more of a short haircuts admirer, use the learning technique for your pixie haircut. Go for long bangs slipped on one side, that are colored in a pale mauve, contrasting the rest of your hair.

23. Youthful Look

shag haircut for older women

Shag haircuts are a great choice for older women. Why? This haircut frames your face perfectly, and it also gives you a youthful look. Take this hairstyle as an example, and it’s modern, fashionable, and playful.

24. Short Stacked Bob

 Stacked  Shaggy Bob

Short stacked bob combined with shaggy style take years off your appearance. This rejuvenating style is bound to boost your confidence.

25. Pixie for Mature Women

Here’s a modern shag twist on pixie hair for older women. This hairstyle makes you look and feel younger even in grey hair color.

26. Shag Hair and Bangs

A common misconception says older women should keep their hair short. But, why? Take a look at this lovely style. Youthful shag and cute bangs give your look a whole new dimension.

27. Graduated Bob

shag hairstyles for women

Make your bob more playful with the shaggy hairstyle. Not only it looks great, but it’s also very easy to achieve this look.

Trendy Shaggy Cuts for Curly Hair

Following are the popular shag styles for women with curly hair.

28. Aquamarine Curls

shaggy bob
Instagram / jemmhair

During summer, we are tempted to choose more vibrant colours and we feel more inspired. If this is also your case, why not pick a turquoise and blue shade that resemble the ocean waves. Get short bangs and keep your hair just an inch below the ears.

29. Curly Shag

Shaggy Haircuts for Curly Hair

As much as we love our curls, it’s difficult to tame them sometimes, and it becomes even trickier to change the hairstyle. Here’s a great shag hair cut for women with curly hair.

Just get long bangs, get a few layers of different lengths to add more structure to your look and shape your curls for a bouncy look.

30. Curly Blonde Shag

Blonde Curly Shag Haircut

Your beachy blonde curls will have more definition and structure with shaggy hair. What makes this haircut so amazing is that it looks great on both young and mature women.

31. Bouncy Curls

Curly shag hair cut that reminds us of the 70s is a super cute style you’ll rock with ease. Bouncy hair bangs that frame your face is the must-try trend you definitely need to consider.

32. Short Shag Hair

Some girls with curly hair are afraid to go short because they think it won’t look nice. Don’t be afraid, a short hairstyle like this always looks so lovely.

33. Curly Bob and Bangs

modern shag for curly hair

This is yet another short shag haircut for women you may want to try. Curly and voluminous bob will look absolutely ravishing with longer wavy bangs.

Shag Hairstyles According to Length

These are the latest take on modern shag in regards to different hair length.

34. Shag for Asian Girls

shag haircut for asian women
Instagram / hoshiyuta

Asian girls adore shaggy hairstyles and they adapt this trim to their flat hair. Create wispy rounded bangs and gradually layer the strands from the sides. Go for longer pieces in the back that will transform this hairdo into a combination between a shag and a mullet.

35. Dark Green 

shag hair with color
Instagram / talkingheadzsalon

Accentuate your bangs and sideburns by dying them into a dark green shade. Bangs must be cut short, in a rounded shape, while the back hair is layered, longer and in a black color. Make it look messy and tousle it with your hands.

36. Indian Shag

Choppy hair looks fabulous for Indian women who want a modern cut. It is very versatile and can be adapted to suit all tastes and personal styles. So, whether you love glamorous appearances or grungy rock ones, get a medium shag with a side fringe. 

37. Shaggy Pixie

Shaggy Pixie for Women

The pixie cut is timeless, and you can never go wrong with this hairstyle which is precisely why we love it. Besides sleek pixie, it’s also cute to rock shag style which brings more volume and drama to your hair.

38. Medium Bob

Bob doesn’t always have to be sleek and straight. To switch things up a little bit and add more playfulness to your look you may want to consider modern shag, bob with a twist.

39. Long Shaggy Bob

Here’s one of the cutest hairstyles for women at the moment. Long bob looks chic and playful when you shag it up a little.

40. Long Shag Hair

women with long shag haircut

You can make your long hair look more playful and lively with a shag haircut. Get balayage or ombre for a full effect.

41. Red Orange Hair

red shaggy hairstyle

Redheads are fun, decisive, and adventurous. Show off your edgy side with shaggy vivid red hairstyle.

Famous Celebrity’s Shaggy Hair Before and After Look

Celebrities love to try out different looks and hairstyles, they experiment with different cuts, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same. Below, you can see some of the best celebrity shaggy hair looks.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's Shaggy Hair

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence's Short Shag

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss's Mid Length Shag

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's Shaggy Bob

Halle Berry

Halle Berry's Messy Shag Hairstyle


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about modern shag haircuts.

What’s the difference between shaggy hair and layers?

Shaggy hair is a specific hairstyle that heavily utilizes layering techniques. Layers refer to a way of cutting the hair where the top layers are a different length than the bottom layers. A shag typically has lots of choppy layers that help create a messy, casual look. 

Is a shag haircut the same as the wolf cut?

A wolf cut is quite similar to a shag haircut, but there are some noteworthy differences. Namely, a wolf cut is closer to a mullet, with a significant difference in length between the bangs and front pieces and the back length. If you prefer an edgier look with more choppy layers, consider trying a wolf cut. 

Is a shag haircut best for straight or curly hair?

A shag haircut can look gorgeous on straight hair and curly hair alike. A straight shag will frame the face nicely and add some texture to your hair. On the other hand, a curly shag will help create a beautifully curved shape for your coils and waves.

Are shags good for fine hair?

Yes, shags can look nice on fine hair. A fine hairstyle will have a light, effortless appearance with delicate layers and charming face-framing pieces. 

What length is best for a shag haircut?

Shag haircuts can work well with a variety of lengths. A more traditional shag haircut will be about shoulder length, but other styles can have more length while maintaining the shag silhouette. 

If you’ve ever wanted to rock shaggy hair now is the perfect time to make it happen. Now you have all the inspiration you need to make that final step and rock shag hairstyles easily. You can do it on your own or at the salon, it all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Good luck.

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