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8 Short Passion Twists You Absolutely Must Try

Passion twists are the latest protective style to burst onto the natural hair scene, and everyone seems pleased. These natural-looking twists are a cross between Senegalese twists and goddess locs. While they recently originated as a bohemian hairstyle, the two-strand twists look just as stunning on short cuts.

Below are 8 short passion twist hairstyles to give you an idea of what the look has to offer.

1. Passion Twist Bob

This two-strand style offers a beautiful definition of bob hairstyles. Thicker hair is served well by layers cut throughout the hair. To achieve this, cut a portion of your extensions shorter and another portion even shorter before adding to the hair.


2. Short Crochet Passion Twists

The word ‘crochet‘ signifies the method used to apply passion twists to the hair and will make installing your twists at home much easier. Braid hair into cornrows to start, or simply section off portions of your hair. You might find that it’s easier to crotchet the hair when it’s shorter, too.


3. Short Jumbo Passion Twists

Jumbo twists are trendy and look great on small, well-balanced face shapes. Don’t bother with super long styles and rock a cute bob style instead! Accessorize with spirals, charms, and beads for some fun.



4. Small Short Passion Twists

Tiny ringlets create lots of volume to make the hair appear and feel full. This is ideal for thinning and partially concealing a round or square face shape. They are just as stylish as their jumbo twist counterparts, bearing they provide busier detail.


5. Short Passion Twists with Shaved Side

These twists are versatile enough as a hair texture to work with cuts as short as a pixie. The majority of this cut embodies the bohemian vibe inherent in the style, but the shaved temple details provide modern, clean-cut balance.


6. Short Blonde Passion Twist

Short styles lend a great opportunity for playing with different colors. A Bold red or golden blonde color like this one looks chicer in a shoulder-length style. For a highlighted effect, add more than one hue to your hair.


7. Short Bohemian Passion Twist

With bohemian styles, no blunt cuts can be found. The ends of these twists are all about creating a natural, relaxed feeling with your hairstyle. This look works best on long bob styles and those that reach your shoulders.


8. Half-Up Short Passion Twist

Why bother pulling all of your hair into a bun or ponytail when a half-up style is just as effective- and cute? You can thank the return of the 90s hair trends for this style. Leave two twists down on each side of the face for an instantly slimming effect.

Passion twists are so much fun because of the creative ways they can be styled to fit your personal needs. So, don’t be fooled by the bohemian nature of this newer style. Twists make the perfect texture for sassy and sophisticated short hairstyles. Any idea which look you’ll choose?