20 Modern Jumbo Twists for 2017

Jumbo twists are usually created to protect your afro-textured hair from air, heat and the environment around in general. Since the diversity of twist styles is huge, there are many styles you can rock that will be suitable for a backyard BBQ party as they would for a black tie wedding. Wearing your hair into thin twists will require you more styling to form a voluminous look than jumbo Senegalese twists would, and that’s what we’re aiming for. Here are 20 jumbo twist styles to go with that will be convenient for a variety of occasions.


#1: Ombre Jumbo Twists

Gorl favorite Ombre Jumbo Twists hair

A creative way of styling your long jumbo twists is by adding a different shade of hue to them. Install Bordeaux colored extensions to both sides of your frontal hair then tie them at the back. This method will make each color stand out without blending in.

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#2: Side Twist Crown

cute black girl Side Twist Crown hairstyle

Seeing braid crowns has become a casual occurrence these days especially on special occasions. But that’s not the case for twist crowns. The art of it all lies in creating massive twists out of smaller ones. Making every detail worth perceiving.


#3: Jumbo Twist Updo

favorite Jumbo Twist Updo hair for young girl

There are infinitely many ways to create an updo with jumbo twists especially because they can be easily held in place with bobby pins. These updos will move the volume of your hair all to the top of your head, making the look fancier.

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#4: Mohawks and Updos

Girls all time favorite Mohawks and Updos hairstyle

You can use the same way you create your updos to make a stylish Mohawk. With the shaved sides of your head, all the attention will be on the hair on top. So make sure it is as neat and creative as possible.

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#5: Violet Ombres

Violet Ombres hairstyle for girl you like

Even with the simplest of styles, adding ombres to your hair takes your look to a whole new level of craziness or sophistication, depending on the color. With warm violet ombre, this color would be a nice touch to your winter style.

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