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31 Startling Jumbo Twists to Glam Up Instantly

Jumbo twists are usually created to protect your afro-textured hair from air, heat and the environment around in general. Since the diversity of twist styles is huge, there are many styles you can rock that will be suitable for a backyard BBQ party as they would for a black tie wedding.

Wearing your hair into thin twists will require you more styling to form a voluminous look than jumbo Senegalese twists would, and that’s what we’re aiming for.


The Jumbo Twists Hairstyles We Love

Here are 31 jumbo twists for those women who love twisted hairstyles.

#1: Ombre Jumbo Twists

Gorl favorite Ombre Jumbo Twists hair

A creative way of styling your long jumbo twists is by adding a different shade of hue to them. Install Bordeaux colored extensions to both sides of your frontal hair then tie them at the back. This method will make each color stand out without blending in.

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#2: Side Twisted Crown Braids

cute black girl Side Twist Crown hairstyle

Seeing braid crowns have become a casual occurrence these days especially on special occasions. But that’s not the case for twisted crowns. The art of it all lies in creating massive twists out of smaller ones. Making every detail worth perceiving.


#3: Jumbo Twist Updo

favorite Jumbo Twist Updo hair for young girl

There are infinitely many ways to create an updo with jumbo twists especially because they can be easily held in place with bobby pins. These updos will move the volume of your hair all to the top of your head, making them look fancier.


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#4: Braided Mohawks Updos

Girls all time favorite Mohawks and Updos hairstyle

You can use the same way you create your updos to make a stylish Mohawk. With the shaved sides of your head, all the attention will be on the hair on top. So make sure it is as neat and creative as possible.

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#5: Violet Ombres

Violet Ombres hairstyle for girl you like

Even with the simplest of styles, adding ombre to your hair takes your look to a whole new level of craziness or sophistication, depending on the color. With warm violet ombre, this color would be a nice touch to your winter style.


#6: Cornrows and Ponytails

cool Cornrows and Ponytails hairstyle for girl

You can form this beautiful style by creating jumbo cornrows to the top of your head, and then turn the loose ends into twists and tie them to the top of your hair.


#7: Faux hawk braids

Jumbo twisted faux hawk

This is neither an everyday nor an easy DIY style. Creating this faux hawk requires some skills. With cornrows on both sides of your head and your twists formed into a pouf on top, this style is fit for a black wedding.


#8: Jumbo Twist Top Knot

Jumbo Twist Top Knot hairstyle for girl

Jumbo Senegalese twists are famous for being worn as top knots especially the long ones. The longer the strands the easier it is to create a knot, and the thicker the twist the larger the knot will appear.


#9: Blue Jumbo Twists

Blue color Ombre hairstyle for girl

Blue is a quite unique color for all the meanings hidden behind it. It’s tender yet brave, it’s sad yet tranquil. So when you choose blue as your hair color, you’ll be holding all that blue means within the strands of your hair!


#10: Double Sided Twists

Girl Double Sided Twists hair you like

With your hair sleek, create two jumbo twists one on each side of your head. This is a very easy and a ship-shaped style to go for when you need your hair neat quick.


#11: Colorful Dreads

Nice Rainbow haircolor for girl

This is not something you encounter every day, a girl with rainbow colored hair? It definitely requires a lot of guts and audacity to make such bold moves. But after seeing the outcome, don’t you think it’s worth it?


#12: Chocolate Twists

your all time favorite Chocolate Twists hairstyle

Chocolate brown is a warm color to go for when you want some not-so-drastic changes in your style. It’ll keep your jumbo twists classy with a sweet taste of change.


#13: Senegalese Twist + Ponytail

Beautiful Senegalese Twists Ponytail hairstyle you love

One simple and easy style to create – jumbo twists ponytails. With the twists being thick enough, the end result will appear to have more volume. Make sure to keep your twists moisturized and shiny and consider adding a few hair rings for a funkier look.


#14: Massive Hair Twist

Who says you can’t sport a massive hair twist with even smaller hair twists? The same way you create a double-stranded twist, you can create a gigantic one with two sets of hair twists. This creative type of hairstyling will make your hair a feast to the eyes.

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#15: Neat Bun

brown mix Neat Bun hairstyle for black women

Senegalese jumbo twists are known for their ease to adapt to any style. They also tend to make a simple style outstand the rest with the details in each and every twist. Even a mere neat bun will make you want to keep looking.


#16: Night Claws

all time favorite Night Claws hairstyle for girl

This combination of short black jumbo twists with some cornrows and hair rings is no ordinary style ladies. The way each cornrow has a ring on it makes them seem like claws and the jumbo twists that follow eliminate any thoughts about routine styles.


#17: Blending Colors

Blending Colours twists haircut

When you consider adding colors to your hair, you don’t have to worry about them not blending in. letting each color stand out on its own will grab more attention towards them and make each style more appealing than the other.


#18: Side Bun + Jumbo Twists

girl side bun twists cut you love

For a change of style try creating some sideway cornrows, then allow the loose ends to form twists, after that tie those twists into a bun. It’s a very adorable style that’ll bring out your youthfulness.


#19: Side Shaved Mohawk Braids

Mohawks with twists haircut

With a faded shave on the sides, a Mohawk with jumbo twists would be an easy and a fitting style for your personality, if that’s what you’re looking for.


#20: Magenta Top Knot

girl Magenta Top Knot haircut

You can be creative with top knots by using different hair color extensions. Like this top knot here, the magenta colored hair made a total difference in the look, and the scarf used can be seen as adding an extra touch and a sense of your personality to the style. Browse two strand twists here.


21. Extra Long Jumbo Twists

extra long jumbo twists

Women love to enhance their femininity, and extra-long locks have an immense feminine appeal in them. These extra-long jumbo twists look charismatic when accessorized with ornaments. Carrying them loose will give a cape-like effect, which looks ravishing.


22. Jumbo Twisted Bob Locks

You can play around with your Bob locks by simply wrapping fancy strands around them. The jumbo twists can look super funky by adding some colorful ribbons and feathery accessories. They are easily manageable, which makes them a perfect choice as an everyday hairstyle.


23. Wrapped Jumbo Twists

Are you someone who strives for bold uniqueness? Sometimes a simple accessory can make heads turn around. A brightly colored scarf wrapped around a high braided ponytail of jumbo twists can satisfy your inner fashionista.

Wrapping colorful strands around the locks and wearing matching lip color will also enhance the look massively.


24. Blended Loose and Tied Twists

The choices of styles are vast when weaving jumbo twists. A casual yet elegant style is to let a few strands loose while interlacing the twists. The hairstyle creates a soft and elegant image which is perfect for young girls. Looks perfect when paired-up with round-neck shirts.


25. Streaked Twists

jumbo twists

Adding streaks to jumbo twists gives dimension and depth to the hairstyle. A blend of blonde and black is a visual treat for you and for everyone else. The neat rectangle section defines the hair more effectively. Daylight will bring out more color, which makes it perfect for beachy-vacations.


26. Side Parted Twist Braids

Hair parting is an essential component of hair grooming. Jumbo Twist and braids both look perfect when parted neatly on one side. The Havana touch sizzles the old school fashion. A presentable sober hairstyle for work and a perfect choice for parties after work!


27. Shy Girl Braid

Its time to set your inner shy-girl free. Embrace the bold and untamed aura of these rugged dreadlocks. Adding jewelry such as tiny beads or clips will help in highlighting the jumbo twisted hairstyle. Let them fall on your face and enjoy the appreciating gestures.


28. Fulani Braids

Classified in the basic types of Afro-Braiding, these jumbo twists styles give the look of a twisted two-stranded rope. Undeniably, Havana jumbo braids are one of the most popular forms of jumbo twists and jumbo braids. You can also tie them up in an extremely high ponytail. The long fall of the jumbo braids will give a cape-like look.


29. Twisted Middle Parted Braids

Solid-hairstyles can effectively contour facial structures. Middle parted braids frame the face perfectly. This hairstyle is ideal for women with bulky-faces. The longitudinal effect makes a face appear slimmer. It also gives room for festive head-pieces which makes it a perfect festive hairstyle.


30. Silky Jumbo Twists

jumbo twists hair

With a million ways to style, there is always a kind of jumbo braid to suit your taste. Some like them rough and rugged and, some prefer them smooth silky and shiny.

Here is an example of super shiny and glossy jumbo braids. So, if you want to settle for something classy and formal, these jumbo twists can be your ultimate pick.


31. School Girl Twists

jumbo twist hairstyles

No one has actually ever seen a fountain of youth, but some tips and tricks can make you appear younger. Pulled-up hairstyles are one of the few tricks to look young and fresh.

The typical school girl hairstyles can actually bring the numbers down, especially when tied up in a high ponytail. So, go ahead, tie your locks high and enjoy the girly feeling.


Jumbo twists are convenient for many occasions, and the best thing about them is that they don’t require much styling, for they are a style on their own.

You can just leave your home confidently without even touching your twists because no matter how you look at it, the volume in each twist alone will make you look glamorous. All you need to do it take some care of them if you want them to last longer and avoid them becoming frizzy.