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21 Gorgeous Hair Colors That Slim Your Face Instantly

Did you know that a trip to your hair colorist can help make your face slimmer? With the right hair color, you can make your face look thinner and chiseled instantly.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up all of the best face-slimming hair color trends in this list, so let’s get started!


Which Hair Colors Will Make Your Face Look Slimmer?

Ditch the diet or the contouring makeup. Opt for any of these face-slimming hair color ideas to enjoy a thinner and more youthful appearance:

Dark Hair Color

The darker and richer your hair color is, the more noticeable it is. As a result, the focus of the eyes will be on your dark hair than the roundness of your face.



If you don’t like the idea of going for a single unified color or you want a light hair base, the next option that you have is shading, using darker colors to create a slimming effect.


Highlights and Lowlights

You can also opt to go for highlights which will add depth and dimension to your hair, making it more noticeable than the shape of your face.

Another trick is to apply highlights on the lower portion of your hair (from the ears downwards) which helps elongate the face and make it look slimmer.


Ombre and Balayage

Another option is to apply lighter colors at the top and darker shades at the bottom part of your hair to create the illusion of length and promote a thinner face.


Best Face Slimming Hair Color Trends

Are you ready to have a slimmer and sexier face? Here are the face-slimming hair color trends that can help you achieve one: 

1. Dark Blonde

dark blonde hair color to slim face

Fancy going blonde but also badly want to slim down your chubby face? Dark blonde is your best bet.

It’s the darkest shade of blonde but it’s still a shade lighter than the classic brown color. That’s not all. This is the hue of blonde that’s easiest to maintain and is versatile enough to work well on all skin tones. 


2. White Blonde

face slimming white blonde hair color

If you like a lighter blonde shade, you can always go for white blonde. But since it won’t conceal your cheeks the way dark blonde does, the next best thing you can do is to choose your haircut wisely.

To make your face look less wide, make sure to go for one that has face-framing layers like this one. 


3. Orange Base + Blonde Money-piece Highlight

face slimming orange hair color

Slimming down your face is all about face framing and money-piece highlights are the way to go if you wish to achieve this.

Moneypiece is a face-framing highlight placed in the front hairline. It’s designed to be the focal point of the hairstyle and draw attention from the face to the hair. 


4. Jet Black

face slimming jet black hair color

And if you want darker hues, nothing can get darker than jet black. With its dark shade, this simple yet stunning hue can hide your cheeks and make your face look less wide than usual. 

But heads up, this hair color looks best only on women with pale skin tone. 


5. Brown + Blonde 

face slimming hair color with bangs

If you wish to play with lowlights and highlights, this is one peg you can cop!

Go for a light brown base and add strategically placed blonde highlights to make your hair stand out and become the apple of everyone’s eye. 


6. Chestnut Brown

face slimming chestnut brown hair color

Your hair can be dark but it doesn’t mean it has to be dull too! If you’re looking for a dark brown shade that won’t look boring, chestnut is highly recommended. This warm earthy shade is so rich in pigment that it always looks healthy and shiny, even on straight hair. 


7. Ash

face slimming ash hair color

Now, here’s a gorgeous shade that will let you harness the slimming power of brown colors while enjoying the stylish smoky, and cool undertones of the gray color. The best part is everyone can wear ash brown hair- no matter what your skin tone is!


8. Dark Pink Ombre

face slimming dark pink ombre hair color

For those who want to play with colors, ombre is the way to go!

With this dark pink ombre, you can keep the top part of your hair darker (to enjoy that slimming effect) and the bottom part colorful. The pink bottom adds a touch of style to your overall look and creates an illusion of length at the same time. 


9. Coffee Brown

face slimming coffee brown hair color

Coffee brown is a shade that’s somewhere between medium and dark brown. It would work well as highlights on darker brown shades like cappuccino. On the other hand, it’s also an amazing all-over hair color since grows out beautifully on dark hair colors. 


10. Copper Red

face slimming copper red hair color

To dive into the wonderful world of red shades, go for copper which is a mix of brown, red, and orange shade and gives off that fiery look. But be warned, this rich and sophisticated hue is perfect only for women with fair skin. 


11. Dark Brown

face slimming dar brown bob with bangs

This darkest shade of brown sometimes looks black from afar so you’re sure that it’s vivid enough to make your face look slimmer. 

If you find dark brown hair to be a bit boring, you can always choose to add babylights. Make it look more natural by going for highlights that are only one to two shades lighter than the base.


12. Dark Red

face slimming dark red hair color for curly hair

Good news, redheads! Your hair color is one of the best face-slimming hair colors out there.

For those who are not naturally redheads, you can only achieve this darker shade of red if your current hair color is on the darker side of the spectrum. 


13. Dirty Blonde

face slimming dirty blonde hair color

While the blonde shade is not exactly the best hair color for slimming facial features, the dirty blonde shade is a good exception. That’s because this color is a mixture of light and dark blonde shades, making your hair look deeper and more multi-dimensional.


14. Dark Base + Highlights

face slimming hair color highlights for afro hair

The dark base + highlights is a face-slimming combo that never fails. To help elongate your face, we recommend asking your colorist to leave your roots dark. 


15. Shades of Pink

face slimming pink hair color

While pink is not the first hair color that would come to mind when we think of face-slimming hair colors, there’s a great workaround that you can try. That is to play with different pink shades. 

The blend of light and dark pink shades will make your hair look more interesting and capture everyone’s eyes. 


16. Balayage

hair color to slim face

Balayage is a hair-coloring technique wherein the highlights are painted freehand. The highlights often start midshaft and the lightness gets wider at the ends of the hair.


17. Shades of Purple

face slimming purple hair color for short hair

For a dark yet vibrant hue, purple is the way to go. If you find all-over purple hair a bit boring, you can incorporate other shades of purple to make your look more interesting.  


18. Brown Hair with Highlights

face slimming long brown hair with highlights

Ahhh, here’s the most common face-slimming hair color + highlight combo. The classic brown is a great base due to its darkness but you can spice it up by adding highlights in different blonde and brown colors to frame wide face perfectly. 


19. Blonde + Lilac

face slimming lilac hair color

If you wish to go for pastel colors, no one will stop you from doing so. However, you may want to add a few blonde streaks to add dimension to your hair and make it more suitable for chubby faces. 


20. Brown Ombre 

face slimming ombre hair

For those who are getting tired of the classic brown + blonde highlights, the dark brown ombre is a nice variation. The lighter shade begins just below the ears, making your face look longer than it really is. 


21. Dark Blue

face slimming dark blue hair color

Who says you can’t enjoy blue hair with a fat face? The key is to find a darker shade of blue– just like this gorgeous sapphire shade. It looks sophisticated and stylish but most of all, it’s dark enough to make your face look slimmer.


Having a wide face is not something to shy away from. After all, if you got it, you should flaunt it, right?

However, you always have the option to make it look thinner and smaller and you can easily do that by choosing any of the face slimming hair color trends we’ve shared with you in this article.