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10 Fresh Shoulder-Length Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Teenagehood comes with tons of challenges; styling your hair shouldn’t be one of them. It may seem daunting to try and keep up with the constantly changing trends, especially with shoulder-length hair.

Some days, you may not want to put forth all the effort to put your hair in an extravagant, trendy style. Fortunately, there are tons of medium hairstyles for teenage girls to try out to keep you looking trendy.

Don’t stress about what hairstyle to choose. Instead, let us help. From simple waves to braids and up-dos, we’ve got options for every type of hair and every personality!

Shoulder-Length Haircuts and Hairstyles For Teen Girls

Teenagers should be able to be as carefree as possible. Take a look at some cute shoulder-length hairstyles for teenage girls.

1. Half-up Bun With Bangs

half up medium hair for teenage girls

Up first, we have a classic. The half-up, half-down bun is a staple among teen girls. It’s cute, stylish, and easy to do!

This style is perfect for teenage girls with shoulder-length hair. It can also be done without bangs. However, adding bangs can help shape the face and pull the whole look together!

2. Pigtail Braids

shoulder length braids for teenage girls

Pigtail braids are another classic, simple hairstyle. Try out different braiding styles on your hair, such as French or Dutch.

Make this style uniquely yours. You can spice this style up by adding color strands or beads when braiding.

3. Blonde Beach Waves

shoulder length messy hair for teenage girls

Blonde beach waves add a pretty and relaxed element to any face shape. To create these cute waves, you can use a curling iron. Or, you can style your hair in a few buns when wet and let it air-dry.

Hairspray and mousse can help hold the waves in place all day. You can add color or throw these waves back into a bun for a cute updo, as well.

4. Poofy Pigtails

medium curly hair for teenage girls

Next up, for all the young black girls with natural hair. Show off your beautiful curls with this hairstyle.

The double poof pigtails style is a super cute and simple up-do. Add ribbons, or use your favorite pretty scrunchies to make this style truly pop!

5. Two-toned Hair

shoulder length dyed hair for teenage girls

The two-toned split-dye hairstyle is a beautiful and unique style. This style is done by parting the hair down the center and dying either side a different color.

You can customize this style to your individual preferences by choosing which colors you’d like the most!

Split-dye styles can be incredibly versatile since the color is what makes them special. You can style your hair in any fashion and keep up with the trends with your beautifully colored hair.

6. Curly Pony With Bandana

shoulder length hairstyle for black teenage girls

The poofy curly ponytail is another gorgeous shoulder-length hairstyle for black teenage girls that can show off their beautiful curls. Pull the hair back and add a bandana or headband to keep the front hair down and complete the look.

7. Side Swept

shoulder length thick hairstyle for teenage girls

This style is perfect for 1516 year-old teenagers and can fit any look, from casual to fancy. Part your hair at the side and use your hands or a comb to give it some movement.

You can spice up this look by adding hair clips to one side or even streaks of color.

8. Vintage With Headband

shoulder length hairstyle with headband for teenage girls

This medium updo hairstyle is perfect for teenagers who admire vintage style. Pull the hair back and pin it up against the back of the head. The headband will help to hold everything in place.

Use hairspray if necessary, and add any extra accessories you’d like to make the look unique to you.

9. Box Braids

shoulder length box braids for teenage girls

Another beautiful and simple medium-length hairstyle option for black girls is box braids. This style is not only fashionable, but it also helps to protect your gorgeous curls from damage.

Make your style pop by adding colored streaks, extensions, or beads. Additionally, you can wear box braids up or down in practically any style you can imagine.

10. Low Curls With Headband

shoulder length school for hairstyle for teenage girls

Another simple but stylish hairstyle for teen girls with medium hair is the low curl. The curls near the hair ends add movement to any haircut.

Use a curling iron to form the curl shape you desire, and then add a headband to hold it back, away from the face.

Teenagers should be able to be carefree and have fun figuring out who they are and what they like. Remember that it’s your hair, and you should feel happy with it.

Teenage girls with shoulder-length hair should be encouraged to try new and trendy hairstyles that make them feel good about themselves. Growing up is hard enough without having to stress over hair.

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