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15 Trendsetting Hair Color Ideas for Teenage Girls (2024 Guide)

Whether you are happy with your natural hair color or not, there always comes a time when women want to alter their hair color. For teenage girls, dyeing their hair is one of the most fun ways to amp up their appearance.

Since most of these hair colors are not permanent, coloring hair is better than getting tattoos or piercings, which are a strict no-no for most teenage girls.

When it comes to dyeing their hair, teen girls have a wide range of options – from highlighting just a few strands to dyeing the entire head, from opting for subtle colors to going completely bold with vibrant colors!


Beautiful Hair Colors for Teenage Girls

With a wide range of options available, It can be overwhelming for teenagers to decide on their next hair color. This is why we have curated this list of top 15 hair color ideas for teenage girls – we are sure you will be able to find your next hair color inspiration in this list!

1. The Ombre Effect

balayage hair for teenage girls

Opting for the ombre hair color is one of the best options as this effect goes well with various colors – brown, pink, blue, red, etc. So if you are bored of your simple black curls, try this brown ombre hair color.


2. Balayage Blonde 

hair color for 13 years old girls

Balayage hair color is one of the most popular colors today, and it looks fantastic on teenage girls. So whether you have long luscious locks or sweet and short-length hair, a balayage blonde color would suit you well.


3. Strip of Pink

hair color highlights for teenage girls

Pink is one of our favorite hair colors, but if you are not too sure about it, get a few strands of hair on each side colored. It is a great way to break the monotony of your natural hair color.


4. Natural Dark Curls

ombre hair color for teenage girls

If you are blessed with such tight curls in natural dark brown color and are not willing to change the hair color too much, then we suggest you lighten the ends of your hair to a lighter shade of brown to make it look fuller and bouncier.


5. Soft Pink Touch

purple hair color for teenage girls

Pink is another all-time favorite hair color for teenage girls, and you can opt for this soft shade of pink with a few hair strands peeking at the ends in your natural color.


6. A Touch of Green

underneath hair color for teenage girls

We truly love this sassy green hair color for teenage girls! This double-shaded hidden hair color looks fun and gives some major peek-a-boo vibes.


7. Dark Brown Hair

dark hair for teenage girls

If you have a naturally light hair color and are looking for a complete overhaul, try this dark brown hair color. It looks incredible with a layered haircut on short as well as long-length hair. This hair color suits women of all colors.


8. The Natural Blonde

blonde hair for teenage girls

The blonde hair color is always in demand and if you are looking for a hair color for teenage girls that looks quite natural, check out this simple blonde color. You can jazz it up with some darker shade highlights.


9. A Dash of Pink

two tone hair color for teenage girls

This combination of blonde and pink truly takes our breath away! However, if you don’t mind the bold and edgy look, you must try this dash of pink hairstyle. We guarantee this is a great conversation starter.


10. Caramel Blonde It Is!

hair color for 14 years old girls

Are you bored of your light-colored hair? Want to try out a darker shade, but nothing too dark? We’ve got the perfect hair color idea – this subtle and soothing caramel blonde hair color! Teen girls can experiment with the shade till they find the right one.


11. Soft Blonde Curls

hair color for teenager morena

This soft blonde color would look amazing on teenage girls with curls. One way to pop up this soothing color is to keep the roots in a slightly darker shade and color the remaining hair blonde.


12. Mix of Brunette and Blonde

hair color for teenage girls with wavy hair

If you want the best of both worlds and cannot choose between the two popular colors, blonde and brunette, take inspiration from this image and opt for a mix of both.


13. Go Bold with Orange Hues

hair color for teenage emo girls

If being bold and edgy is your cup of tea, then we highly recommend this alluring hair color for teenage girls. The different hues of orange will definitely grab the attention of onlookers.


14. Classy Brown Hair

brown hair for teenage girls

If you are one of those teenagers who believe in keeping it simple and classy, then this warm brown hair color is what you need to opt for. This shade of brown suits everyone and looks great on all hair lengths. 


15. Lavender Love

short hair color for teenage girls

The final hair color idea for teenage girls on our list is this unique shade of lavender. This soft shade can completely transform your look and suits all-natural hair colors like black, brown, blonde, brunette, etc.


For teenagers, the first step before they even think of dyeing their hair is to get permission from their parents, as many of them don’t approve of young girls coloring their hair.

However, if your parents disagree, you can always opt for any of the subtle hair colors listed above and convince your parents that it is just temporary. On the other hand, if your parents are okay with the idea, then you, of course, have the option to go as bold as you want!