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15 Most Amazing Ways to Style Long Hair for Teenage Girls

Today’s teenage girls are pretty lucky as they have easy access to all modern hairstyling tools, products, and guidelines. Just a few years back, the only style young girls could rock was ponytails. And being a carefree teenager with long luscious hair is another blessing that should never be taken for granted.

To be honest, long tresses are not very difficult to handle, and the number of ways they can be styled is just countless.

So if you are thinking of spicing up your long locks, check out the following guide consisting of the hottest long hairstyles for teenage girls.

long hairstyle for teen girls


Gorgeous Long Hairstyles for Teen Girls

From sleek high ponytails to gorgeous updos and funky braids, the list below includes all possible ways a long mane can be styled for teenagers. Just keep scrolling!

1. Pigtail Braids

long braids for teenage girls

To start with, classic pigtails look as adorable on teenage ladies as they do on young girls. Plait the strands from front to the ends to look stylish even on a hot summer day. Spice up the style with inside-out braids or add beads and hair cuffs for a fancy appeal.


2. Messy Updo

long hair updo for teenage girls

Casual and chic messy hairstyles are all about an undone look. When you are too lazy to try anything, just wrap the long strands in a loose messy bun with the ends sticking out of it. Pull some chunks out to accent the face at the front and voila!


3. High Ponytail

long ponytail for teenage girls

It is impossible to skip a high ponytail when enlisting the best long hairstyles for teenage girls. Whether you have fluffy curls or a silky straight mane, comb it back in a super chic high pony. This hairstyle is ideal to save an oily hair day.


4. Box Braids

long hairstyle for black teenage girls

Box braids have several benefits that black girls can enjoy. These plaits allow anyone to get long tresses instantly, rock vibrant hair shades using extensions, and can further be styled in many ways while protecting the natural strands.  What more to ask for?


5. Classic High Bun

long hair with bangs for teenage girls

Keep it high-class with a simple bun. Girls with any type of bangs can assemble their remaining locks into a perfectly round updo using a hair donut maker. Set the look on fire with a sexy winged eyeliner, and get ready to drop some jaws.


6. Half-Up, Half-Down

long colored hair for teenage girls

Those who want to set step into the world of hair dyes can recreate this groovy look. Separate a chunk or two at the front, dye it in a light bubblegum pink tinge, and flaunt it with a half-up high ponytail. You can experiment with any color of your choice. 


7. Funky Dreadlocks 

long dreadlocks for teenage girls

Teenage is the age of going wild and a good time to rock dreadlocks too. Dread the strands with braids in between and dye them in dark, medium, and light shades of copper, resulting in a funky ginger mane. Accessorize with beads and hair cuffs.


8. Simple Twintails

long pigtails for teenage girls

Recall those good old childhood days with pretty twin-tails. Secure the mane in two ponytails on opposite sides of the head. Instead of keeping it simple, plait down the strands with a zigzag part or wrap them around into cute space buns. Whatever you like!


9. Modern Crown Braid

long messy hairstyle for teenage girls

This long hairstyle is suitable for teenage girls who want an ultra-modern look. Knit the hair in a fishtail braid and move around the top of the head only instead of circling around the circumference as usual. Tug out as many strands as possible for an undone appeal.


10. Looped Ponytails

space buns with long hair for teenage girls

Stand out from others by adding a playful twist to otherwise conventional pigtails. Create the loops by pulling the hair halfway through the elastic bands and leaving the ends free to sway or wrapping them around the base of the ponies.


11. Long Prom Hairstyle

long quinceanera hairstyle for 15 years oid girls

Long-haired teenagers can steal the show at their prom with this dreamy hairstyle. Sport a jumbo pouf on the crown area with a side-swept fringe at the front and add curls to the remaining hair. Don’t forget your crown princess!


12. Pineapple Puff

long thick hairstyle for teen girls

The pineapple puff is a go-to style for young ladies blessed with a head full of curls. The strands are secured in a rubber band or claw clip to fall forward all over the face or they can be swept on one side with a bow headband at the front.


13. Front-Row Twists

long curly hairstyle for teenage girls

Not in the mood for an updo? Leave those kinky coils loose while twisting the front strands tightly with a middle or side part. Swoop down the baby hairs for an edgy finish. Can’t get any easier!


14. Knotted Side Bun

long hair bun for teenage girls

Teenage girls can tame their long hair with a stylish side updo. Create a side ponytail, divide it into two sections ad wrap them around into a perfect knotted bun of your dreams. Leave some tendrils loose, add a pin or two, and off you go! 


15. Pop of Color

long thin hairstyle for teen girls

Nothing can go wrong with teal! Use this bright shade to create a balayage, an ombre, or opt for a peekaboo hairstyle by dying the underlayer only. Show off the hair color with a simple braid and a flower hairband or leave that eye-popping mane loose to sway with the wind.


In a nutshell, a chic hairstyle is important to make any young lady feel beautiful. But why pick a favorite one? Teenage girls can rock each one of these 15 long hairstyles to drop some jaws every day. Don’t be shy as this is the only age where you can have new experiences without zero regrets!