6 Trendy Sleek Ponytails on Natural Hair

Sleek ponytails on natural hair are fast attention grabbers. They attract sun rays like a magnet and look glossy, no matter the side you’re watching. When choosing this ponytail hairstyle, prepare to obtain shiny, gorgeous hair with or without hair extensions.

Sleek ponytails need some hard work if you want them to look flawless. Deep conditioning, a lot of time spent detangling and straightening the hair, making sure there are no bumps or threads sticking out; there’s a whole process we’re talking about. But when you draw the line, you’ll find yourself looking and feeling just like a Hollywood celebrity.

Convince yourself and scroll down to see six amazing sleek ponytails for natural hair that will make you get one too ASAP!

1. Braided Sleek Natural Ponytail

sleek weave ponytail on natural hair

When you want to obtain a look that makes all men hold their breath, this sleek weave ponytail on natural hair is the right choice. It makes the hair look glossy, and a wrapped strand around the base of the pony is the key ingredient.


2. Jumbo Braid  Ponytail

sleek ponytail on natural hair (1)

Even if your regular hair has only a few inches, you’ll be able to transform it into a braided ponytail! Use a good holding hair gel and create a ponytail. Attach the Marley hair extensions and secure the hair multiple times to create those puffy balls.


3. Sleek Medium Low Ponytail

low sleek ponytail on natural hair

If you don’t have enough hair to replicate this low sleek ponytail on natural hair, consider using a faux pony made of tight coils, specially created for Afro-American girls. Wrap a braided strand ar the base to obtain that beautiful look.


4. Sleek Curly Ponytail for Afro-American Women

Deep condition your hair and detangle it and use a brush to obtain that sleek ponytail on short natural hair. Once the top hair looks flawless, pin the mane with an elastic and let it explode.


5. Long Sleek Ponytail

sleek ponytail on natural hair

Kim Kardashian inspired women all over the world to adopt the sleek ponytails. Once you’ve seen her look, you will certainly want it because it looks fabulous. This image is another example of a mesmerizing pony done right.


6. Long Jumbo Ponytail with a Braid

To recreate this magnificent hairstyle, you need to make your top hair look flawless. Use hair gel and jam and maybe add a little bit of water to obtain that specific glow. Don’t forget to also moisturize your Jumbo hair before braiding it and use a golden thread to wrap it around the pony.

Sleek ponytails give a certain glow on natural hair that all women want. To achieve that, you can use a leave-in conditioner, your favorite oil, and comb the hair with a brush. If you don’t have a long mane, no worries, hair extensions are here to help! Tell us in the comments section which one is your favorite ponytail and why.

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