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11 Trendy Side Part Ponytails to Consider

Whether it’s a casual get together or a luxury wedding, runway of a fashion show or a red carpet event, a side part ponytail is a showstopper. From long to short, straight to wavy, brown to black, and thick to thin hair, side piggy tail works anywhere and everywhere.

A ponytail is a quick fix for a bad hair day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and ordinary. You can glam up your everyday ponytail with some twists and twirls.


How to Do A Side Parted Ponytail on Natural Hair

How to Do A Side Part Ponytail with Natural Hair

The side part ponytail is a retro-inspired 80s hairstyle that looks Uber-chic and funky as it adds volume, movement and styling options. When in doubt, always experiment with your hairstyle, because a traditional ponytail is too mainstream to wear.

Here’s how to do a side parted ponytail in 3 simple steps.

  • To start with the ponytail, apply a hefty amount of hair styling mousse or gel to your hands and work throughout your hair.
  • Using a fine-toothed comb, make a deep side part, apply styling spray and comb throughout the hair.
  • Gather all the hair to the side part and secure it in a ponytail. Finish it off with hair spray.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do Ponytail Hairstyle with Side Part


Amazing Side Part Ponytail Hairstyles

Here’s how to do impressive and eye-popping side parted ponytails with your natural hair this season.

1.  Elegant Side Ponytail

side part ponytail for women

Ponytails with face-framing bangs are versatile and have definitely been a go-to hairstyle since ages from day to night on any occasion.

The hairstyle is pretty simple and easy to achieve without fancy accessories and works great on every outfit, if the hair is a little finer and somewhat, wavy. If you have straight hair, add some curls to the ends of the ponytail with the help of a curling iron for a perfectly soft and messy finish.


2. Dutch Braid Ponytail

Dutch Braid Side Part Ponytail

Don’t be fooled by its name. Dutch crown braids have nothing to do with the Dutch people and can be worn by everyone. This Dutch braided side part ponytail will make everyone go crazy. These are actually the inverted version of braids and look absolutely regal. For a fancier and sexier look, add some quick curls to the ponytail and you will simply rock it.


3. Soft and Romantic

side part ponytail for short hair

This is a perfect low ponytail with side part hairstyle which creates a dazzling number with a soft and romantic feel. It is an ideal short hairstyle for any occasion. This simple yet elegant coiffure looks exquisite on every face and haircut.

For the best results, always start by blow drying your hair for a soft, subtle look and you’ll end up looking like a princess straight out of a fairytale.


4. Sleek and Sultry

women with sleek side part ponytail

This sleek, sultry and chic hairstyle looks super stylish and compliments any attire. You can pull off the long ponytail as you like, but this side part hairdo goes great with bangs and back-combed hair. This ponytail looks exceptionally great with the business casual looks.


5. French Braid Ponytail with Side Part

French Braid Ponytail with Side Part

French braids are one of the most loved and undoubtedly, the most popular braid styles this season. They provide volume, depth, and details to the hair as compared to a basic braid. With some chic accessories and a dreamy gown, this braid on side parted pony looks like a million bucks.


6. Ponytail with Ribbons

Need a little twist in your everyday boring hairstyle? Ribbons are definitely a thing to talk about. Go flirty, quirky, edgy and chic with this hairstyle to steal the show. The funky, patterned and colorful ribbons give an eye-catching finish to the ponytail.


7. Lace Braid Ponytail

lace braid ponytail with side part

Braids bring life to the plain, mundane, and boring ponytails. Ponytails look more fun, beautiful and enchanting with braids. The lace braided side part ponytail adds grace and elegance to your overall look. This coiffure looks the best with a prom dress and soft, dewy makeup.


8. Loose and Messy Ponytail

This loose and messy deep side part ponytail hairstyle can be carried it with quiet grace and glory. This is an absolute favorite hairdo that requires zero effort and looks charming. If you have naturally curly hair, you can slay the hairdo with minimal attempts.

This ponytail looks good on any face shape and can be worn casually or formally depending on your mood. They are a beautiful hairstyle to fancy for a feminine, soft and subtle look.


9. Twisted Ponytail

This is by far the easiest ponytail with side parting. BELIEVE US OR NOT. Just twist a section of your hair with a few loose waves and tie with a pin along the back of your neck and, VOILA! Just don’t forget to secure the remaining hair with an elastic band or you will end up messing the hairstyle.


10. Braid-on-Braid Ponytail

side part braided ponytail

This super trendy invisible ponytail has plenty of sass with a touch of elegance. It looks straight out of heaven with a part French braid, part Lace braid, pulled into a ponytail. This diagonal double braided hairstyle will leave everyone mesmerized by its polished and sophisticated finish.


11. Retro Side Part Puff Ponytail

side part ponytail hairstyles for women

Nothing can beat this 80s inspired clean, neat, bold, and voluminous hairstyle with luscious curls in class. This side parted ponytail hairdo is an evergreen epitome of elegance and grandeur that’s truly wearable in all seasons and occasions.

PRO-TIP: Use the dry shampoo to freshen up the hair and to get some extra volume for a neat, luxurious, and dramatic finish.


Some hairstyles never age, but get better with time and ponytail is the one. You can slay a ponytail in parties, funerals or weddings. You can never run out of ideas for flaunting a ponytail and side part ponytails are the trendiest, contemporary, modish and most wearable hairstyle ever. Just spice it up with some cool accessories’ and add-ons and let your ponytail do the talking!