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10 Brightest Steampunk Hairstyles to Look Classy

If you’re figuring out which steampunk hairstyle to try in your next cosplay event or a festival like Burning Man, then you’ve come to the right place. It can be so fun to embody steampunk, the futuristic subgenre that incorporates the aesthetic of 19th century industrial steam-powered energy, but maybe your look needs some inspiration.

Whether you’re looking for a style that is lusciously long, medium length, or can be pulled up with accessories, we have the steampunk hairstyles made just for you. So let’s take a look!

1. Long Steampunk Hair With Accessories

This classic steampunk hairstyle offers the best of both worlds. Hair remains beautifully long down the back while a large portion is swept up into an intricate up-do. To achieve this long steampunk hairstyle, fix the majority of hair into a topknot. Curl and pin the second layer of hair to the back of the head in swirling sections and wear the remainder of hair in loose, curly tresses down the back.


2. Short & Curly

Styling for steampunk is simple, even if your hair is short. All that matters is that you incorporate texture like bouncing body, curls, or waves, that is so often associate with steampunk. Add accessories like goggles that sit low on the forehead to tie your look together.


3. Wavy Medium Hair

Medium length hair is modern, how you choose to style it is all that really counts. Skim your shoulders with soft, wavy hair that embodies the aesthetic of 19th century style and dress. A side part will give you the feminine look you’ll need.


4. Steampunk Hairstyle with Hat

Accessories like hats are a big part of steampunk attire. If a chic top hat is a major part of your look, wear your hair loose and wavy. Hair that looks as if it’s just been undone from braids and blown in the wind has that perfect old-fashioned feel.


5. Steampunk Ringlet

Goggles are often another key steampunk accessory. Use them to frame your face and wear your hair in luscious ringlets underneath. Whether your hair is medium length or long, soft curls add a sensuousness to bold fabrics like leather corsets and silver chains and necklaces.


6. Victorian Steampunk Wedding Hairstyle

Create a quintessential formal Victorian hairstyle for your steampunk wedding look. This steampunk hairstyle may take some time to achieve, but the results are well worth the effort. If your natural hair isn’t too thick, add extensions so you’re able to create the curl details at the back of the head.


7. Braided Steampunk

Historically, braids were worn out of necessity rather than style, though they have always been beautiful. Braids are the perfect way to wear your hair when embodying steampunk culture. A long simple braid or a braid crown are fitting looks for your tresses. Secure with a brooch or clip for the ultimate appeal.


8. Steampunk Hair Look with Dreads

Bring out the punk in steampunk and rock some exciting hair extensions. These colorful dreads are just one way to wear your hair for your next steampunk event, and we sure love them! For a look like this, the longer, the better. And don’t worry about perfection, either.


9. Steampunk Curly Crimped Hair

You can never go wrong with curly texture when it comes to steampunk styles. You can create this crimped texture by sleeping in braids or braiding wet hair and blowing it dry. Top off your look with a hat and retro googles.


10. Pigtail Braids

Bring out your inner barmaid with this sexy yet playful hairstyle. For the best Victorian feel, a side part is ideal for your braids. Create regular braids or fishtail plaits and loosen for a romantic, effortless look.

When it comes to steampunk attire, the perfect hairstyle is easy to achieve. Let your hair be your best accessory by utilizing braids, wavy tresses, or flowing curls. Add a hat or stylish goggles and you’re good to go. How you will you wear your steampunk hair?