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How to Do Pigtail Braids + 15 Ideas to Swoon Over       

Nowadays, pigtail braids are quite mainstream and worn by many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and many fashion/beauty bloggers. People are in awe of this super lightweight, simple yet trendy hairstyle that brings the cute, lively and adorable look to your repertoire of hairstyles without much effort and time.

Pigtails, commonly known as twin tails, are quite popular among the Japanese, especially in the anime and manga communities.

However, in China, pigtails were traditionally related to the girl’s marital status. The young, unmarried girls in China wore two buns, braids or ponytails to update their availability to prospective husbands.

Whether braided, straightened, curled, beaded, ribboned, or in buns, pigtails are worn in numerous appealing styles on the different parts of the head; low, to the side or high.


Difference between Pigtails and Ponytail

Pigtails vs Ponytail

Ponytails and pigtails are two distinctive hairstyles for women of all ages. It is shocking how people never differentiate between the two and if you are the one, we’re sorry to break it to you, but your whole life was a lie. Here’s how to differentiate between a ponytail and a piggy tail.

Ponytail. As the name suggests, the ponytail looks like a pony’s tail with all the hair tucked back altogether. However, you can still wear a ponytail with crazy variations and tie it at any place of the head, such as at the sides, top or the nape of your head.

Pigtail. On the contrary, in a pigtail, the hair is divided into two opposite sections and tied with an elastic. The pigtail may or may not be braided depending upon the person’s choice. However, it is usually worn by young girls and kids.


How to Do Pigtail Braids

Sometimes, a ponytail can be boring as hell. Whenever you run out of ideas to style the basic mundane ponytail, turn your ponytail into a piggy tail. Braided pigtails look fun and young with lots of styling options. Here’s a simple way to do your pigtail braids.

Prep Up The Hair

how to do pigtail braids

The pigtails work the best on clean and washed hair. Wash and deep condition your hair, let it air dry or use a blow-dryer to dry the hair completely. Once the hair is completely dry, comb your hair to remove knots and tangles.


Divide and Section

steps to do pigtail braids

Here comes the trickiest part of the process, divide your hair into equal sections using a fine-toothed comb. You can use the back of the comb to draw a straight line in your hair from top to bottom. Once you have divided the hair, part it into two equal sections and comb to remove tangles if needed.


Braid Your Hair

pigtail braid for women

Choose whichever side you like and separate a small section of hair near your forehead. Divide the hair into three equal strands and start braiding a traditional braid.

First, cross the right strand of hair into the middle, and then cross the left into the middle. Repeat the procedure and add more hair while you proceed to braid.

Angle the braid towards the back of the head and away from the face. By adding a small section of hair to the right strand and crossing it over the middle section, begin to French braid. Repeat the same procedure until you reach your desired point. It may be in the middle of the head or all the way down to the neck.

Repeat the same procedure to the opposite part of the hair and secure it in an elastic band. You can now style pigtail braided hairdos as you like.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do Pigtail Braids


Stylish Braided Pigtail Styles

Here aresome cool pigtail braids you can wear this season.

1. Dutch Braid for Short Hair

Dutch Pigtail Braid for Short Hair

This is perfect for anyone with ombré or balayage as it lifts the hair up and highlights the dyed hair. If you want to try something different with braids, you can opt for this sophisticated yet unique hairstyle with Dutch pigtail braids.


2. Ladder Pigtail Braids

ladder pigtail braids

The Chinese ladder snake braid is a neat approach to modern braid hairstyles, but it might get uncomfortable and difficult to style it in dry hair. For better results, style the pigtails in damp hair.


3. Knot Braids

Knotted Pigtail Braids

There are times when you just don’t want to spend a considerable amount of time on your hair. The knotted pigtail braid is a lifesaver for dull and lazy hair days. Start the braid with dry, messy hair and divide it into two sections. Secure each section with a transparent elastic band and tie the hair into knots.


4. Bubble Braids

bubble pigtail braids

Bubble braid is a classic and fashionable addition to the braid styles and looks celestial with long blonde hair. Divide the hair into two equal sections and tie it with a transparent elastic band. Secure the braided pigtail with elastic bands after every 2-3 inches and tweak it a bit to get the bubble effect.


5. Fishtail Braid Pigtails

 Fishtail-Pigtail Braids

A fish braid-pigtails is a fun and easy hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face.


6. Rainbow Piggytail Braids

This rainbow-colored hair styled into pigtail braids is straight out of a fairytale, inspired by the beauty queen, Kylie Jenner. This hairstyle adds opulence and grace to your overall look. You can wear it on the opposite sides or keep it on the sides.


7. Ribbon Pigtails

Leave a little spark wherever you go with these elegant and astounding braided pigtails with a ribbon. The ribbon wrapped in the hair like a braid is a treat to the eyes.


8. Loop Braids

This is a very creative and stylish take on the pigtail braids hairstyles. Think completely outside the box to achieve this bold yet beautiful look with looped pigtails and side-swept bangs.


9. Low Pony with Pigtail Braids

No matter how mundane and basic ponytails are, some people just can’t get over it. If you are a stickler for ponytails but love braids as well. You can undoubtedly go for an awesome combo of a ponytail and French pigtail braids.


10. Dutch Braids in a Bun

dutch pigtail braid

The hairstyle trends come and go with time, but there is one hairstyle that stands with the test of time and this is absolute “THE BUN.” Buns can be worn at a funeral, wedding, prom, or casually. The Dutch braids styled in space buns are something noteworthy and divine.


11. Pigtail Braids with a Puff

pigtail braids with puff

Pigtail braids compliment the angular and oval faces more than the round. However, if you’re graced with a round face, you can flaunt them with a poof that will make your face appear slimmer.


12. Box Braids

Box braided pigtails look polished and sober and it is a bossy and super protective hairstyle that protects your long and thick hair.


13. Messy and Modern Pigtails

It is a perfect hairstyle to don with thin and fine hair. Split your hair into two sections, and avoid combing as much as you can to achieve the messy and sloppy effect. Start braiding your hair and tease it for a perfect, messy, modern pigtail look.


14. Double Dutch Braid

double dutch braid pigtails

Dutch braids are as glamorous as they look, but they look two times better when done in pigtails. This hairstyle is a cakewalk if you know how to do a French braid.

Part your hair into two sections and start braiding your hair into a Dutch braid. Keep on braiding until you reach your desired length and tie your Dutch pigtail braids in an elastic band.


15. Two Strand Twist

twisted braid pigtails for women

If you’re running out of time and cannot compromise on your hairstyle, this easy-peasy, flirty and fun hairstyle is definitely for you. This effortlessly cool hairstyle can be done with zero styling knowledge. Split your hair into two sections and start twisting the two strands while adding more hair. This pigtail braids style is perfect for long and medium-length hair.