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Side Part Bob: 45 Flawless Looks to Copy This Season

Whether your part is deep or small, side part bobs are the pulled-together hairstyle that suits virtually everyone. Side parts act as a curtain to reveal your gorgeous face as much or as little as you choose.

Playing with the depth of your part contours your face in a way that highlights your strongest features and conceals all the rest.

Side part bobs are easily created with any hair texture, color, sew in or weave. If you’re thinking of cutting your hair into this easy, stylish look, take a look at the 45 best side part bob hairstyles we have below.


Who Should Try A Side Part Bob?

Anyone can rock a bob hairstyle, but choosing which part comes down to the outline of your face. If you have a round face shape, a side part will add structure and symmetry all while lengthening your chin and narrowing the appearance of your cheeks. 

Angular face shapes, like heart, diamond, and square, can utilize the framing features of a side part by softening jaw and chin lines while smoothing cheekbones. 

Oval face shapes have a particular advantage over other face shapes due to their inherent symmetry, so if you want to try a side part on your bob hairstyle, give it a go.

Where to Part Your Hair For Your Face Shape? A Quick Guide


Amazing Side Part Bob Hairstyles

The following are the 45 ideas to style side part bob, deep side part bob and side part bob sew in that we’ve handpicked for you.

1. Side Parted Blunt Bob

If you desire the ultimate modern approach to a side part bob, then go for blunt cut ends. The look is so trendy right now and is especially chic on smooth, straight hair. A side part adds the perfect softening element that this more severe style craves.


2. Side Part Bob Weave Hairstyle

Why not get creative with your side part bob weave? Because of their versatility, you can rock colors and styles you maybe wouldn’t normally choose. With a side part, asymmetrical, blunt, and inverted styles look beautiful and chic. Feel free to play with your color, too!


3. Side Part Bob Sew In

If you feel committed to the side part bob hairstyle, a sew in is a great, long lasting option. They may take the longest to install, but they look miraculously seamless and natural. A shallow side part is cute on chin length bobs while deep side parts suit asymmetrical bobs perfectly.


4. Side Part on Blonde Bob

Whether your hair is straight or curly, your blonde hair is sure to look great in a side part bob. It softens up pin straight locks and helps wavy hair fall to elegantly frame your face. As for length, that is truly up to you!


5. Curly Side Part Bob

From springy ringlets to luxurious waves, curly hair looks fantastic in a bob hairstyle. Tamper down volume and bulk with a side part. If your hair is especially curly, give your bob some shape with defining layers.


6. Wavy Bob with Side Part

Even if your hair isn’t naturally wavy, loose waves are such an easy and functional way to wear a bob. Waves also help to open up the hair at the side part, creating a lovely frame for your face.


7. Side Parted Lob

Side parts are great for keeping lobs from looking droopy. They add definition to virtually every face shape and help the longer ends to frame your chin and jaw. Give hair tousled waves, curls, or keep it pin straight.


8. Medium Bob with Side Part

Short bobs and long lobs bring their own style, but medium length bobs need a little boost. A side part is an easy way to spice up your medium length bob without having to make any drastic changes.


9. Short Side Part Bob

If you prefer a funky vibe, then a short bob with a center part is fine. If you want to appear approachable and chic, however, a sweet side part is perfect on a jaw length bob. Cut slight layers at the end of hair to give your hair some volume.


10. Straight Bob with Side Part

Straight hair can look intense in a center part bob, especially if you have blunt cut ends. With a side part, though, your bob hairstyle suddenly looks sweeter. The look will also enhance the contour of your cheekbones.


11. Side Part Braided Bob

Braids are the perfect way to spice up your side part bob hairstyle. With a side braid, you don’t have to worry about pulling your hair all the way up. Plus, a side braid is also functional as it keeps your hair out of your face. Add an interesting plait or more than one braid for a unique vibe.


12. Asymmetrical Side Part Bob

Side parts are a necessary component of an asymmetrical bob. They make the look feel cohesive and give the longer side of the hair the chance to dramatically swoop along your cheekbones.


13. Side Part on Angled Bob

Angled bobs are topping the trend charts today. Because of the way they are cut, angled bobs tend to cover a lot of the face, so a side part works best to open things up. Create a round shape or add some interest with textured, tousled waves.


14. Layered Side Parted Bob

Creating shape is one of the best aspects of a side part bob. Cutting lots of layers can give your bob a round shape, which has a stylish, retro feel. In contrast, angled side bangs are modern on short hair. A deep side part on curly, textured hair looks incredibly romantic.


15. Pixie Bob with Side Part

Pixie bobs provide the perfect compromise. The majority of the hair remains pixie short while the pieces that frame your face are nice and long. Cut your side bangs according to your face shape and consider a fun addition like a shave detail on your side part pixie bob.


16. Black Bob Hairstyle with Side Part

Sleek is chic, but some soft waves may be just the touch of glamour you need. Oval, symmetrical face shapes look amazing with a deep side part and curly side bangs that frame the eyes. Round face shapes look structured with chin length hair and waves parting out from the face.


17. Side Part Ombre Bob

We love ombre hairstyles, but if your contrast is strong, then a side part bob provides the perfect softening effect. A slightly off-center part will draw more attention to your face and make your ombre highlights look relaxed and natural.


18. Side Part Messy Bob

Add a little tousle to your hair to spice up your side-parted bob. Sexy, messy waves look great on blunt cut bobs as well as heavily layered styles. Create a little wispy texture and don’t worry about looking too pulled together.


19. French Bob with Side Part

French bobs have been around for well over a hundred years, yet they look chic, even today! To emulate this classic look, cut your bob short near the jawline. To make the look your own with a side part, bangs don’t have to be cut across to eyebrow level. Sweep them to the side for your own special, modern vibe.


20. Bob with Side Part and Bangs

Side bangs add a touch of style to an already stylish look, but it’s necessary for babes who prefer to rock a fringe. Side part bangs are great for square face shapes and create a narrowing effect on full, round cheeks. Flip out the ends of your hair for a bit of extra flair.


21. Short Blonde Hair Bob with Side Part

 Side Part Short Blonde Bob

Super defined short bob hairstyle with side part is ideal for women who are in their 20s. If you prefer bold makeup know that it is going to look bomb with this haircut. Also, don’t forget your large hoop earrings to round up the look.


22. Side Part Bob with Bleached Ends

Side Part Bob with Bleached Ends

If you have naturally blonde hair and blue eyes know that the side part bob will open up your face, and will give you a beautiful complexion. If you want to focus all the attention to your eyes and your facial features, this is the best way to do a deep side part on bob.


23. Short Bob with Deep Side Part

short bob with side part

Even women who are in their 40s can look great with a deep side parted short stacked bob. This style is easy to maintain and will allow you to stay mobile & active during your mom hours.


24. Side Part Bob with Highlights

Side Part Bob with Highlights

If you are not into basic options know that a set of highlights will give you that ‘pop’. You can get a deep side part bob haircut and enjoy some brighter highlights down the ends of your hair.


25. Platinum Side Part Bob

Platinum Side Part Bob

Don’t be afraid of going platinum since it can look this great! This hair color is best for women with lighter skin complexions will look the best with. Also, you can finish off the look with some fierce jewelry, or some bold makeup.


26. Long Bob with Side Bangs

This deep side part bob looks reckless, fearless, and like something that you’d see on the runway. If you are into easy to style hair designs this one will suit you the most! Simply comb it through and leave more hair on one side each morning, spray with some hairspray, and you’ll be set!


27. Straight Bob with Highlights

If you are in your 30’s and you want a big change how about you get this long angled bob haircut? Once paired up with some silver jewelry, smokey eye, bronzer, and highlights, this look can easily sweep everyone off of their feet!


28. Dark Blue Sew in Bob

side part bob with dark blue sew in

If you prefer funky colors you will enjoy this darker blue hair option of side part bob sew in. Although it is a sew in wig, it is still very beautiful & feminine, as well as bold.


29. Wavy Blonde Bob with Bangs

If you are off to your prom, graduation party, wedding, or a sweet birthday party heads up and be ready to slay this long blunt bob cut. This wavy and side part bob looks very playful and is ideal for your formal events.


30. Wavy Deep Side Part Bob Sew In

Deep Side Part Bob Sew In 

You can get a deep side part bob sew in and look this gorgeous! This is a curly/wavy model which is easy to achieve, as long as you have the right wig, and a good hairdresser.


31. Ombre Bob

This actress knows how to match her hair to her makeup, obviously. If you get a deep side part bob cut make sure you always match it with a bolder lipstick since it will make your entire face makeup pop.


32. Sleek & Straight Brown Bob

Straight Brown Bob with Deep Side Part

This dark red lipstick is very attention-seeking, which is exactly what this side part bob cut needs and demands! Women who are in their 20s and who love bolder makeup will look breathtaking with this light brown balayage combo.


33. Natural Bob

If your hair is quite light, thin, brittle, and still virgin hair you are in good luck since you can rock this bob cut easily and fearlessly! It can look great on older women and those who prefer the all-natural vibe. Rock your natural color along with a dewy complexion from Monday-Friday, and enjoy all the compliments that are headed your way.


34. Textured Side Part Bob Hairstyle

If you want to look like a VS angel don’t forget to add a lot of hairspray to the roots of your hair. This way you will create an illusion of a fuller bob with side parting, and will enjoy its longevity.


35. Wavy Short Bob with Highlights

Side parted Short Bob Cut with Highlights

Super cute & short curls are always a full hit, simply look at this one! This deep side part bob will accentuate your eyes while seamlessly covering up any wrinkles or fine lines along your forehead.


36. Natural Waves

No reason to make everything crisp & clean since you can definitely enjoy this bob haircut and side parting. It looks effortless, which some of us just might need the moment we wake up.


37. Champagne Blonde Bob

side parted champagne blonde bob

Light blonde hair, when matched with a dark red lip, is a killer combo! You can wear this makeup look along with your bob with deep side part whenever you go out and enjoy all the compliments, as well as jealous looks.


38. Short & Thin Side Part Bob Haircut

If you have super short & thin hair you can hide it by getting a bit more volume on top of your front part. Get a side-parted bob sew in with bangs and accentuate it by adding a lot of texturizing spray, and create an illusion of a fuller hairline.


39. Textured Side Part Bob Hairstyle

wavy side part bob for women

These minimalistic curls are very chic, and runway perfect! If you have burnt orange hair don’t forget to emphasize it by rocking this sleek bob side part cut.


40. Natural Deep Side Part Bob Sew In

best bob haircut with side part

This side part bob sew in looks so natural, doesn’t it? If you are worried about your wig not looking as seamless as you want it to make sure you book the right hairdresser which will take care of you the best way possible! Once done the right way, side part closures and sew-ins can look phenomenal on every lady.


41. Artful Asymmetry 

asymmetrical bob with side part

Lengthen your round face shape or add interest to an oval one with an asymmetrical bob with side part. Characterized by one long side and one short one, a disjointed style kicks your basic bob up a notch.


42. Wispy Side Bangs 

side part bob with bangs

A straight across fringe won’t fit with a side part bob with bangs. Instead, let the hair over your forehead follow the flow set by a side part. Long, wispy bangs are perfectly suited on a longer bob that dips below the chin. 


43. Pleated Curls 

curly side parted bob

Taming exceptionally textured hair can be tough, especially if your hair is short. A curly side parted bob will subdue and add structure to boisterous locks.  


44. Medium Blunt Cut 

side parted blunt bob

Is clean cut sophistication your thing? A side parted blunt bob may be what you’re looking for. Hair is all of the same length, but how short or long you wear it is up to you. Short crops look more severe while longer lengths do a better job at framing your face. 


45. Cool Undercut 

side part bob with undercut

Bobs often look very sweet and pulled together but they can absolutely incorporate a more badass personal style. Try an undercut on the side of your head and let a deep part lead out from there. 


How to Install Side Part Bob Sew In

side part bob sew in

Step 1: Make sure your hair is clean and free of any product. Women who have previously worked with wigs will get this job done in no time. Others, who are new to this, might want to purchase a virgin hair wig and clean it from any dirt or oils.

Step 2: Part your natural hair and comb it by leaving a bit more hair pieces on one side you prefer. The place where you leave it is where you are going to embrace that side part.

Step 3: Braid your hair starting at the back and wrap it at the roots. Make sure that your braids are small and tight. Once you are done with braiding your hair place the hairnet on top and make sure it matches your wigs and natural hairs color.

Step 4: Sew in your wig and its side parts by slowly stitching it and doing back and forth sewing motions. Make sure that all of your units are covered, and make sure you leave a bit more hair on one side where you want your side part to be.

Step 5: Cut your hair in a stylish bob in case the wig is already too long. If it is the exact length simply straighten it and enjoy your new sleek & shiny outcome.


Watch The Following Video to Know about How to Install a Deep Side Part Bob Sew in


Deep Side Part Bob Sew In vs Deep Side Part Closure

Deep Side Part Bob Sew In vs Deep Side Part Closure

A sew in weave hair can cover a lot more of your headspace in a lot shorter period of time but is also a bit more expensive. A lace closure is only around 3 inches long and it can blend and cover up one part of your head flawlessly. You can glue down a side part closure or sew it on top of the wig. Women who already have thick & long hair might benefit from a side lace closure the most, while those with thin & brittle hair will enjoy a full bob sew in.

Closure: If this is your first time experimenting with shorter hair know that side part bob is your best safe-bet. This design is so universal, chic, and it can look great on every woman, no matter her age or hair length. You should slay a deep side part bob if you are into high-end looks, or if you prefer simplicity over inches and inches of long hair.


Side parts are easy to wear because they flatter every face shape and suit everyone. They can add interest, flair, or dimension to an otherwise basic bob, or help to shape the cut of an asymmetrical or angled style.

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate your side part, your bob is sure to look gorgeous and mirror your personal style.