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Crimped Hair – 31 Hairstyles That’ll Set You Apart

Women who love vintage styles can’t deny the charm of the crimped hairstyle. It is one of those best styles that will always set you apart. Unfortunately, this hair can look damaged or unhealthy when not styled correctly.

Who Should Try A Crimped Hairstyle?

crimped hairstyles for women

Any woman who wants to update her style will want to give crimped hair a shot. This vintage hairstyle is a fun and fast way to switch up a style and to make hair look much more interesting. No matter how long or short the hair is, there is a style for every woman.

Women who have thicker hair will obviously have to spend a bit longer working on crimping their hair, but they can enjoy the extra volume and movement that crimping provides, just as women who have fine and thin hair will.

How to Crimp Hair (Using Crimper + Straightener)

How to Crimp Hair

A crimper makes crimping hair incredibly fast and easy. These tools are designed to perfect crimping without a lot of effort, which is why they are so popular.

Crimpers work best on clean, completely dry hair. Once the crimper is hot, work carefully crimping from the top down the strands in sections to add style.

It’s also possible to crimp with a straightener, although it takes more work. The first step is to wash and dry the hair, then braid it into small braids. The tighter and smaller the braids are, the more the crimp will show up.

Use a straightener to heat the braids, running them down their lengths until they are hot. Allow the braids to cool completely before shaking them out into crimps.

Watch the Following Video Tutorial to Learn How to Get Big Crimp on Your Hair

Vintage 1940s Victory Rolls Hairstyles for Women

Crimped Hairstyle Looks to Play With Your Style

There are so many style types to choose from, but we can help you narrow it down to finding one you love. Check out the many looks below so you can determine which style is best for you.

1. Brushed Back Flowing Look

crimped ombre hairstyle

This is a super sporty and casual crimped hairstyle. The top of the hair is brushed back, and the rest of the hair flows over the shoulders in a nice and easy style that can be achieved every day. All of the hair is highly voluminous.

2. Large Casual Style

crimped hairstyle for red hair

If you want to be a woman with crimped hair in larger sections to provide a looser and slightly more elegant look, here you go. It’s quite whimsical and slightly old-fashioned so you can really change up your vibe if you go for this look. The style is a simple middle-parted look that suits all occasions.

3. Thick Sections

long crimped hairstyle

This vintage style is more of a fun one for parties and similar events. The hair has large sections styled very nicely and a middle parting. There’s a ton of volume in it, and it’s a very fun and bouncy style to wear.

4. Loosely Styled Look

loose crimped hairstyle

This look is very loose and easy to achieve. The look is achieved by loosely braiding the hair for a few hours rather than tightly braiding it or using a crimping iron. It’s a nice look to give the hair a slight texture each day.

5. Very Loose Crimps From Braid

crimped hairstyle for dark brown hair

This style has been formed due to the hair being braided for a while. It is now loose and very free as it falls over one shoulder. The hair has a middle parting to keep the style nice and simple, and it’s a very pleasant everyday style.

6. Small Crimps and Beehive

crimped hairstyle for sandy blonde hair

This look with small crimps and a beehive is a very popular look, especially among edgy people who want to show off a very unique look. The light hair color helps accentuate the crinkly style of hair and the bold personality that this look helps reveal.

7. Nice Loose Wavy Crimps

loose crimped hairstyle with ash brown hair

This is a mixture of a crimpy and wavy style. The crimps are very loose, signaling they’ve been formed using a loose braid. The hair is very casual and free and it’s in a nice shade of blonde mixed with brown to create some depth in the look.

8. Subtle Crimping On Top

crimped blonde bob

In this style, not all the hair has been styled. Instead, it’s just on the top layer of hair and very much towards the front to add some extra texture to an otherwise plain look. The crimping is emphasized with a headband and bow decorating the head.

9. Blonde Bob

short crimped hairstyles for women

Lots of layers with plenty of crimping in different sizes really adds interest to this look and prevents it from being boring. By using multiple crimping irons that have different size plates, it makes it possible to enjoy this bold look.

Sweeping the layers over the top of the head and to the side prevents it from being boring and adds a ton of volume and interest to the top of the head.

10. Short Hair + Shaved Sides

mohawk with crimped hair

A mohawk is a bold short haircut for any woman, but crimping the hair makes it even more exciting and ensures that this look is going to attract attention.

Keeping the sides of the mohawk nice and short allows the longer hair on the top of the head to be the main focus. Crimping this slightly longer hair adds visual interest as well as some movement to the look.

11. Red Hair with Bangs

short crimped hair with bangs

This is an incredibly bold hairstyle that gets some of its power from the deep red color, while the straight lines and structured cut make it even more exciting. The short hair is crimped all over, allowing it to fall perfectly around the face, making the eyes the main focal point.

With plenty of volume and movement, this look stands out in a crowd, making it a great choice for any woman who wants to be the center of attention.

12. Copper Ombre

long crimped hairstyles

The deep color of this copper red hairstyle adds to the beauty of the look. Instead of crimping the long hair from root to tip, adding a little texture and interest throughout the style with patches of crimping really helps to set this apart.

This style is a great option for any woman who is interested in crimping, but who isn’t sure that she wants to commit to a full head.

13. Sandy Blonde Hair

crimp hairstyles for long haired women

Long and fine hair has a lot of movement and volume when it is crimped from the roots to the tips. Adding crimping to the roots helps to give them some volume and helps them to stand out instead of falling flat on the head.

It’s a very wispy look that is wild and free, making it a great choice for spending time outside or when taking part in a photo shoot.

14. Blonde Balayage

The impressive blonde balayage on this long crimped hair makes the darker roots-pop and ensure that the style is one that everyone will notice. There’s hard crimping from the roots to the tips, which means that this look is one that is shocking.

Since the hair isn’t wispy and is allowed to fall freely from the roots around the shoulders, it can be a very impressive and bold look to wear out on the town.


15. Golden Blonde Highlights

Keeping medium length hair out of the way is important, which is why using clips to hold the hair back from the face is such a good idea. This look is just a bit longer than the shoulders, which gives it a little extra weight and heft.

The large clips are the perfect size to hold back the heavy hair and the bold crimping and to help the look really stand out.

16. Sparkling with Silver Highlights

Adding a touch of silver or gray to the hair instantly updates this look and makes it much more interesting. This is a great option for any woman who wants to match her makeup to her hair and is interested in adding some fun color to the style.

The silver complements the crimped hair and makes it look a bit more modern and futuristic, which is a fun update to this medium hairstyle.

17. Lob with Side Bangs

crimped lob haircuts

Medium hair that barely brushes the shoulders is a great option for crimping. Because this hair has so much natural movement on its own, adding some crimp to it is a great way to keep the hair flowing and looking fresh and clean.

The crimping makes plain straight and fine hair have a bit more personality, ensuring that the look is anything but boring and that the hair looks updated.

18. Long Curly Crimps

crimp styles for black hair

Black hair looks elegant when it is allowed to be nice and long and to have some crimps. This look is very natural and is a great option for women with long curly hair to wear out for any special event.

Thanks to the movement and structure that the crimping provides the hair, the hair will look perfectly styled every time, ensuring that the woman wearing this look feels her best and is ready to impress.

19. Centre Part Hairstyle

Crimped hair can look incredibly chic and sleek when there is some product added to the hair to give it shine and definition. This is a bold look, so only women who aren’t afraid of turning heads will want to wear this hair.

The perfect big crimps from root to tips adds movement and style to the hair, while the product prevents it from looking out of control or appearing unkempt.

20. Puffy Ponytail

When hair is crimped in just a few places, then it automatically looks chic and elegant. Adding some crimps throughout this hair and then pulling it all back in a puffy low ponytail makes it look very updated and modern.

Combining small and larger crimping prevents the hair from looking boring and ensures that the hair has a lot of style and interest. Allowing the ends to be free and untamed improves the look.

21. Half Up Hairstyle

Crimping can add a lot of volume and style to a look, especially when it is combined with braids. Braiding a few pieces of hair to fit in with the crimping in this chunky highlighted hairstyle makes it even more exciting.

High roots add volume to the crown of the head, and the long ends are allowed to hang freely around the shoulders and down the back, giving the illusion of even more hair.

22. Long and Straight Hair Crimps

Long and straight crimped hair looks great, as long as there is plenty of volume at the roots and the crown. One of the best ways to do this is to style the hair so that it is flipped over to one side from the top.

This instantly adds height and volume to the look and ensures that the hair doesn’t fall flat and lay loose around the face.

23. Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

big crimped hairstyles for women

Perfectly teased roots are key to making this style look its best. The extra teasing and attention on the roots allows the rest of the hair to have plenty of volume and movement.

Plenty of small crimping makes the style larger than life, while the bold blonde color and the dark roots give an even greater impression of plenty of height and volume. Loose tips are allowed to hang freely for even more interest.

24. Wavy Around the Face

A bit of wave around the face breaks up the monotony of the crimping and makes this beige blonde hair look something a bit different.

Thanks to the straight part down the middle of the head and the waves around the face, the crimped hair tends to stand out even more and is the perfect way to finish this 80s hairstyle. Keeping the hair back from the face is key to ensuring that this style is fresh.

25. 80s Pony

A sleek top looks smooth and elegant, and really shines when paired with a high crimped ponytail. The volume and movement of this pony is a great contrast to the smooth and sleek top.

Wrapping the pony with a bit of hair to conceal the elastic adds to the attractive look and really helps to set this one apart. It’s a great look for going out with the girls or when on a hot date.

26. Bouffant with Short Sides

Tall and bold is the name of the game with this 90s look. Tons of teasing and lots of products are used to add height and volume to the top of the head, giving the style the appearance of a wild mohawk.

Keeping the sides very short and crimping the longer hair from the roots to the tips adds more interest and movement, preventing the look from ever appearing to be boring.

27. Corseted Part with Fluffy Sides

The wild and fluffy sides of this style are due to the impressive crimping from root to tip. One thing that really makes this look unique is the corseted part on top.

This is a bit more extra work, but it adds visual interest to the style and prevents the hair from looking over the top. Darker roots and blonde tips make the look even more impressive.

28. Brown Ombre Hair

The loose flowing look of this crimped style prevents it from looking too harsh or bold. Since the hair has some natural waves to it, the crimped hair also gives it an even softer look as the hair falls around the face.

Pulling the hair back from the forehead, it ensures that the hair looks soft and natural instead of highly crimped from the roots to the tips.

29. Long and Blonde Hair

Long blonde hair can be striking when it is crimped from the head to the tips, especially when it is then allowed to flow freely down the back.

This loose style is refreshing and soft, which is great for women who want something that will make them feel even more feminine.

Thanks to the gorgeous white blonde hair color, this style looks great on women of all ages. It’s refreshing and updated without being too modern.

30. Crimped Updo with Bangs

updo with crimped hair

It’s possible to wear a great crimped hairstyle to a special occasion as long as care is taken to ensure that the hair looks classy and famine. This look is a great option, as it combines crimping and an updo, which keeps the hair off of the face.

Allowing some gentle tendrils to fall around the face makes the look very elegant and helps to break up the hard lines of the style.

31. Pulled-Back in a Bun

crimped hairstyles

One of the best ways to wear crimp hair is simply to add movement and interest to the style. This look has crimping from the roots to the tips and then the hair is pulled back away from the face into a bun.

Some of the ends are allowed to peek out of the bun, giving it a haphazard look that is very attractive. It’s a great updo for a special occasion and keeps hair contained.

FAQs on Crimped Hairstyle

Does a hair crimping iron damage hair?

Just like with any heat styling, a crimping iron can damage hair. It’s important to use a high-quality ceramic iron to reduce the risk of damage to the hair.

Anyone who regularly crimps their hair will want to use protective products that will prevent heat damage.

Big crimped hair and loose crimped hair – are they same?

Big crimped hair tends to have a lot more volume and presence. This hair can be worn in a halo around the head, if it is shorter, but even if it is longer, it will be larger than life.

Loose crimped hair, on the other hand, tends to fall in waves around the head and shoulders. This hair is flowing and soft, while the bigger one is more about volume and impact.

Can I crimp my hair through braiding?

It is possible to crimp hair through braiding, but only when a straightener is used to heat the strands. Hair that is simply braided and undone will not be crimped, although this can add attractive waves and volume to the hair.

Permed hair or crimped hair – which one is better?

Perms are permanent, while crimping will wash out, which means that these styles are completely different. The style that a woman chooses depends on how permanent she wants her new look to be.

For a quick change to a look or to try out a new style without commitment, crimping is a much better option.

Any of these fun hairstyles are a great way to show off crimp hair. Since this is not a permanent style, it’s a great option for any woman who wants to try out a new look without a huge commitment. Crimping is fast, easy, and sure to turn heads, no matter how long or short the hair is.