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Straight Perm 101: Everything You Need to Know

Are you tired of spending hours straightening your naturally curly or kinky hair? For many, everyday hair maintenance can be overwhelming, and straightening natural curls can be very time-consuming.

If you’re one of those, it’s time to explore straight perms! The straight perm is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution to tame your frizzy, curly, or wavy hair.

Straight Perm is also known as Japanese hair straightening or thermal reconditioning. This treatment uses chemicals and heat to transform your hair into a sleek, pin-straight look permanently.

What Is a Straight Perm?

Straight Perm
Straight Perm

A straight perm is a chemical treatment to straighten wavy and curly hair, and then you apply heat to the hair for the best results.

It would be best to distinguish a straight perm from other chemical straighteners. A smoothing treatment like a keratin treatment helps smooth the hair but does not straighten it, and this semi-permanent treatment works best to reduce frizz or loosen curls.

People can also choose chemical processing to relax their curls; chemical relaxers do not require heat.

How Do Straight Perms Work?

A straight perm uses a chemical solution to break down the structure of the hair, which holds the shape of the curls or waves. Once the straightening treatment has been applied, the stylist will use a flat iron to apply heat, which will seal in the chemicals.

Straightening your hair will require two to four hours in the salon chair, depending on your hair type and length.

A straight perm done by a stylist in a hair salon can last from three to six months. Straightening your hair with a home perm kit will last about six weeks.

Different Types of Straight Perm

You have several options if you consider straightening your hair using a straight perm. Visit any hair salon in your area and ask to speak to a hairstylist knowledgeable in hair straightening.

Beauty supply stores offer more options for straight perms that you can do at home.

At-Home Straight Perm Kits

at home straight perm kit

Straightening your hair at home can be easy and much less expensive than in salons. At-home kits can cost as little as twenty dollars compared to the hundreds of dollars you might spend at a salon.

Home perm kits have become much more user-friendly, but it is essential to read the instructions carefully to ensure the best results.

Straightening curly hair at home may be convenient, but you must remember that it is a permanent treatment. It is possible to end up with damaged hair, and you will have to wear your mistake until new hair growth hides it.

Professional Salon Straight Perm

Permanent straightening in a salon generally takes a few hours. The stylist will apply the correct perm chemicals for your hair type, and they will achieve the texture you are looking for.

The prices for hair straightening will depend on the salon. Typically, it can cost $150 or several hundred dollars, depending on the type and length of your hair.

The most significant advantage to visiting a hair salon is the hairstylist’s experience and knowledge. However, you may pay a great deal of money for results you are not happy with.

Japanese Thermal Straightening Perm

Japanese Thermal Straightening Perm
Japanese Thermal Straightening Perm

A Japanese thermal straightening perm is also known as thermal reconditioning. This straightening process uses a chemical treatment to change the hair’s protein structure.

This treatment is effective for frizzy, wavy, or curly hair. A Japanese thermal straightening perm can last up to six months, leaving hair with a soft and manageable texture.

The Japanese hair straightening process can take up to five hours and be more expensive than the traditional salon straight perms. Depending on your hair’s natural state, it can cost $400 to $800.

You will enjoy your straight hair for up to six months. Unfortunately, you cannot reverse the process. You will have to wait several months to see your curls if you don’t like your new hair.

Hair Rebonding Straight Perm

Hair rebonding is also called chemical straightening. It is a process that uses chemicals to change the physical structure of the keratin molecules in the hair.

Typically, hair-rebonding straight perms contain formaldehyde, which can take several hours to straighten the hair. It is essential to consult with a hairstylist to decide if you are a good candidate for hair rebonding.

The cost will depend on your hair’s thickness and length, costing $350 and upwards. You may notice some hair breakage, damage, and dryness due to the chemicals.

Keratin Straightening Perm

Keratin Straightening Perm
Keratin Straightening Perm

A keratin straightening is often referred to as a Brazilian keratin treatment or a Brazilian blowout. A hairstylist will wash your hair, apply chemicals, blow dry, and then use a flat iron to seal the products. The process will take several hours, and these perms can cost from $200 to $500.

The keratin treatment will straighten hair for up to six months. Keratin-treated hair looks shiny and less frizzy. The disadvantage of keratin straightening perms is that they contain formaldehyde, which can be dangerous if inhaled.

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How Do You Prepare Your Hair For a Straight Perm?

You can do a few things to guarantee the best results for your straight perm. Do not bleach or color your hair for at least six months.

It is best to avoid layering or thinning your hair before your perm. Most straightening perms will require a specific cut to get the style you are looking for.

You should maintain a consistent hair care routine. Perms work best on healthy hair. You should wait a month or two if you see any hair damage or dryness.

Potential Side-Effects of a Straight Perm

Side-Effects of a Straight Perm

There are several side effects that you should consider before getting a straight perm.

  • Hair damage: Straight perms use chemicals that can damage your hair. You may have more difficulty maintaining and styling your hair.
  • No color: Once you have chemically straightened your hair, it is best not to color. You will not be able to curl your hair.
  • New growth: New hair will look significantly different from the straightened hair section. Near the scalp, you may see wavy hair or curls. You can get touch-ups with some treatments to have an even texture all over your head.

Things To Consider Before Getting a Straight Perm

Straight perms last for months, so you should consider a few things before booking your appointment.

It’s a Commitment

Straight perms are chemical treatments that alter the structure of your hair. The process has long-term effects so that you will live with your new straight hair for weeks or months. Throughout this time, you will be limited to styles of straight hair. Other chemical treatments are discouraged, so coloring your hair will have to wait.

Potentially Damaging to Your Hair

The straight perms contain chemicals that damage your hair. You might see breakage, split ends, dryness, and hair loss is also possible.

Loss of Other Hairstyle Options

You will be unable to change up your hairstyles, and once your hair is chemically straightened, you will only be able to have straight hair. Coloring will also be off the table until the perm has grown out.

How To Care For Your Straight Perm

How To Care For Your Straight Perm

Maintaining your straight perm will take a bit of extra work. For long-lasting results, here are a few things you can do.

  • Condition daily: You should shampoo every two to three days, but you should use conditioner every day.
  • Avoid heat: You should avoid using a flat iron or blow dryer on your hair.
  • Hair products: You should buy hair products designed for chemically straightened hair. These products will help with moisture retention.
  • Hair cuts: You should visit the hair salon more often than before your perm. It would be best if you went every four to six weeks.

Final Thoughts

Having a hairstyle that you love can boost your self-confidence, and a straight perm can give you fantastic results. It is essential to consult with your hairstylist to determine which chemical treatment will work best for your type of hair. Once you have decided, the only thing left is to book an appointment and relax.

Straightening your hair at home is also an option. Following the instructions for the straight perm kits is essential, so you don’t damage your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reverse perm?

A reverse perm is when the curls are removed from the hair. It loosens up the curl pattern.

How long does a straight perm last?

Straight perms done in a salon can last from three to six months. When you do a straight perm at home, it will typically last six weeks.

Do I need to cut off all my hair to return it to its natural state?

You will need to be patient while your hair grows. As it grows, you can have the straightened parts cut off.