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11 Simple Tips to Make Dull Blonde Hair Pop Again

When you first leave the salon, you feel like a million bucks. Your roots are fresh, your blonde hair is toned and shiny, it’s really never felt softer. But here you are a few weeks in and your blonde hair is already back to looking dull and lifeless.

Your next salon appointment isn’t for a few weeks but you’ve got to do something asap to bring your blonde hair back to life. You’re calling out an SOS to restore that hair back to its original luster and we’re here to help you rescue those once luxurious locks!

We’re right by your side on this rescue mission and will walk you through the best ways to fix dull blonde hair and turn it into beautiful, shiny blonde hair you’ve been missing!

How to Fix Dull Blonde Hair

Everyone’s at-home hair routine is different, you may need to use all our tips and tricks to rejuvenate your dull blonde hair brighter and shinier.

#1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Clarifying Shampoo

Ways to Fix Dull Blonde Hair - Clarifying Shampoo

If you’re using hair products like oils, creams, dry shampoos, etc., over time they build up on the hair and this can cause blonde hair to look dull. Clarifying shampoos deep clean hair and remove buildup, allowing for your blonde hair to not only be squeaky clean but also get its shine back.

You may have shied away from clarifying shampoos in the past because you thought they would be too drying, especially for blonde hair which needs extra moisture. This can be true but only if you were to use a clarifying shampoo super often.

Use your clarifying shampoo once a month to keep hair shiny and free of build-up. If you’re still concerned about drying, use a hair mask directly after washing with clarifying shampoo and you’ll be set!  

#2. Use Purple Shampoo (But not every day!)

Ways to Fix Dull Blonde Hair - Purple Shampoo

You may notice that a couple of weeks after having your blonde touched up, the beautiful tone you left the salon with starts to turn yellow. This yellowing effect can cause blonde hair to appear dull. Purple shampoo is your best weapon to combat the yellow.

But how does purple shampoo work you might ask?

Purple is the opposite of yellow on the good old color wheel. The purple shampoo contains purple pigment which deposit onto your hair, canceling out those unwanted yellow tones. You’ll be left with a beautiful, shiny blonde free of brassy yellow.

Note: Using purple shampoo every time you wash your hair may seem like a good idea but using it too often can cause your blonde to dull as well. When used too often purple shampoo can make blonde hair appear darker and washed out. Use it once a week to maintain a shiny, toned blonde!

#3. Protect Hair From Heat

Ways to Fix Dull Blonde Hair - Heat Protectant

The heat from blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons can fade the blonde color and dry out your hair (especially blonde!). Heat styling on a regular basis can take its toll on blonde hair if you’re not properly protecting it.

Use a heat protectant before you touch that gorgeous hair with any hot tools. Heat protectants are a line of products that work to create a barrier between the heat and your hair. They don’t completely prevent damage so make sure you also put your hot tools on their lowest heat setting for best results!

#4. Get A Water Filter

Ways to Fix Dull Blonde Hair - Shower Filter

In some places, hard water can cause blonde hair to dull. This is because hard water deposits minerals onto the hair which create a coating that blocks conditioner and other moisturizing hair products from penetrating into the hair strand. This of course creates dryness which of course leads to dull, lifeless hair.

If you notice mineral buildup in your sink or shower, this is a sign you may have hard water. Luckily this is an easy fix!

You can easily install a water filter on your shower head which filters out minerals and protects your blonde. Hard water is also bad for your scalp and skin so your whole body will thank you for the new filter!

#5. Don’t Forget to Hydrate!

Ways to Fix Dull Blonde Hair - Moisturization

Sometimes dull blondes just need an extra boost of hydration! Relying on just your everyday conditioner usually isn’t enough moisture for blonde hair. Adding a hair mask to your hair routine will do wonders to brighten up your blonde and keep your hair healthy.

You can also try hair oils that can be applied to both wet and dry hair before styling. Oil is an excellent moisturizer for blonde hair and oil provides shine like no other product can!

Now that you have our favorite ways to rescue your hair from a life of dull blonde, you’re ready to shine!

#6. Regular Trim

Your blonde hair needs regular trimming to keep it looking its best. Over time, the ends of your hair can become damaged and cause your blonde hair to look dull. Regular trims help to keep it looking fresh and shiny.

#7. Balanced Diet

We often forget that what we eat and drink can affect our hair. Eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water can help your hair look better. Think of it like fuel for your blonde hair!

#8. Use Cold Water to Wash Hair

This simple trick can help blonde hair look more vibrant. After you wash and condition your hair, giving it a final rinse with cold water can help seal the cuticles and lock in the moisture and color, making your blonde hair appear shinier.

#9. Use Hair Serums

Hair serums add a protective coating to your hair shaft that can enhance shine. This is especially helpful for blonde hair, as it can often look dull due to damage or over-processing. A good hair serum can add that extra boost of shine.

#10. Limit Sun Exposure

Too much sun exposure can make your blonde hair appear faded and dull. Protecting your hair from the sun by wearing a hat or using a UV protection hair product can help maintain the vibrancy of your blonde hair.

#11. Fix The Dark Roots

Ever get frustrated with those dark roots popping up before your next salon visit?

No worries! Just use a hair-lightening spray for blondes. Spray it on damp hair after shampooing, and within three to five uses, your color is back to being bright. Pick one with chamomile and citrus— it subtly blends roots and adds shine.

Why Blonde Hair Become Dull and Lifeless?

Wondering why your blonde hair is losing its brightness and becoming dull? There could be a few reasons.

Product Buildup

Who would have thought using your blonde shampoo or conditioner too much could dull your color? Ash color soaks up light rather than reflecting it. If you overdo it with the ash, your hair might not sparkle as much. So, have a chat with your colorist about the right amount of toning conditioner.

Old Water Pipes

Got old copper pipes in your house? They might be the reason behind dulling mineral deposits in your hair. Ask your salon for a shampoo that can fight these deposits.

Too Much Ash in Toner

More ash in your toner might mean less brightness in your hair. If your colorist is putting too much ash in your toner, the light absorption might make your hair look less lively.

Skipping Salon Visits

Not going to the salon every six weeks? Your color could start to look faded and dull. Regular appointments help to keep that color fresh.

Toner Buildup

If you’re coloring your hair too often or with the wrong products, your hair might look darker.

Too Many Lowlights: Lowlights add texture but too many can darken your hair over time. Have a talk with your colorist about striking the right balance.

Things to Remember:

  • Dull blonde hair is easily fixable!
  • You may need to add a clarifying shampoo or purple shampoo to your hair routine
  • Be careful with hot tools, always use some sort of heat protectant before curling, straightening or drying
  • Check to see if you have hard water, if you do installing a water filter in your shower will prevent dullness
  • Always keep your hair hydrated for shine and health!