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These Toffee Hair Colors Are A Work of Art

Brighten up your light brown locks this season with the latest upgrade – toffee hair. Inspired by the buttery-colored candy that shares the same name, this color combines dark blonde with a rich and warm brunette for irresistible dimension. Think bombshell Victoria’s secret model bronde

The latest hue will give you a sun-kissed glow, which is obviously perfect for summer or feels reminiscent of warmer months during winter. Now that you’re convinced, how can you be sure toffee hair color will work for you? Take a peek at the sweetest looks for a variety of skin tones and haircuts. 


Stunning Toffee Hair Looks

Check out 10 different toffee hair color ideas to serve up some serious style. Choose your favorite hairstyle below!

1. Burnt Toffee

For the brunettes out there that are afraid of going too light, this dark and mellow toffee brown hair is an easy alternative. Minimal dimension is fine with a funky cut, but if you have long locks, consider adding some depth with lowlights. 


2. Seamless Caramel Balayage 

caramel toffee hair color

Have you ever seen a more seamless blend? Ultra-fine highlights create the softening effect of this caramel toffee hair color versus chunkier ombre highlights. It is perfect for medium skin with golden undertones to emanate that glow. 


3. Golden Honey Toffee

If your natural reaction is to err on the side of blonde, then honey toffee blonde hair is the way to go. The lightest points of color should reside at the bottom half of your hair and around your face to lighten your look and brighten the appearance of your face. 


4. Chunky Highlights 

When done right, chunky toffee highlights can look fabulous. Dark brunette with warm touches is very early 2000s, so why not update the look with buttery tones to make it feel fresh? Try it on your long hair or on a short and choppy pixie cut. 


5. Soft Balayage

One of the biggest trends as of late is subtle highlights focused on the bottom half of the hair with subtle streaks throughout the scalp. This makes incorporating toffee balayage hair easy, stylish, and complimentary, as your root color still shows through the style. 


6. Effortless Toffee Blend 

If you’re fearing commitment to a total candy-colored overall, try out toffee ombre hair color. Not only does it ground your look in your base hair color, but a good blend will grow out with ease. Medium-length hair is a great place to start. 


7. Cool Toffee 

Not everyone is suited to a warm and cozy tone for their hair. Cool dark toffee hair color is great for fair skin or those with yellow and olive undertones. Don’t be afraid to lighten the ends, though! Dimension is everything and feels the most modern. 


8. Light and Hot 

hot toffee hair color

With hot toffee hair color, the base of the hair is darker than the lightest tones by a mere shade or two. This look is decidedly blonde, but a deeper version can be used for dark brunette hair, too. Try it out on your light locks to pair with your light, golden skin tone. 


9. Delicate Toffee Highlights 

Light toffee hair color is perfect for the brunette surfer chic. Minimal tones add very subtle dimension to brighten solely where the lights hits. The balayage technique achieves that easily. This color is great for light to medium skin tones with super warm golden undertones. 


10. Golden Toffee Babylights 

The streaky look is always hot, but it looks even more modern when done in the babylight technique. This also makes it great for shorter hair. Add golden toffee hair color to chestnuts undertones for an effortless casual look. 


Toffee hair color really is a baseline that can inspire your dark blonde and rich brunette hair in a variety of ways. Go for subtle and soft or chunky and bold but always remember to suit your skin’s natural tone. Save your favorite look to bring to your next salon appointment.