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55 Tree Braids Hairstyles to Try This Year

Tree braids are the best way to wear hair extensions. The natural weave is attached to your hair by cornrow braiding.

The braiding starts on top of your head and hair extensions are carefully woven in to become part of your hairstyle. This is the most natural way to extend your hair since no glue or needles are used. That’s also the reason why tree braids don’t last as long as other hair extension methods.

However, they can still stay intact for 2 or 3 months depending on the hair type and hair care technique.


Beautiful Tree Braids That Can Make You Look Fabulous

If you are suffering from thin and unruly hair and hoping to improve the volume in the most natural way, then the tree braids are for you.

Women who want to change their look, try new colors and new hairstyles can benefit from this simple way to attach hair extensions. These braids are easier to attach than other weaves and the process takes much less time. It’s easy to create tree braids in the comfort of your own home as long as you have someone who can give you a hand. We collected 55 various ways to make these braids for you to choose from.


1. Simple and natural tree braids

tree braids hairstyle

If you want to hide the fact that you are using hair extensions, this image is for you. You need to start the braiding near the middle part hairline and do it subtly so you can cover it up with the rest of the hair.

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2. Side part weaving

tree braids Side part weaving hairstyle you like

If you are a fan of side part hairstyles, this approach is for you. You have to start braiding after your hair is carefully arranged into a side-parted style. This way you can sport wonderful side swept bangs.


3. Swept back and windblown

Swept back with tree braids hairstyle

If you like to open up your forehead and keep the hair out of your face while sporting a long and voluminous mane, you need to make cornrows starting from the forehead hairline. What a great way to outline your facial features!


4. Tree braids with blue highlights

tree braids style

Tree braids are a perfect way to experiment with various colors. If your natural hair is raven black, dark blue hair extensions will give your image extra style. You can also experiment with other shades of blue.

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5. Soft curls

Soft curly tree braids hairstyle for teen girl

Dark-skinned girls with curly hair always dream of soft strands. However, they are usually faced with uncontrollable and frizzy hair. Hair extensions can make the dream come true in just an hour or whatever time it takes to braid them in.


6. Silky brown

tree braids 24

Golden brown hair looks perfect with chocolate-colored skin. Hair extensions allow you to experiment with this color without doing any dyeing. Keep your natural black hair and enjoy the golden look.


7. Subtle approach

tree braids 23

In order to attach the faux hair, you need just a little braiding. If you don’t want to go on with the cornrows, you can stop about and inch from the scalp. This way the hairstyle will be subtle and extensions won’t be as obvious.

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8. Headband solution

tree braids Headband hiarstyle

If want your hair to always look neat with hair extensions, try the tree braids that go about 3 inches toward the back of your head. This way there will be a headband-like contrast that will give your hair a great form.


9. Easy look

tree braids 21

If you don’t want too much volume, you can attach just a few braids. This way your hair will look extra natural without too much hassle. You can wear such braids for up to 3 months without a problem.


10. Shiny glamour

Shiny glamour tree braids cut for black women

If you are getting ready for a special occasion, consider making your hair shine with special hair products. Since the tree braids are made from natural hair, you can treat them just as you would your own.


11. Large curls

tree braids 19

Women with unruly and frizzy hair have a lot of trouble keeping the curls large and soft. That’s why tree braids are so popular. They can turn your frizzy locks into a beautiful curly mane in no time.


12. Straight and neat

tree braids 18

Straightening out your locks using flat iron is always a problem. There is no need to torture your hair anymore. Use the straight extensions to cover your locks. Slight braiding on top won’t ruin the look.


13. The wet look

tree braids wet look hairstyle

Wet looks are often popular among black women since they tame their frizzy locks. However, using too much hair gel is bad for your hair. Tree braids can easily save the day. Use gel on hair extensions and skip the worrying.

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14. Pretty weaving

tree braids 16

There are several ways to deal with attaching the tree braids. This approach makes your hair look most natural since the braiding at the roots is almost invisible. You can use any type of weave and enjoy the new look!


15. Golden blond

Golden blond braids hairstyle for girl

Golden blonde strands will make your black hair shine with a completely new style. Consider using golden blonde hair extensions as highlights. Meaning, you don’t completely cover your natural hair.


16. Full-time cornrows

tree braids 14

Tree braids can also be used to amplify your natural cornrows. For example, if your hair is not thick enough to create impressive cornrow braids, hair extensions can be a wonderful choice.


17. Obvious contrast


tree braids 13

While some girls would like to hide the tree braiding, others use their imagination to incorporate them into the hairstyle. You can do the cornrow braiding on half of your head and use soft curly hair extensions for the rest.


18. Voluminous blast

tree braids 12

Most girls love to add some neat volume to their hair and the extensions are the way to go. Take a look at this way to create an extravagant hairstyle. It might be a hassle to keep neat, but it looks truly impressive.


19. Soft highlights

tree braids 11

If you already made a decision to dye your hair, tree braids can make your image even more enticing. Pick hair extensions to match your natural color or make them a little lighter or darker to create highlights.


20. More than natural

tree braids natural hairstyle

If you go to a professional hairdresser, you can manage to braid in the hair extensions so they look absolutely natural even at the place where the braiding is done. Get the straight or curly hairstyle you always wanted.


21. Red highlights

tree braids 9

Red and blonde highlights look very stylish on black hair. If you don’t want to dye your own locks, you can use the tree braids to create the image. Women with thin and damaged hair can benefit from this approach the most.


22. Micro braids

Micro braids balck women haircut

Hair extensions are the great way to make micro braids. You must be ready to spend a substantial amount of time on making them. But the result is truly beautiful, especially if you use various colors.


23. An easy approach

tree braids 6

Some women are not looking for volume but just the other way around, hoping to reduce it. Braiding in hair extensions allow you to tame your own hair by covering it with new strands.


24. Fun experiments

tree braids 5

The new horizons tree braids bring you are amazing. You can now create voluminous hairstyles and make all types of hair experiments. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination to finally make your locks shine!


25. Become a redhead

tree braids redhead color for women

Hair extensions can make you look terrific if you choose the right color. Dark-skinned girls look amazing with the well-chosen shade of red. Tree braids are your chance to finally become a redhead.


26. Windblown style

tree braids 3

Hair extensions can finally give you the freedom to manage the voluminous yet neat locks. Make large waves and enjoy the way they flow down your back.


27. Regal hairstyle

Regal hairstyle for black girl

Neat and shiny coils are hard to create on your natural hair, especially when it’s frizzy. By braiding in hair extensions, you are giving yourself a chance to create any hairstyle you like, including pageant-style curls.


28. Make it longer

tree braids 1

Growing long hair is a hassle. Making it with tree braids is easier than one-two-three. Allow yourself to marvel at your long and beautiful locks. Keep them styled just the way you want.


29. Add more cornrows

Cornrow braids look beautiful so if you started doing the braiding to attach the hair extensions, don’t stop there. Add a few cornrows here and there to achieve a stunning effect.


30. Beautiful braided updos

Beautiful updos hairstyle for black women

Your new and improved voluminous hair is great for arranging into various updos. Enjoy the new and fabulous hairstyles you couldn’t have made before.


tree braids hairstyles





tree braids styles





tree braids hair





tree braids with bun





tree braids hairstyles




tree braids with ponytail






tree braids hair


If you are a fan of various experiments, these ways to arrange the tree braids can open up completely new horizons. Have fun with the new looks and don’t forget to change them every once in a while.