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30 Hottest Wavy Perm Hairstyles to Copy in 2024

The technology is evolving very fast, and so is the… perm! Remember that awful smell, the old-school curls your grandma used to wear all the time?

Well, those days are over because the perm techniques have also evolved, and women all over the world want to get wavy hair perm. You will ask yourself, “Why would I get something so damaging for my hair?” The answer is simple: perms are no longer as toxic as they once were and can make your hair look amazing.

We all love wavy hair and how it makes our tresses look romantic and classy. Thanks to all the changes in the styling industry, these days, you don’t need to use the curling iron every day, all you have to do is to find a hair salon that can do for you an excellent digital perm.

Wavy Perm Hairstyle Ideas

1. Easter Egg Pink

beach wave perm

No, you don’t have to have bold-colored locks to rock a wavy perm, but it happens to look great on bright and seamless hues. Make sure to your a hydrating oil to give hair a touch of that irresistible shine. 

2. Medium Sexy Perm 

body wave perm

Everything about this body wave perm feels fresh and natural. Never again will you have to work to achieve those natural-looking curls that take time to perfect. A causal, off-center part is ideal for this look. 

3. Subtle Waves 

korean wave perm
Instagram / alph_seansee

Looking for a subtle style for your naturally straight hair? A Korean wave perm is nice and natural-looking. With it, hair looks salt-licked and fresh, not ultra curly or frizzy. 

4. Long Loose Waves 

loose wave perm
Instagram / yulissimo

Long hair looks best in a loose wave perm, especially if you have medium to thick hair. This will help distribute the weight of hair evenly. It happens to look great with brightening caramel stresses on chocolatey brunette locks. 

5. Permed Shag 

wavy hair perm
Instagram / tiptopknot

Try a sexy, retro cut like the shag and make it feel modern on your curly perm. For a medium-length style, create short bangs and short layers cut around the head to feed this cohesive style. 

6. Layered Locks

red wavy perm hair

Breathe some life into those boring plain tresses by dying them in a vibrant copper hue if you are not a natural redhead. Ask the hairstylist for soft layers and a body wave hair perm that will result in bouncy loose curls all over the head. A hand-tousle and off you go.

7. Straight Top + Wavy Ends

korean wavy perm hair

Asian ladies with flat-looking tresses can opt for a root perm adding some volume on the top. Leave the strands straight midway with luscious waves appearing near the ends creating a lively appeal. Wear the dark brown hair loose with a simple side part. Voila!

8. Blonde Highlights

long wavy perm hair

Reluctant to get a perm? Opt for a natural look by getting soft waves rather than tight coils creating some movement on the head. Pair the style with face-framing layers and set it on fire by adding caramel and light blonde highlights creating a gorgeous mix of light, medium, and dark strands.

9. Long Lob

body wave perm

Instead of going for random waves and curls ask the hairdresser to place the rods in a way that the waves fall in a continuous line resulting in a vintage hairdo that won’t be overlooked. Try the look with a shoulder-length lob and you will love it!

10. Messy Updo

messy wavy perm hair

Take a break from styling those tresses daily by choosing small perm rods resulting in tight curls that will last about three to six months. Finger brush the strands and wrap them up in a ruffled updo. Remember that with this kind of perm the messier it gets, the sexier it looks!

11. French Girl Bob

short wavy permed hair
Instagram / shugo_ohira

Look like a French Madame by chopping your hair into a bob at chin length with bangs grazing the brows. Add some body to the mane by getting permanent tight curls all over the head or opt for softer waves instead. Your choice!

12. Wedding Vibes

These beach waves are just to die for! The roots are crimped for a voluminous look with the strands pinned back on one side and tousled on the opposite shoulder. Recreate this wavy perm hairstyle on your big day and get ready to stun everyone including the groom.

13. Wet Hair Look

wavy permed pixie hair
Instagram / amandakongbeauty

Wet looks have been quite a trend this year. Flaunt a sharp jawline by clipping the locks into layers reaching just beneath the ears. Use medium perm rods to recreate these brushed-out curls and apply an ample amount of gel when styling the strands. Easy-breezy!

14. Short Wavy Perm Hair

short wavy perm hair

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get curly hair without burning and damaging your hair. You can avoid those split roots with a modern perm that not only gives you the curls but also makes your hair soft and beautiful.

15. Wavy Perm for Long Hair

long wavy hair perm

Keep your hair long and create this gorgeous, Rapunzel inspired look by paying a visit to a salon that does digital perms. You can choose two types of blonde hues to mix and make your hair look even more impressive. 

16. Natural Wavy Hair Perm

natural wavy perm hair

If you want a natural look, a curly perm is something you should get. Make your strands curly with a tight perm that will also give you loads of volume and will add a lot of smoothness to your tresses. 

17. Wavy Perm for Black Hair

wavy perm for black hair

This African hairstyle looks fabulous, and you can reproduce it quite easily. Split your hair in the middle and create a tight curl perm. Use your bangs and knit some braids to frame your face. On top of your head, you can make another big braid that follows your part line. 

18. Asian Wavy Perm

asian wavy perm

Whenever you want well-defined curls, choose a wavy hair perm and make your strands look outstanding with some styling foam.  Create loads of layers to give your hair volume and flip your long bangs on one side. 

19. Tousled Layered Curls

curly and wavy perm

Keep your hair in medium length and choose a grain blonde color. Layer your tresses and opt for a wavy hair perm. Split your hair in the middle for better framing. You can even tousle your hair if you want to create a messy look. 

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20. Medium Wavy Perm

fizzy medium wavy perm hair

Style to impress! To recreate this gorgeous hairstyle, you first need to create a long haircut with layers. For the top layers, choose a tight perm, and for the longer strands, you can opt for a wavy hair perm. 

21. Beach Waves

beach waves with perm

Some girls like it classy, and some like it natural. If you are one on those girls who love messy looks with a relaxed curl, beach waves perm are something you will undoubtedly adore. Also, create a gorgeous blonde ombre if you want your hair to look sun-kissed. 

22. Soft Party Curls

Create several layers for your bangs and leave your back hair longer. Choose a wavy hair perm to make your locks look classy and impressive and create a romantic look by pinning one front strand to the back. 

23. Voluminous Frizzy Wavy Perm

Voluminous Frizzy Wavy Perm

Does your hair have a lack of volume? You can easily change that with a wavy frizzy perm hairstyle. Keep your hair long and use some foam to create that wet look appearance. Your long tresses will highlight your outstanding face features. 

24. Long Wavy Bob

Wavy bob hairstyle rules the trends, and they are here to stay. If your hair is not naturally wavy and you don’t want to keep using the curling iron every day, your better think about getting a perm.  Make those easy twirls look natural by making them loose. 

Dapper Long Bobs with Side Bangs Hair

25. Side Swept Perm Hairstyle

Side Swept Perm Hairstyle

Choose a tight curl perm that will give your twirls high definition, and don’t forget about layering your hair. You don’t want to get that triangle-shaped haircut, do you? Flip your long bangs on one side to give your hairstyle a romantic look. 

26. Curly Perm with Highlights and Lowlights

Curly Perm with Highlights and Lowlights

Hairstyles nowadays are all about mix and matches, and this is the perfect example if you want a creative look. Make a brown base and make loads of highlights and lowlights in your favorite blonde tone. 

27. Big Wavy Tousled Bob

big wavy bob hair

This layered medium bob hairstyle is ideal if you want to combine it with some relaxed, permed waves. Keep your bangs near your chin line and create a middle part. You will get a relaxed look that will undoubtedly create a big fuss. 

28. Wavy Hair with Signature Color

wavy hair with signature color

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to your hairstyle. Get a wavy hair perm for your long hair, layer your tresses, and adapt the hairstyle by painting one dark red thick highlight that will amazingly show among the rest of your hair. 

29. Sleek Layered Waves

layered wavy curl hair

Want a fairytale look, with that long, glamorous wavy hair. Nothing more simple! Layer your hair, create a middle part, and choose a wavy hair perm for your locks. Your hair will stand out more than you think!

30. Tight Curled Perm

tight curled perm hairstyle

Get that high curl definition that any girl wants by following these easy steps. Get a tight curly waved perm and pass your fingers through it or comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Your curls will have so much more movement!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a wavy hair perm?

Stylists give your hair a wavy perm by applying the perm chemicals and setting your hair in loose foam curlers. For comparison, a traditional perm involves setting your hair in tight curls. By using a looser curl setting, the final result will be gentle, romantic waves.

What’s the difference between a wave and a regular perm?

A wave perm creates a wavy hairstyle, whereas a regular perm creates tight curls and coils. Both perms use harsh chemicals to change the texture of your hair.

The main difference is how your stylist sets your hair in curls. Small, tight rollers result in curly hair, whereas larger foam curlers create defined waves.

How much is a wavy perm?

The cost of a wavy perm will vary greatly depending on the salon you choose. A cheaper salon could offer wavy perms for around 50 dollars, but a higher-end salon could charge as high as 200 dollars. When choosing a stylist, pick someone qualified to do a perm treatment.

How long does a wavy perm usually last?

A wavy perm can last up to six months if you follow your stylist’s at-home care instructions. Many people appreciate that a wave perm will grow out with a more natural appearance than a traditional perm, with the waves naturally blending into the straight hair.

Does getting a wave perm damage my hair?

The chemicals involved in a perm will always cause some hair damage. The chemicals in a perm damage your hair follicle so that you can alter your hair texture. This kind of damage can cause split ends and hair loss. Furthermore, the perm chemicals can also harm your overall physical health.

How long does it take to get a wavy perm?

It usually takes a few hours to get a wavy perm. The chemical treatment needs to be applied to your hair, and then your curls need time to set. If you have a lot of hair, this can take as long as five hours. Short or medium-length hair will often take around two to three hours to perm.

How to prepare my hair for a wavy perm?

It’s best to start with hair that is healthy. Dry, damaged hair can become worse if permed. Ensure your hair is clean prior to heading to the salon. If your hair is colored or damaged, you may want to hold off on getting a wavy perm.

How do I take care of wavy permed hair?

The most important maintenance rule for wavy permed hair is to keep your hair dry for at least 48 hours after the perm is done. Washing your hair could ruin the effects of the perm. You also should avoid combing your hair for the first 24 hours.

Do not dye your hair for the first few weeks after getting a perm, and be careful with pulling your hair back in buns or ponytails, as your chemically-treated hair is quite fragile. You should also use a lot of moisturizing hair products since permed hair is extremely dehydrated and will have trouble retaining moisture.

Have you always craved for bouncy curls or gorgeous beach waves? Perms changed the curling ways again by making this procedure less damaging for the tresses. Nowadays, after having a perm, you won’t feel like your hair is burned, but like you used the best moisturizer.