12 Cool Wavy Hair Perm to Enjoy The Curly Locks

If you are not lucky enough to have natural curls or waves, a perm is a perfect choice to transform your hair. A wavy hair perm is a type of treatment that semi-permanently alters the texture of your hair. It can give you natural looking waves or curls. Check out our list of some of the best curly and wavy hair perm styles.


Benefits of Curly and Wavy Perm Hairstyles

There are lots of benefits to having a perm treatment done on your hair. A perm treatment actually gives you more control over your look, because you have a choice on the size and shape of your curls and waves. The treatment will let you completely change your style if you want to. On the other hand, it can be used to enhance natural waves or curls. This style looks great on even lengthed hair or hair which already has layers cut into it.


Tousled Layered Curls

curly and wavy perm

Absorbing Perm Hairstyles for Long Hair

Medium Frizzy Curls

fizzy curly perm hair


Long Luscious Waves

long waves with perm


Soft Party Curls


Voluminous Frizzy Wavy Perm


Long Wavy Bob

Dapper Long Bobs with Side Bangs Hair

Side Swept Perm Hairstyle


Curly Perm with Highlights and Lowlights


Big Wavy Tousled Bob

big wavy bob hair


Wavy Hair with Signature Color

wavy hair with signature color


Sleek Layered Waves

layered wavy curl hair


Tight Curled Perm

tight curled perm hairstyle

Amazing Perm Hairstyles for Short Hair

Ask your stylist whether they can do a curly or wavy hair perm on your hair. You will be sure to love the results of this special hair treatment.