7 Best Long Beach Wave Hairstyles

If you have long hair and want to try a beach wave hairstyle, go ahead with confidence. A few waves, some curls, a braid or two, a bun—long hair, don’t care! You might have to put away your summer wardrobe, but your hair can always look like it just got back from the beach.


Long Beach Wave Hairstyles

A beach wave hairstyle has boatloads of the body, the suggestion of structure, and a few golden streaks don’t hurt, either. Whether you have naturally straight hair or if you’re a curly top, it’s a fab style to adopt when you want to change up your lengthy tresses. Learn how to get beach waves hair look with a flat iron.

#1: Long, Lank, and Laid-Back

white black Beach Waves Long Hair

There’s not a lot of volume or bounce in this long beach wave hairstyle, but that’s kinda what I love about it. It’s a bit lank, the waves are a little limp, and there’s definitely some frizz happening here, but to me, that’s what makes it authentically beachy.

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#2: Boho Braids and Buns

Boho Braid Beach Waves for Long Hairstyle

Oh, my stars and garters, how frigging flawless is this? Who else is getting serious Jessa vibes? I swear, her hair was the only good thing to come out of girls—but I digress. The takeaway is to accessorize your waves. Throw in a braid or two, toss up half of your hair into a bun, and straighten a few strands here and there for the sake of texture.


#3: Post-Braid Waves

Braid Waves for Long Hairstyle

Do you see how uniform, thick, and kinky these waves are? Do you notice that the ends are more or less stick-straight? To get waves like these, you just need to braid your hair overnight. Opt for thick braids woven with semi-tightness.


#4: Blue as the Sea

Beach Waves for Long Hair

I mean, if you want long beach waves, then you might as well go big or go home. Go all in or go away, you know? Embrace the mermaid aesthetic and wear your waves in oceanic blue hair. Even Ariel will be hatin’ on you.


#5: A Perfect Spiral

natural Beach Waves Long Hair for girl

You versus the girl he told you not to worry about, am I right? These are not natural beach waves, to say the least, but you can create them pretty easily with either a straightener or curling iron. A round brush and a blow dryer work, too, but the results aren’t nearly as smooth.


#6: Hippie Headband

Sometimes, the right accessory takes your hairstyle to the next level—out of the stratosphere, in fact. Beachy waves are so tightly tied to the Boho chic trend that a simple headband worn in classic ’60s style is all you need to evoke that laid-back, go-with-the-flow vibe.


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#7: Tangled and Tousled

comb Waves with Long Hairstyle

Who says you have to run a comb through your hair? Leave your long beach waves tousled and a little tangled. A bedhead coiffure is the height of DGAF.

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It doesn’t matter what the season is. Forget about the temperatures. When you rock a long beach wave hairstyle, you bring the summer with you no matter where you go.

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