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20 Enthralling Warrior Braid Hairstyles for Women

Women’s warrior braids can turn heads, especially when done well and even more so when they are intricate and elaborate. Not all are easy to do, especially when attempting them on your own head, but with a bit of practice, patience and maybe the help of a good friend, they are all possible!

warrior braids for women

Warrior braid hairstyles are very in vogue lately. So perhaps if you are off to a posh event or wedding it may be a nice touch to add to your overall look.


Tips on Preparing Your Hair

  • Dirty Girl: Braids work best on hair that is not entirely squeaky clean, so skip the shower if you want to make the ‘do easier to do!
  • Textured Tresses: By adding texture to your locks it helps and braids or plaits hold better. You can purchase texturizing spray, or if you don’t want to splash the cash on a new product, try some dry shampoo instead.
  • Divide and Conquer: Many braids involve having to keep control of several sections of hair. To make this easier you will want to section off pieces of hair before you start and clip those portions tightly to keep them secure.

Whilst braids are often seen as a very feminine and girlish look, these styles are based on the traditional hairdos worn by Warrior women and Vikings. Aside from looking incredible, a Warrior Braid or Viking Braid can show off that fabulous and fierce side that you may be hiding.

Warrior Braid styles often involve big chunky plaits or a number of smaller plaits along with very imperfect structures that lack precision and look very elegant but relaxed. More often than not, subtle accessories such as beads or hair wraps are added to enhance the style.


Women’s Warrior Braid Hairstyles in Vogue

There are endless options available to achieve these looks and there will definitely be something to suit your style, taste, personality and hair type. So, have a look at our 20 warrior braid hairstyles for women and you’ll be in with a fighting chance of getting that perfect Warrior look.


1. Weaving Warrior Braid

Weaving Warrior Braid for women

This warrior braid is based on a traditional basket weave plait and is understated but stunning. Pulled into a trendy low ponytail, the structured braid paired, with the relaxed pony, really sets the look off. The braid is enhanced further by the caramel highlights running through the hair which boosts the overall look.

French Braids with Ponytails Ideas


2. Warpath Warrior Braid

warrior braids for women

This double braided hairstyle is achieved by having two big braids styled back into one bunch. The thick braids come from either temple of the head adding volume to the front and the soft and wispy pieces of falling hair, frame the face and soften the style.

The stark and icy color choice also helps complete this fully fierce look.


3. Braided Beauty

hairstyles with warrior braids for women

There are limited words to describe how exquisite this style is. What would otherwise be a simple chunky braid is enhanced by a microbraid running along the center of the style.

It is made to look as though it is all made from one plait, but it is cleverly pinned in place to give that illusion. This shows that female warrior braids can be utterly effective but still simple!


4. Love and War Warrior Braid

popular warrior braid hairstyles for women

This chunky braid is made a little softer by pulling at the individual loops of hair to create a more loose plait. Pulling at the braids also encourages extra volume, especially around the top and sides of the head.

This would be easier to achieve if you have thick hair which is slightly on the longer side.


5. Viking Vixen Braids

Viking Vixen Warrior Braids

Warrior braids don’t always involve a fully plaited or tied back style. If you like the look of braids but also favor having loose hair, then something like this would be stunning.

The two microbraids that come from the temple region blend into one at the shoulder and cleverly the plait turns into a fishtail braid. This is highlighted further by the use of incremental hair beads. The fierce flame red hair is a ravishing touch too!


6. Pop of Color

warrior braids for women

Braids provide the benefit of rocking vibrant colors without using temporary hair dye. Ladies with long blonde tresses can turn around some heads by incorporating light pink and blue strands when knitting the hair while alternating straight-back chunky Dutch braids with smaller plaits. Dark-haired ones can opt for a different color combination.


7. Warrior Pony

warrior braided ponytail

This warrior braid hairstyle for women has a hipster vibe to it. The hair is slicked back in a top knot ponytail that is braided tightly using the brightest extensions and styled into a single curl falling on one side. Finish off by applying hair chalk on the front and brows. Eye-catching!


8. Long and Strong

warrior braids with beads

Those blessed with a long mane can create a mystic allure by dying their hair copper if not natural. Take random chunks and braid them down to couple with a classic half-up hairstyle. Finish off the dreamy look by adding hair beads and cuffs on the plaits. Done!


9. Half-Up Style

half up warrior braids

Look like a brave combatant by combining braids and dreadlocks together in a half-up high ponytail. Plait the sides and add warrior jewelry like chains and beads on top. Paint some lines and dots on the face to take the look to another level. 


10. Bubble Braid

warrior bubble braids

Instagram / queenofhairstyles

Steal the show with a chic bubble braid. The half-up fishtail braid is placed on top of the remaining hair while rubber bands are added along the length creating characteristic bubbly sections. Cover the bands with round hair clips or leave them simple. Your choice! 


11. Plaited Mohawk + Undercut

warrior braids with shaved sides

Instagram / kaitlin_bridget

Bold girls can express their wild side by rocking a one-of-a-kind mohawk. The sides are buzzed keeping all the attention on the long top featuring streaks of burgundy and purple. Style the locks in a bulky pull-through braid creating multiple ponytails and splitting each around the next one along the length.


12. Goddess Braids Bun

warrior braided bun for women

Instagram / herwickedhair

Goddess braids are similar to cornrows but are chunkier resulting in fewer plaits on the head. Knit the strands straight back, wrap them in an updo at the back, and swoop down the edges for a stylish finish. Simple and chic!


13. Dramatic Viking Braids

warrior braids for blonde hair

Instagram / queenofhairstyles

Looking for women’s warrior braids that will drop jaws? Consider this fierce look and you won’t regret it. The sides are plaited close to the scalp above the ears while the remaining knits dangle loosely with a bubbly pull-through braid in the center. You can also opt for fishtail braids instead.


14. War Zone Warrior Braids

This is a more edgy look and perfect for women with shorter hair who wants to enjoy the look of a warrior braid. The stark, tight and very structured braids at the side of the head, creates a type of faux hawk which is very fierce and strong.


15. Angelic Rebel Braid

Half updos are always a glamorous and stylish look. This stunning example starts with a voluminous French braid at the top of the head, leading into a soft and feminine tousle of natural curls. Again, the braid is pulled so that the loops remain relaxed and more casual.


16. Wistful Warrior Braid

Wistful Warrior Braid

This look is almost like a cross between a mermaid and a warrior. Such a dramatic look can only be achieved by a thick and very long hair, plus a bold and dynamic color choice.


17. Fierce Fish Warrior Braid

fishtail warrior braid for women

This swooping side fishtail braid is very intricate but possible to achieve with a little practice. By styling the plait to the side of the head, it is a great way to draw attention to the side-parted crown but also a softer way to wear such a powerful and elaborate hairstyle.


18. Double Braided Damsel

double warrior braids

This is quite a simple style to achieve and also great if you prefer to have your hair fully tied back. The center parting and double braids are very girlish, but the two-strand braid makes it unique and a little edgier.

Glamorous Double Dutch Braids 


19. Teasing Textured Tresses

braid hairdo worn by warrior women

A great warrior braid for those women who don’t have very long hair or prefer a full-on updo. This is a four-stranded braid, mixed with a fishtail braid and pinned up off the neck. By pulling and teasing the hair you can create a very beautiful and highly textured look.


20. Cross to Bear Braid

women's hairstyle with warrior braid

Probably not something that you would want to attempt to do yourself but too elaborate not to admire. Broken down this is simple braiding but done in a clever way. By sectioning off the full head and gathering the braids, the cross-crown effect can be achieved. This is not a style for the faint of heart!


Saturday 27th of April 2019

I crapped myself wearing one of these braids at a Halloween party. I can never bring myself to wear it again!

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