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10 Zipper Braid Hairstyles That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous

Zipper braids are the coolest type of braids for young girls. We all know how kids get excited when they have a new hairstyle. Why not be the best mom ever and try out this super-fun hairstyle. All of her friends will be impressed and they’ll want to copy the zip braid.


How to Do Zipper Braid Hairstyles

How to Do Zipper Braids

You will find zipper braids a bit complicated at first, but the braiding will get easier the following time you do it again. Start with wet hair so that you have more control. Get three strands of hair in the part where you want to start the braid. Put the middle section over the left one. During the next step, you will need to get the section that is now in the middle and put it over the right one. Take the middle strand, put it over the left once again and move it under both strands taking it all the way to the right.

This is where things get interesting. Give that strand to your girl, so she holds it while you braiding. Get a strand of hair from the right and take it over the middle, then under the left and to the right.

Give it to your daughter for her to hold it. Get more hair from the left and take it over the middle strand. Put it under the right strand and give it to the daughter to hold it. Get the first strand you gave her, and put it under the one you just gave her. Include it to the middle section.

You can now get another strand from the right side, move it over the middle, then under the left one. Give it to your daughter to hold it. Take the second strand you gave her, put it under the new one, and add it to the middle part. From now on, this is what you should be doing until the end. Simply repeat this from both sides.


Watch The Following Tutorial of How to Do Zipper Braided Updo


Trendy Zipper Braid Hairstyles

Following are the 10 chicest zipper braid styles that young girls and women can try this season.

1. Side Braid

Side Zipper Braid for Girls

You can choose a side and do the zipper braid there. This is a great mane when you don’t want to braid your whole hair.

Ideal for: It’s ideal for all hair lengths. You can also make it smaller or larger.

How to Style: This braided hairdo includes the same braiding technique on one side of the hair.


2. Mix Braids

zipper braids for girls

Hairstyles are so much cuter when you mix different braids like snake braids.

Ideal for: Any girl can rock this fabulous mane.

How to Style: Start with your favorite zip braid and end with any other type your daughter likes.


3. Lace Braid Details

lace style zipper braid

If you like to add cute details to hairdos, you will want to recreate this look.

Ideal for: Great for kids who have the patience just to sit and wait.

How to Style: After doing the zipper braid, you can also add fun lace details on the sides.


4. Double Zip Half-Up

Double Zipper Half-Up Hairstyle

Half-up half-down hairstyles can be upgraded with zipper braids as well.

Ideal for: Great for young ladies who don’t like having their hair up.

How to Style: Do two zip braids, one on each side. Combine them in the middle and finish off with a different type.


5. Colorful Zipper Braid

Colorful Zipper Braid for Girls

So many fun colors are safe for your kids’ hair and can also be a cute change. They are not permanent, so why not let her have fun.

Ideal for: Would work for any young girl at any age.

How to Style: Do a huge zipper braid and see how gorgeous it looks with all the chic colors included and loop braids.


6. Diagonal Zipper Braid

This gorgeous diagonal braid is a fabulous hairstyle that is so eye-catching. It’s a unique way for your young daughter to stand out in the crowd. All her friends will soon be asking their mothers for the same hairdo.

Ideal for: This hairstyle will be more impactful for girls who have long hair. Young ladies with medium hair can also try and copy it.

How to Style: Begin the braid in the front on one side and braid in a diagonal direction to the opposite side.


7. Zipper Starburst Braid

Zipper Starburst Braid for Girls

This is the most complicated type of zipper braided hairdo on the list. But don’t let that scare you. It is a combination of a starburst and zip braid which is beautiful.

Ideal for: Perfect for mothers who like experimenting with their little daughters’ hair. It might take a while to braid it at first, but the young lady will be so happy. The hairdo is even better for special occasions.

How to Style: Combine the two types in a stunning updo. To get familiar with the starburst braid, we recommend watching a tutorial.


8. Double Zipper Ponytails

Those basic double low ponies are so boring. It’s time to spice them up with the chicest zip braids.

Ideal for: It’s such a cute hairstyle that all the girls can try it. It works even for short and medium-length hair.

How to Style: Start dividing the hair into two halves with a middle part. Braid from the front and stop somewhere where the neck begins. Leave the rest of the hair in ponytails.


9. Middle Zip Braided Pony

zipper braid with ponytail

There is nothing better than a pony that is decorated with braids.

Ideal for: This hairstyle looks much more flattering on long hair. But if your daughter loves it so much, you can try to make it work on short hair.

How to Style: Flaunt a huge zipper braid in the middle, and accessorize it with two smaller braids on the side. Put the rest of the hair in a smooth ponytail.


10. Zipper Braided Updo

zipper braided updo for girls

You can look at this cool example whenever you need a chic updo for your kid.

Ideal for: Will look amazing on all little princesses, even the ones with shorter hair.

How to Style: Do a classic zipper braid and decorate it with a cute bow at the bottom.


Young girls find unique hairstyles to be so much fun. Let them be different by trying these gorgeous zipper braid examples. After your first time, you will practically be a pro at braiding. Most of the looks are interesting and will be great for all ages and hair lengths.