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Natural Hair Color Trends From The 90s

The 90s hairstyles and colors are always hot in today’s era of TikTok. There’s a new natural hair color trend emerging every week – will you be jumping on this bandwagon?

This is not a crazy TikTok trend, like when we saw many women try to do a wolf haircut themselves because other people did it. This is simply going back in time to resurrect the 90s natural hair color trend, and we’re here for it!

The 90s was a decade that introduced world-changing new technology (the internet), some great movies, music and tv shows, and some unique hair trends.

In fashion, everything old becomes new again after decades. The same can be said about hairstyle and color trends. So, seeing the 90s natural hair color trend pop back into our lives is entirely normal. But if you’re unsure what this hair color trend is, you’re in the right place. 

What’s The 90s Natural Hair Color Trend?

90s blonde hair

The “90s natural” look emphasizes effortless, naturally occurring hair color. Hairstyles that are simple, classic, natural, and look untouched (or not dyed).

There are two key elements to pulling this 90s natural hair color off. First, the color should look like you were born with it, and second, it should look “naturally” sunkissed (think Cindy Crawford’s fabulous and big, semi-brunette hair.)

With summer right around the corner, it’s a great time to check out this trend, as many of us like to experiment with our hair color for a fresh new look. And what could be better in the summer than a hair color that’s sunkissed and natural? 

Sure, big hair was a staple during the 90s, but the biggest trend, or at least the one that made the biggest impact was the beautiful hair colorations. From grunge blondes to sunkissed brunettes, there’s a perfect shade for everyone. 

So, here are a few of our favorite 90s natural hair color trends to inspire you.

Smoke-less Blonde

90s blonde hair color

In the 90s, Sarah Jessica Parker rocked a beautiful blonde hair color that was neither too light or too dark and looked perfectly natural with her curls. Her roots were a brown hue providing the best base for this look. Different shades of blonde filtered through her curls, creating an absolutely sunkissed look. 

As the curls flowed naturally, some strands appeared to glow, contrasting beautifully with the dark underlayers. A stunning 90s hair color that can easily transcend to today. 

Dipped in Copper

90s copper hair color

Another look that we love is Julia Roberts’ stunning coppery locks. Big volume, dreamy curls and a coppery color that glistened in the sun defined her trademark look. While the big volume of the 90s might not have made a comeback (yet), the shiny copper hair color has.

Whether it’s a ginger color or copper, we adore this summer hair color. 

Glistening Brunettes

90s brunette hair

Larger-than-life hair styling reigned supreme in the 90s, and no one did it better than Cindy Crawford.

With big oomph at the roots and movement through her locks, her iconic blowout look seems popular again.

But it wasn’t just about the big hair. Throughout the 90s, she played with looks that included large barrel curls and straight styles, but the hair color was always the star.

She was blessed with a beautiful base of brunette hair, so her stylists elevated her natural look by skillfully adding highlights to frame her face. These highlights were known as “money pieces” and flowed through her hair like the sun melted the brunette hues away. The result was a natural look that stood the test of time.  

Grungy Dirty Blonde

90s dirty blonde hair color

Now this doesn’t really sound like an attractive look, right? But it is! The grunge look was a popular fashion style in the 90s, so it needed an edgy hair color to go with it.

So, the grungy blonde hair color was born. This is a dirty blonde hair color with smokey or ash tones that was full of attitude and femininity at the same time.  

Honey Blonde

90s honey blonde hair

If you love to go light for the summer, a honey or golden blonde hair color is a great choice. This is a style Drew Barrymore embraced throughout the 90s, and it’s stunning. Best achieved by mixing a light blonde hair dye with a golden blonde hue, this combination is radiant.

And when the sun hits it, it will glisten and shine. You know the saying…blondes have more fun, so it’s the perfect look for a festive summer. 

It’s no secret that hair color trends change with the drop of a dime, but we have to say we’re excited to see the 90s natural hair color trend return.

We hope it sticks around for a while because there is always something so beautiful about a more effortless natural look. 

So, if you’re looking for a new look, something simple and classy, talk to your stylist about the 90s natural hair look. Don’t forget to take some photos for inspiration to make sure they understand what you want to achieve.