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10 Hottest Celebrities With Long Faces (2024 Update)

Celebrities with long faces display an elegant balance between length and width, defined by a long chiseled jawline, a high forehead, and most probably a pointy chin. Although such oval to oblong faces appear lean at times, they are quite versatile giving you plenty of options when getting a new hairdo.

To begin with, try curls, waves, flowy layers, bangs, or anything else that adds plenty of volume and bounce around the face to balance out its narrowness making it appear shorter or less slender.

And that’s why we have brought the best female celebrities with long faces to inspire you today.

Female Celebrities with Long Faces

If you’re looking for a suitable hairstyle for your long face, these fabulous long-faced celebrities and their stunning hairstyles are here to save your day! Embrace your unique features and get inspired by these fashion-forward divas.

1. Teri Hatcher – Curly Bob

Long Face Shaped Celebrity Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher’s bob worked wonders to create the illusion of width on the female celebrity’s long face.

Ladies with a curly hair texture can opt for a neck-length chop with plenty of layers for the curls to fluff up along the sides of the face. Soften the look further with gentle side bangs.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker – Sleek Ballerina Bun

Long Face Shaped Celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker

There’s no need to hide that beautiful slender oblong face of yours. Instead, show off your sculpted jawline and sharp chin with a high ballerina bun just like the ‘Hocus Pocus’ actress here.

Slick back all of the hair using a hair donut bun maker and there you go!

3. Kim Kardashian – Middle-Parted Semi Cornrows

Long Face Shaped Celebrity Kim Kardashian

A simple middle part is enough to add some roundness to a long face.

Mixed-race ladies can accent their slender face shape with half cornrows that turn into box braids at the back of the head. Go as long as you want using extensions in any color.

4. Pink – Angular Pixie

Pink- Celebrity With Long Face

This American singer is known pretty well for her bold hairdos and she did it once again with an angled pixie cut.

Pink broke down the symmetry of her elongated face with an uneven fringe that concealed some of her broad forehead alongside a long top and neatly buzzed sides.

5. Sandra Oh – Layered Soft Waves

Sandra Oh- Actress With Long Face Shape

Sandra Oh is a true inspiration for women with long faces and wavy to curly tresses.

Keep it basic by recreating her look featuring shoulder-level locks with choppy layers and a barely-there parting. The way the bouncy hair adds width to the face is pretty amazing.

6. Carrie Underwood – Wind-Swept Pouf with Loose Braid

Carrie Underwood- Celebrity Singer With Long Face

A high bumpy pouf at the front is a big no for long faces. But you can still rock a ruffled one to keep the hair away from the forehead.

Sweep back the strands and let them settle down naturally before applying hairspray. Finish off with a romantic loose French braid at the back.

7. Hilary Swank – Messy Slick-Back

Hilary Swank- Actress With Long Face

Wet slicked-back hairstyles have been trending for a while but they may appear too blunt in the case of lean long faces.

Opt for a messy version, like Hilary Swank’s, with a slightly puffed-up top, flat sides, and teased curls at the back. The exposed ears add further width to the face.

8. Iman – Long Bottleneck Bob

Long Face Shaped Celebrity Iman

Bottleneck bobs are perfect to accompany soft facial features. While the curtain bangs make a wide forehead appear narrower without covering it completely, a neck/shoulder-level bob prevents the face from looking too long.

Throw in some highlights for a natural glow up along with some luscious beach waves.

9. Liv Tyler – Center-Parted Blunt Bangs

Long Face Shaped Celebrity Liv Tyler

Talking of bangs, here’s yet another female celebrity with a long face who focused all the attention on her twinkling eyes with blunt fringes.

Part your bangs in the middle and opt for an arched shape to avoid an intense look. Add layers to the remaining mane and done!

10. Meryl Streep – Side-Swept Lob

Meryl Streep- Actress With Long Face

Medium hairstyles work best for oblong faces and that is the very reason for Meryl Streep sporting this straight lob with wispy ends.

She went for a side-swept style with strands tucked behind the ears to create the impression of a broader face. A must-try for sure!

All the above-mentioned female celebrities look phenomenal with their long faces thanks to their appropriately-done hairdos.

You too will be thankful for that naturally smart face once you lift it up with these hairstyles. Just keep in mind to add the body along the sides rather than the top of the face and that’ll do!

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