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Visiting An Amusement Park? Top 10 Hairstyles to Try

If you’re like most women when prepping for a day of fun at an amusement park, one of the first things you think about is what to do with your hair. You should get a hairstyle suitable for fun in the amusement park.

You either want it out of the way so you can take advantage of all the roller coaster rides without it blowing in your face, or you want it a little more done up to mark a special occasion.

You also might not want to spend too much time styling it beforehand. Whatever your goals and time limits are, let us help! Below are a few cute ideas for how to wear your hair at the amusement park.

Easy, Fashionable Amusement Park Visitor Hairstyles

Try on one of these hairstyles for amusement park visitors. Be both comfortable and cute during your day of fun!

1. Wavy Short Hair

medium length hairstyle for amusement park

Since you’ll be pretty active at any amusement park you visit, you’ll want a hairstyle that isn’t too heavy on your neck. A short haircut is easy to manage, can be styled with waves for texture, and you can even wear it with short bangs for flattering face framing.

2. Pixie with Hat

amusement park hairstyle for short hair

Be sure you have a way of getting the sun out of your eyes! A cute pair of sunnies or a wide-brimmed hat is a must-have accessory for a short amusement park hairstyle. Both look adorable with a long blonde pixie.

3. Pigtails

two ponytail hairstyle for amusement park

Another stylish, fun way to keep your hair out of your face is with the classic two ponytails (aka pigtails). For both thick and thin hair, gather up your locks into perky ponies and secure them with colorful hair ties.

4. Low Braids

amusement park hairstyle with pigtail braids

Not into the pigtail look? Two low braids won’t take up much of your morning time before heading to the amusement park. For a casual look, use your fingers to comb in a middle or off center part before braiding your hair.

5. Afro

amusement park hairstyle for black women

Black women with thick afro hair don’t need to hide their gorgeous locks on a day out. Let it go loose and work in a leave-in conditioner to keep your ‘fro in check all day while you’re at the park having fun.

6. Long Wavy Hair

amusement park hairstyle for Asian women

Asian women or any woman with long mostly straight hair can be sure there’s a little texture in a mane by braiding hair overnight. The next day before heading to the park, take your braids out for beautiful wavy results.

7. Top Knot Bun

half up bun hairstyle for amusement park

Top knot buns are worn by women everywhere for their simple styling that takes less than a minute. Gather just the top half of your hair in one, securing it with a brightly colored scrunchie and tucking in loose pieces with bobby pins.

8. Ombre Braids

ombre braids hairstyle for amusement park

Looking for a braided amusement park hairstyle? Your favorite headphones will slide right over these pastel purple ombre braids so you can dance your way through the park. When you warm up, gather your braids in a high ponytail or bun.

9. Space Buns

space buns hairstyle for amusement park

Peppy space buns keep hair off your neck and can easily be texturized if you finger comb them into place. Wind a patterned or brightly colored ribbon around each bun for a pop of color while you’re in the park.

10. Braided Updo

braided updo hairstyle for amusement park

If you want to go all out for your day at an amusement park, spend a little more time making this gorgeous braid updo before heading out. Start your braid at the hairline of your forehead and wind it around the back. Secure with hairspray for all day style!

Which amusement park hairstyle is your favorite? Whichever one you choose should be based on how much time you’re willing to spend on it in the morning. From beautiful princess braids to low-key wavy hair, there’s a style for every lady preparing for a day of fun!