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15 Hottest Blonde Pixie Cuts to Grab Instant Attention

The blonde pixie cut is a must-have for the modern lady. As the craving for short hair is back. Most of the celebrity and fashion-conscious women are doing away with their long hair.

In fact, the leading celebrities of the global film industry are going short on hair. If you doubt, try making your observation.


Best Blonde Pixie Styles for Women

As such, we have a quality compilation of the 15 hottest pixie cuts for women with blonde hair to get all the attention.

1. Rounded Thick Pixie

rounded blonde pixie hair

When you aspire to have a pixie, this should be your starting point. It is simple and less tedious to maintain. You have to cut your hair slightly shorter and have those layers of front hair.

Then sweep your bangs to one side of the face. This style partly exposes the forehead giving you that natural look.


2. Blonde Textured Pixie

blonde pixie cut

The significant work on this pixie cut is the color transitioning. The base of the hair root is black. The overlapping hair strands are pure blonde.

The dark highlighting through the haircut gives it that silhouette effect. It is a good catch for any occasion.


3. Soft Blonde

soft blonde pixie cut for women

Captivating, despite its simplicity, this pixie cut is unique for its thin hair texture. As you can see, the texture is soft, adding to the natural beauty of the blonde hair. The effects of the fading sides help to bring out the revered elegance of the pixie cut.


4. Nape Undercut

blonde pixie hair with long bangs

This is a distinguishing factor between hairstyles and fashion style. As you can notice, this blonde pixie has undercut on the sides.

It is the cut that makes the shape of the head to stand out. The mark of beauty comes with the long side sweeping bangs overlapping cut to the ear.


5. Asymmetrical Pixie

pixie blonde hair for women

A pixie enhances your facial features. While you dwell much on your hair, picking the right cut gives you the undue advantage against your peers. With this short blonde haircut, you are sure to have the recognition by your friends at any occasion.


6. Pixie with Highlights

It is a reminiscence of the 1940s trend of the pixie. It is attractive and leaves little to chance. The hair sweeps to one side of the head. It gives the feeling of a central meeting location for the hair. It stands out for the simplicity in maintenance.


7. Short Pixie

It distinguishes itself by the short layers of soft blonde hair. This choppy pixie cut helps you look stunning yet very presentable.

Once you have it, it transforms you from the ordinary woman to the serious goal-getting lady. Thus try it today for that additional respect you so wish.


8. Asian Pixie

It is the most popular pixie in Japan. Sometimes you may wonder if it originated from Japan. The pixie cut elevates the fine soft dirty blonde hair to a remarkable hairstyle. If you have smooth, silky hair, then you should try this for a perfect blonde pixie cut.


9. Pixie with Shaved Sides

Astonishingly, many women in leadership adorn this pixie cut. Likewise, you should try it for that self-confidence and inner will power that comes with it.

Also, it makes a popular choice for women of influence because it shades a small part of the face. This gives you the punctuation of shoving aside the hair as you make that powerful speech.


10. Shaggy Bangs

shaggy pixie blonde hair

If you are the young exploring type, this might fit you best. It is a free pixie cut with long bangs across the face. It lets out the young, innocent spirit willing to travel afar through the mind. This is why it is familiar with high school girl students.


11. Afro Pixie

Do not confuse it with the name. But it still resonates with the concept. This huge pixie cut on bushy blonde hair announces to the surrounding of your entrance.

Unlike other pixies, this goes well with a person with lighter skin shade. The bushy hair means your hair follicles must be healthy to grow much hair.


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12. Rough Texture Pixie

This sandy blonde pixie haircut gets its significance from the rough and hard hair texture. The style can stay in position for a more extended period than others.

This helps you reduce the maintenance cost by using less hair spray on your hair. It perfectly suits the fun-loving outdoor women.


13. Mountain Plateau

It is easy to notice the different and unique features that this blonde messy pixie brings to the fore. The top of the pixie is flat wit he edges almost perpendicular.

It makes you have the mountain block feature on your head. Moreover, it is your feeling that matters. So if it pleases you, go for a stunning blonde cut.


14. Edgy Pixie Cut

pixie blonde hairstyles for women

The side fade cut gives the transition of the fade as symbiotic as possible. A haircut should be a beautiful expression of your heart.

This expression of defiance to the traditional women cocoon gives it the rock star effect. When you feel like testing the waters, get a rock stage pixie with bangs.


15. Platinum Blonde

long pixie blonde hair

It is incredible how a simple short platinum blonde haircut can mesmerize people. In this pixie, the side part sweeping gives it the long bangs effect. Traditionally, the bangs enhance the beauty of the facial features. This is true with this cut.


As you ponder about the choice to make, it is prudent to know that there is beauty in simplicity. The blonde pixie cut is a versatile and straightforward hairstyle. It is centuries old and still going strong. The 15 hottest looks will help you grab the attention of your surroundings.