10 Adorable Ponytail Hairstyles for Babies

Baby ponytails never go out of style. Ponytails define baby girls! These little darlings wear these hairstyles, decked up all pretty, like princesses, and move around displaying energy and adoration. The variation of ponytails on baby’s hair alone has gone high up as compared to the past few years. This is because pigtails go universally with all kinds of looks when it comes to dressing up your baby girl!


How to Tie The Baby’s Hair Into A Ponytail

how to tie ponytail on baby's hair

While tying up your baby’s hair into a ponytail, there are a few important points you need to keep in your mind. The topmost is to avoid all kinds of chemicals and styling products. Why? Because the baby’s scalp and hair are delicate. In case you need styling products, you should try to go for as natural alternatives as possible.

Avoid excessive use of heat while styling and us minimally harmful heat protectants. Moreover, make sure that the brush or comb you use are soft and do not cause hair damage or breakage. Keep your hands soft on the hair while styling them into ponytails, making sure that the baby does not feel any pain and the hair do not break.

Try to use natural shampoos and always wash your baby’s hair and dry them properly before styling. This will give the hair a fresh look with bounce and volume.


Watch the Following Video to Make a Baby Ponytail 

Perfect Ponytail Hairstyles for Little Black Girls


Cutest Ponytail Styles for Baby Girls

We have curated a list of the 10 most adorable baby ponytail hairstyles perfect for your baby’s up-to-date look.

1. Half Pigtails

half pigtail for babies

This is one of the most famous ponytail styles among baby girls. This is easy to make and manage.

How to do

  • Comb the fringe to the front of the forehead.
  • Make a central partition with a rat tail comb and tie each part of hair with colorful elastics into ponytails.
  • Neatly comb the hair at the base.


2. Two Loop Ponytails

two loop ponytails for babies

Try this funky baby ponytail style which looks simple but with offbeat vibes. Your baby is going to love it!

How to do

Create a central partition in the bangs hair and tie ponytail on each side with the help of elastic bands. While tying the pigtail, loop it halfway through the elastic.


3. High Half-Up Ponytail

half high up baby ponytails

Cutest hairstyle ever for the babies.

How to do

  • Comb the see-through bangs onto the front of the forehead.
  • Create 2 layers of hair from above and behind.
  • Tie the above layer into a ponytail with elastic bands.
  • Comb the bottom layer smooth and neat.


4. Swirling Cornrow Ponytail

baby with cornrow ponytail

It is yet another funky baby ponytail hairdo for your little princess. It is fun to make and cool to carry.

How to do

  • Make the hair tangle-free. Make different sections of hair depending upon the number of cornrows you want.
  • Take individual sections one by one and twist it into cornrows from the front.
  • Secure each twist with a tie.
  • Finally, tie all the cornrows into pigtails using bigger hair ties.


5. Long Ponytail with Ribbon

long side baby ponytail

Make this adorable ponytail look on your baby girl and see the cute charm she would reflect.

How to do

  • Create an off-center partition with the help of a rat tail comb.
  • Hold all the hair onto the larger side and tie it into a ponytail just above the ear.
  • To accessorize the ponytail, use ribbon on the tie.


6. Ponytail with Bangs

This is a smart ponytail for your baby among all the hairstyles.

How to do

  • Comb the fringe onto the front of the forehead.
  • Partition the remaining hair from the center.
  • Tie this hair into a ponytail on each side with the help of a decorative elastic tie.


7. High-Layered Side Ponytail

adorable baby ponytail styles

This baby pony style incorporates hair into a high ponytail on one side with bangs on the front giving your baby a sporty look.

How to do

  • Comb a deep side partition in the hair
  • Make a ponytail on the side by gathering all the hair on that side.
  • Use a decorative hair-tie to give a funky look


8. Emo Style Ponytail

This is an emo-inspired hairstyle which is easy to make and pull-off on baby’s hair!

How to do

  • Partition the hair from the center such that the entire volume of the hair is divided into two halves.
  • Gather the hair on each half tying each into a pigtail.
  • Create the loop of the pigtail
  • Fan out the loop just like a Chinese fan


9. French Ponytails

Yet another unique baby ponytail to add to the cuteness of your baby.

How to do

  • Partition the hair from the center dividing them into two equal halves.
  • Work on each section one by one making it into a French style, starting from the front ending at the top of the head crown.
  • Tie each into a high ponytail.


10. Small Ponytail

small ponytail

This is yet another simple but sleek ponytail style for your baby!

How to do

  • Create an off-center partition in your hair
  • Take a front section from the larger side and make It into a volumized pouf.
  • Make the poof with colorful rubber bands.
  • Comb and gather all her hair at the base of the head on the larger side.
  • Tie the hair with the elastic ties.


Next time you plan on making ponytails with your baby’s hair, try one of these unique, easy to make and cool to carry baby ponytails!

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