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7 Examples of Bad Fade Haircuts & How to Fix

If you’ve recently gotten a faded haircut and realized that you hate it, you know the feeling of disappointment and regret. Now you are looking for a way to fix your bad fade haircut.

There is! Here is a guide to fade haircuts, how to tell if yours is bad, and how to fix a bad fade haircut. Don’t worry – you can cover up the barber’s mistakes and have stylish hair by following some simple steps!

What Is a Bad Fade Haircut?

Bad fade
Bad Fades

A fade haircut is wherein the hair is blended at several lengths. Usually, fades are extremely short at the bottom of the head, and the hair gradually gets longer.

A bad fade haircut will look choppy, buzzed, or not fade well. Although there are several styles of fades, all of them should have a smooth, faded effect so that the hair gradually gets longer. If your haircut doesn’t do this, it’s likely a bad fade.

What Are the Mistakes You Should Avoid While Getting a Fade?

If you are getting a fade, make sure your barber knows what they are doing. We usually recommend going to a professional, but it’s crucial with a technique like this. Bring pictures in so the barber knows what they need to do. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t get a haircut that doesn’t match the shape of your head.
  • Don’t get a higher fade than you should.
  • If it’s your first fade, start subtly.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your barber if you dislike how it looks.

How To Fix a Bad Fade Haircut

Ways To Fix a Bad Fade Haircut

When you get your faded haircut, you should love the result. If you don’t, there are a few ways to fix it. However, it depends on how bad the fade is and what it looks like.

Here are seven potential ways to fix a bad fade haircut. Of course, the best option is to get a good haircut in the first place – we always recommend professional stylists!

Get a Higher Fade

The best option to fix a fade with bad lines is to get another fade. It might seem counterintuitive, but a good barber can improve uneven fade lines, blend hair better, and give a bad haircut an overall smoother appearance. Unless your fade is exceptionally high and short, you should be able to fix it with a small (professional) trim.

Get a Buzz

If the fade is already high and there is no fixing by redoing the lines, you might need to buzz your hair off and start again. This can be frustrating, but hair grows about 0.5 inches per month. So, you’ll have some of it long enough to trim within a few months, and you’ll be able to get a good fade sooner than you think.

Get a Patterned Cut

If you are trying to avoid buzzing your hair, you could use the bad section of the fade and get a patterned undercut.

A patterned buzz is becoming more popular and can add some unique designs to your hair (at least until it grows out). You’ll at least distract from the bad cut until it’s long enough to fix!

Go for a Different Cut

If the fade is too high to fix the regular way, you could commit to the style and try something new. Whether short or long, a mohawk could work with a lousy fade. All you need to do is buzz the sides and keep the top long.

You could also try a high-and-tight hairstyle until your hair grows more.

Use Products

Although faded haircuts seem permanent, you would be surprised what the suitable types of products can do. Use pomades and gels for styling your hair while you’re waiting for your hair to grow. You can go for the messy look (hiding a foul fade line) or add a pomade to extend a hairline.

Wear Hats

You can wear hats until your bad fade grows out. This won’t fix the fade but it will hide the bad haircut from the eyes of those around you. Try something new and wear hats while waiting for your hair to grow.

Grow It Out

Of course, if the fade is bad enough, you might need some patience. Fades are short haircuts that can be extremely obvious when done poorly. However, they do fade (pun intended) quickly and grow out within a few weeks. If you wait a bit, you’ll be able to get a new haircut.

Good Fade Vs. Bad Fade: The Key Difference

good fade vs bad fade

The difference between a good and bad fade haircut may seem subtle, but it can become undeniable when you look at it. A good fade should blend the hair smoothly and ideally from the bottom of the hairline to the top, making it look smooth and effortless. If there are lines, they should be straight.

However, a lousy fade often has crooked lines and uneven or choppy-looking fading. This is the most common mistake. Another mistake of a bad fade is when the barber brings the neckline of the haircut too high up, making it look strange and unnatural.

Examples of Bad Fade Haircuts

1. Angled Fade

bad taper fade haircut

The fade on this angled haircut isn’t tapered at all, so there’s no gradual lengthening of the hair. Instead, we see a basic buzz cut. To fix it and emphasize the cool spiked texture, the buzzed areas should be cut at different lengths.

2. Badly Done Fade with Design

bad fade haircut with design

While the shaved line designs seen in this men’s haircut are edgy and intricate, this is a bad fade because the fade appears backward. The shaved designs should come first, leading the way to shorter and eventually bare skin.

3. Fully Faded Sides and Back

bad skin fade haircut

Skin fades are a popular men’s haircut. We admire how a hard part was incorporated into the cut, it could’ve been done better if the back of the head wasn’t faded so high. Instead, the fade should start at the crown of the head. 

4. Round Top with Fade

bad fade haircut

This bad fade haircut features an interesting rounded cut halfway down the head. This blunt cut would be better emphasized if the hair below it wasn’t simply buzzed short. The blunt edges should’ve been tapered for a more flattering look.

5. Poorly Done Fade

bad low fade haircut

A low fade is stylishly subtle. However, what makes this one bad is that the area above the ear is pretty much shaved bare. Since the hair near the temples is so thin, the fade could’ve been taken up a bit higher for a better graduation.

6. Mullet with Fade

bad fade

For an edgy haircut, go with a mullet fade. Prevent it from looking bad by making sure the width is the same from top to bottom. The weird shape of the faded sides seen here aren’t nice to look at and distract from the style.

7. Awful Shape

bad fade haircut for men

Shaping up the sides of your haircut is a great idea when you want a fresh, sharp look, but it’s a bad idea to combine it with a fade when the two aren’t blended seamlessly. In this case, we’d nix the shape up altogether.

With a bad fade haircut, it can seem like there isn’t anything to do except wait it out. However, you can try a few options to make your hair more attractive and help you get through until it grows out again. Don’t give up hope on your fade, but choose a better barber next time!

FAQs on Getting A Bad Fade Haircut

How can you recognize a bad fade haircut?

A bad fade haircut is usually pretty obvious. It can consist of a combination of these factors: the lines are uneven, the hair doesn’t blend well, or the neckline is too high. These are all signs of a lousy fade.

How long will a bad fade haircut last?

A bad fade can last several days or weeks, depending on why it’s terrible. If the lines are uneven, the fade will show until the hair is cut again. However, the fade will grow out within a few weeks if cut too short.

Can you fix a bad fade if it’s too high?

If the fade is too high, it is difficult to fix. You might need to buzz the hair off and start over or use products to achieve a better look.