7 Sexiest Fade Haircuts for White Guys To Explore [2021]

Fade haircuts for white guys is a new trend in the 21st century. If you wish to have a clean and fresh look, then there is no other better than fade haircuts. White boys can style the fades with curly, short or long hair. There are so many fades out there so there will always be a trendy one which suits you perfectly this 2021.


Best White Boy Fade Haircuts

Here are some of the best examples of white guy’s fade haircuts to get in 2021.

1. High Fade with Pompadour

white boy high fade haircut

This is one of the shortest ways for you to cut your hair on the back and sides which gives an edgy look. White boys can do the high fade as it tends to go well with various cool hairstyles due to the fact that they start the blending at a high point on the head and goes shorter more rapidly than the mid or low fade. The high fade for white boys gives more emphasis on your hairstyle and it makes you look unique anywhere you are.


2. Mid Fade Haircut

mid fade haircut for white guys

The mid fade haircut which is also known as a medium fade is the best to go for if you are not quite certain about high or low fades. The mid fade is growing popular by the minute because it gives you a soft and modern look.

They go with almost every style and cut as other types which give you the perfect fit. White guy fades with a medium length which has various styles which are perfect for both casual and office settings.


3. Low Fade Haircut

low fade for white men

The low fade haircut for white guys as the name portrays is the opposite of the high fade and it starts a little above the ears and neckline. This haircut is the most popular. The low fade looks awesome with a beard and is good for professional and traditional hairstyles. White boys can get this haircut for a nice and fresh look.


4. Skin Fade Haircut

white boy skin fade

The skin fade which is also called the zero fade haircut is the favorite haircut in barbershops. White men have a liking for skin fade haircut due to the fact that it has high-contrast, is very clean and portrays a ‘bad boy’ look.

White guys who wish to wear a slick back, side part or comb-over and still want to look presentable for office settings can try the low skin fade.


5. Bald Fade with Beards

white guy's bald fade haircuts

The bald fade haircut for white men is also called the skin fade. They finish with no hair and blend into the skin. White guys can ask their barbers to give their hairlines a shape up or line up due to the sharp look which gives a very fresh fade.


6. Undercut with Low Fade Haircut

white boy undercut fade

A combo of the best ways for white guy’s fade to have their hair cut on the back and sides is the undercut fade. This haircut is lovely and distinct. The best styles can be made with undercut fade haircuts which make it very good to experiment with.


7. Taper Fade with Beard

taper fade for white guys

Due to its classy and timeless look, the taper fade is known to be one of the most famous haircut styles worldwide. Your hair is blended down the back and sides. The taper fade is a trim which is barely noticeable and your hair will not be cut down to your skin. The ends of your hair are thereby longer than traditional fade haircuts white boys.


All the hairstyles discussed above are the top sexiest fade haircuts for white guys or boys that everyone should get this 2021 for that fresh and handsome look.