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25 Best Hair Design Ideas for Boys in 2024

Those days when moms went for simple short haircuts for their boys are so over. Little gents want to look fancy at an early age, and with all those fabulous hair designs for boys, how can you say no?

To obtain such a marvelous hairdo for your kid, you have plenty of options. Start with a regular faded haircut, and on the sides, use a razor or a trimming machine to draw lines, spider webs, stars, or even diamonds.

Hair Designs for Boys

Before you get to the barbershop, show the cool hair designs below to your little boy and find out what he likes.

1. Red Top with Strawberry Drawing

strawberry hair design for boys

When you want something cute for your son, that can be easily washed off, go for a short trim on the sides.

You will be able to see the scalp, therefore you can draw whatever you want on the skin, including a cute strawberry. As for the top, do a sleek side comb and use red hair chalk or spray.

2. Bleached Pomp

boys slick back hairstyle with design and blonde highlights

When your little guy wears glasses and wants a sharp look, with a high Pomp, why not suggest a side design? Only two uneven razored lines and the aspect of the hairstyle will gain a rebellious note.

For the top, keep it long and bleached, then backcomb those tresses and style them with hair gel.

3. Crazy Lizard Mohawk

If your little man wants something out of the ordinary, then this is probably the best idea. If you’re not a conventional parent, a reptile haircut is going to make a jump of joy.

You will first need to draw the legs of the reptile, just like it’s sitting on his head. Once you’re done with all for legs you can work at the length and mohawk.

4. Zig Zag Side Design

Doing a zig-zag design on the sides will create a clear delimitation between the areas where the hair is longer.

First, you will do the design with a pen, then shortly trim the hair below the design. Also, create a very clear hairline.

5. Zig Zag Paring with Cornrows

First, to create this cute hair design for little boys, you will need to prep those locks. Add products that help you comb the hair.

Do a zig-zag parting, then build some smaller knits. Use these to feed in the main cornrow.

6. Bald Disconnected Fade

pulse rate hair design for boys

On the back, you can create a bald fade. On the sides, spice things up a little: with your trimming machine, draw some pointy lines or triangles that will better frame the design.

With a razor pen, you can draw a pointy line that resembles the beeping life line created by a heart monitor.

7. High Curly Top with Arched Side Line

A simple curved razored line will create a delimitation between the bald fade from the sides and the curls from the top.

Also, you can place that razored design in the middle of the fade, just to highlight the area.

8. Brick Design

brick hair design for boys

Some of the cutest hair designs for boys involve mohawks that are lifted and messed up. When your child wants something bold and unique, you can’t fail with a mohawk and a pattern for the sides.

Style the top and give it that spiky look and go for a brick wall pattern for the sides.

9. Hair Drop Side Design

black boys curly hair with water drop design

Combining a bald fade for the back, with hair drop designs on the sides and a luxurious Versace pattern, will definitely add some class and make your little boy look fancy.

Keep the top longer, so his curls can form. Also, use some hair mousse to aid with the shape.

10. Top Cornrows and Bun

boys braided topknot with paper plane design

To create this unique hair design for young boys, you will first need to start with the trim. Go for a tapper fade in the back and on the sides, highlighting the longer top.

You will create blonde highlights that will make the cornrows gain more warmth. Tie the braids in a high bun. On the side, do a triangle design.

11. High Top + Line Design

boys haircut with lines

This boy’s haircut with lines will look fabulous on your little man. Make two lines on one or each side of the head and orient the top upwards, using hair products. Keep the rest of the hair short.

12. ‘X’ Hair Design for Baby Boy

If you want a hair design for a baby boy, just like the one above, all you need to do is style a faded cut for the sides and backs and create two lines that cross each other. To make your little man look ravishing,  style the top hair upwards.

13. Boy’s Cornrow Braids with Hair Design

This hair design with braids for boys is ideal for rebel African American hair. Use the top to style two cornrow braids, and on the sides, style a thunder-like design that acts as a part. He’ll love this boy’s haircut with lines!

14. Line Design

hair design for little boy

A hair design for a little boy that has several razored designs, one under the other, will look fantastic. Style the top hair into a mohawk, and your little man will conquer girls’ hearts from such a young age.

15. Shaved Line design for Little Boys

shaved hair design for boys

This shaved hair design for boys continues the line of the bangs with a feathered part. It will look fabulous if your little man has blonde hair and all his friends from school will admire him.

16. Little Boy’s Creative Mohawk

mohawk hair design for boys

Mohawks are one of the best boys’ haircuts. Once you’re done building it, use hair gel and hairspray to lift the top. On sides, create thick lines of long and short hair, like the ones in the image presented above.

17. Spider Web Design for Boys

Create a faded part and use a razor to make your little Spiderman fan a gorgeous web on one side. He will be so happy, and every other kid will envy and want to look like him.

18. Blonde and Purple Hair with Design

When your kid is already rebellious, you need to opt for a haircut that will match his personality! Keep the top longer and styled up with some products. You can even choose a blue hairspray that doesn’t damage the hair and easily washes off.

19. Hair Design for Black Little Boys

One of the cutest hair designs for black boys. If your kid has Afro American curly textured hair, go for a wavy part on one side, and a bald fade. Define the forehead with the razor and keep the top longer so that the coils will be able to form.

20. Little Boy’s Haircut With Star Design

Go for a part on both sides and back and use hair gel to recreate that wet look for the top. A trimming machine or a razor can help you obtain a gorgeous star design and some angles.

The Coolest Long Hairstyles for Boys

21. Hard Part

If you have an adolescent man in the family, show him this hairstyle because he will totally love it! Opt for a low fade with a well-defined part and style thin rare blonde highlights for the top. Style the quiff up and create spikes.

22. Curly Hair with Line Design

If your boy has curly hair, make its texture stand out. Go for a high fade on the sides and a long quiff. Define the edges and, using a trimming machine, make a sharp design.

23. Back Head Design

If you want your son to look cool, opt for a high fade and a rich top. Style a hard part on each side and cross the razored lines in the back.  Use some product and lift the top.

24. Kid’s Haircut With Abstract Star Design

When we’re talking about hair designs for little boys, nothing is too much. Opt for a bald fade for the sides and back. Create a star design with a zig-zag line on one or both sides of the head and you’ll get one of the best boys haircuts with lines.  

25. Diamond Hair Design for Little Boys

Your little man will love his new haircut if you are going to pick this fantastic diamond design hairdo. Go for short hair on the sides and back and keep the top longer. Using a trimming machine, recreate that jewel design in the back.

Styling an impressive hairdo for the little man of the family is always a fun thing to do. If you and your son loved one of the hair designs for boys we have featured above, tell us in the comments which were your picks!