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30 Sumptuous Blue Hair Highlights for Women

Blue highlights aren’t the most frequently chosen highlights in the world, but their popularity keeps growing. If you are thinking about getting highlights to change something about your hair?

Chances are you’re probably considering blonde, some hue few shades lighter than your hair, red, but why not think about blue and give it a go!

The reason behind their ever-growing popularity is their beauty and versatility as there are various shades you can choose.

There’s a perfect shade of blue for any hair color, and that’s why we’re listing 30 amazing ideas that will inspire you to get these highlights as well.

How to Get Blue Color Highlights on Hair

How to Get Blue Highlights on Hair

The easiest way to get highlights in the blue shade on hair is to go to a salon where a highly skilled hairstylist will give you the ideal shade for your hair.

Don’t rush when choosing a hairdresser, and it should be a person who truly knows to determine the amount, shade, and other aspects that give us amazing highlights. However, if you want to do it on your own, you will need a hair coloring kit, hair lightening kit, and foil.

The first thing to do is to determine and select sections of your hair that will be highlighted with blue color and lighten them before you apply hair dye on each section completely and cover with foil. Follow manufacturer’s instructions regarding washing and rinsing.

Nowadays some brands produce kits that don’t require bleaching so you can look them up in drugstores or online. If you don’t want to risk it, then hairdresser is the best option.

Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do Blue Hair Highlights 

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how to maintain blue highlights

So you got blue highlights on, and you’d like to keep them perfect as much as possible? In order to get the most out of your highlights, it’s crucial to maintain or care for them properly. These maintenance tips will help you:

  • Instead of hot water use cool or lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  • Wash your hair twice or maximum three times a week rather than every day.
  • Choose shampoos with gentle formulas instead of products with sulfates, parabens, and other harsh ingredients.
  • After coloring wait at least 72 hours before shampooing.
  • Avoid heat styling whenever possible.
  • Make sure you don’t spend too much time in the sun.
  • Buy a good conditioner that will nourish your hair.
  • Add dye to your conditioner to slightly re-dye your hair every time you wash it.
  • Avoid chlorine.

Latest Blue Highlighted Hairstyles

These highlighted hairstyle with blue hair color ideas are absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for inspiration, they’ll help you out. Let’s start, shall we?

1. Vibrant and Wild

long hair with blue highlights

Transform your look completely by adding vibrant blue, pink and purple colors to your hair. This style requires bleaching of hair.

A hot pink color is then added as a base with cobalt blue and lavender highlights. Add bouncy loose curls to complete this wild hairstyle.

2. Royal Blue Highlights

silver hair with blue highlights

This hipster hairstyle will keep all the eyes on you. Get a short bob haircut. Color the base in a silvery grey shade and add fine royal blue as highlights to set off the look. Keep your hair straight or curl the strands in all directions for this tousled look. 

3. Turquoise Chunks

blonde hair with blue highlights

Don’t want blue all over the head? Go for this sumptuous blue highlighted hair look suitable for blonde women. Instead of adding fine ones, take thick chunks of hair near the temples and at the back of ears and dye them in a shiny turquoise hue.

4. Keep It Dark

black hair and blue highlights

The blue color goes extraordinarily well with black hair. Express your dark dramatic personality with this hairstyle.

The hair is layered at shoulder-length with jaw-length side-swept bangs. Add chunky electric blue highlights between the wavy black strands and your look is complete.

5. Pastel French Girl Bob

short hair with blue highlights

Stay on the lighter side by playing with pastel colors on the hair. Get a classic French girl bob haircut and mid-parted bangs.

With a platinum blonde base, add highlights in pastel pink and blue color alternatively to top off this chic look.

6. Three Toned Highlights

balayage blue highlights

Experiment with three different shades of blue rather than one to get this dreamy hair look. Keep the top dark and add royal blue, aqua, and slate blue colors to create a balayage. To finish off the style, add bomb-shell curls midway to the ends.

7. Unicorn Curls

curly hair with blue highlights

For the girls who want a unicorn-inspired hairstyle, this is the look for you. Grow out the hair and bleach it down to add highlighted chunks of royal blue, Barbie pink, and plum purple to it. Curl all the strands and leave them loose to sway around.

8. Highlighted Pixie with Undercut

Go bold with blue with this short hairstyle. Ask the hairstylist for a pixie cut with the top long strands falling over the clean undercut along the sides. Take a few strands here and there and dye them in a blue hue to peek through the black strands.

9. Babylights on Short Lob

A short lob haircut always looks classy and suits all face shapes. Keep the hair uni-length with a layered chin-length fringe that is swooped on the side. Experiment with sumptuous powder blue babylights to create a simple cute look.

10. Brown Hair with Highlights

Brown Hair with Braid and Blue Highlights

Brown hair is special as it’s easier to get highlights than it would be on blonde or black hair. That’s why you’re able to experiment with your hair and try out different styles.

Long brown hair and blue highlights seem to be a perfect match. Make a French braid that will give you a romantic look while highlights will add a bit of flair to your appearance.

11. Curly Blue Hair Highlights

Curly Hair with Dark Blue Highlights

Curly highlights are wild and free, but it’s also sensitive, so you need to care for it properly.

To upgrade your style, you can choose vibrant Pintura highlighting technique which will accentuate your adorable curls and add more playfulness to your hair and overall style. Plus, the black and blue combination will never cease to be amazing.

12. Teal Blue Streaks

black hair with teal blue highlights

Add more color and spark to your black hair with blue highlights in the teal shade. Blow dry your hair and create locks or waves that will put all attention to highlighted strands. This super sensual look is perfect for the upcoming festival season. Try it out.

13. Mermaid Hair

wavy hair with blue highlights

You don’t have to limit yourself to one color only. Get highlights of multiple shades for a perfect hairstyle for festival season.

14. Sleek and Straight Brown Hair

blue highlights on brown hair

Get blue peek-a-boo hair highlights with light shade of blue in your light brown hair for a unique combination of two colors.

While it may seem there’s just one colored strand in your hair, underneath more of them are carefully hidden to allow you to style your hair in different ways and for various occasions.

15. Straight Sandy Blonde Hair

Here’s yet another combination of blonde hair and blue highlights. This style shows that tint-style highlights can look great in blonde hair as well.

16. Delicate Denim Highlights

Highlights can only look hot when you have long hair, and you shouldn’t even think about them if your hair is short. How many times have you thought that way? We often come across web content claiming highlights look best on long hair. That’s not necessarily true. Highlights look great on every hair length! If you’re a fan of delicate hues, you’ll love these subtle denim hair highlights in your bob haircut.

17. Midnight Blue Hair

Long black hair in combination with blue color highlights is unbelievably pretty. Why? Two colors, black and blue, work well together and make your hair look like midnight sky, so mystical and beautiful we can’t stop staring at it.

18. Blonde and Blue Combo

Blonde and blue look great together, and this is yet another style that proves it. Long blonde hair with delicate waves gives your hair more playfulness. At the same time, highlights in aqua blue shade accentuate your curly strands for a gentle look.

19. Electric Blue Shade

electric blue highlights on black hair

Do you have long dark brown or black hair that you like to style in curls and luscious locks? Then adding electric blue hair highlights into the combination can take your hairstyle to a whole new level.

You can let your curls flow down your back or pick them up in a high ponytail for a dramatic effect.

20. Short Bob Highlights

Are you trying to find a way to spice up your bob cut? Then you may want to try this pastel blue highlights idea.

For a unique effect, it would be absolutely amazing to add highlights near the ends of your hair strands rather than opting for standard highlights.

21. Tint Highlights on Mid-Length Hair

Mid-length black hair looks perfect when combined with highlights in dark blue hair tint. This shade works well with dark hair mostly because it’s noticeable, but elegant at the same time. On the other hand, choosing this shade for lighter hair gives your hairstyle more sassiness and edge.

22. Electric Blue Vibes in Short Hair

Electric blue highlights is for women who don’t mind being center of attention. This shade of blue is clearly noticeable, vivid, striking, and bold regardless of your hair color. Get your highlights somewhere around the middle downwards for the best effect.

23. Highlights on Bangs

In most cases, highlights are usually done from the scalp downwards, or they start in the middle and go all the way to ends. However, you can do something totally different and get blue hair highlighting in your bangs only. Original look for unique girls!

24. A Hint Of Blue

blue highlights on blonde wavy hair

Not all women want their highlights to be easily noticeable. Sometimes a hint of blue can go a long way, and you can achieve it with this style.

Lovely blonde hair is completed with gentle blue highlights that give away just a hint of color and add more warmth to your hair.

25. Grey and Curly

Grey hair is a major trend lately. While it was “reserved” for older women back in time today young girls experiment with this hair color as well.

Add more color to your hair with pastel blue color highlighted hair. At the same time, curls add more playfulness.

26. Light Brown Hair with Highlights

Light brown hair with blue highlights are a wonderful combination, particularly when you choose peek-a-boo style which is known for its sophisticated edginess. You can style your hair; however, you see fit, and the highlights will remain perfect.

27. Blonde with Blue Underneath

Underneath hair highlights are stylish and ideal for women who don’t want their colored hair strands to be too striking and edgy.

This hairstyle proves blue shade highlights on blonde hair color are beyond cute and adorable. For a striking, edgy look you can go for bold and electric blue.

28. Red Hair And Blue Streaks

Blue highlights are usually done on dark and brown hair, sometimes blonde, but what about redheads? You can’t rock highlights in the blue shade if you have copper red hair?

Of course, you can! In fact, a combination of red hair and blueish highlights is unique and incredibly interesting.

29. Mermaid Blue Hair

short blonde hair with blue highlights

Want to do something new with platinum blonde bob? Then you may want to consider mermaid inspired blue highlights that will frame your face perfectly.

30. Classic Brown Lob

brown long bob with blue highlights

Add blue partial highlights to your light brown short hair for a playful and creative vibe. A few colored strands here and there is all it takes for a cute look.

FAQs on Blue Highlights Styles

Can I do hygge with blue hair highlights?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish concept that involves coziness and wellbeing achieved through enjoying simple things in life. It was only a matter of them before hygge would turn into a huge trend, and now we even have hairstyles that embody this concept.

Hygge hair is characterized by warm and comforting hues and shades such as soft copper, rich brown, buttery blonde, and creamy orange. It’s important to mention hygge hair isn’t a specific technique, but rather an effect of coziness emulated by warm hair shades.

While blue isn’t really the warmest colors, a great hairstylist can probably work something out and give you hygge hair with blue highlights.

How light or dark your blue color highlight should be?

Actually, this depends entirely on you. For instance, if your hair is dark and you want subtle highlights, then dark blue is the answer.

Noticeable highlights require lighter, vivid, and striking blue shades. Women with fair hair can get their highlights easily noticed so striking colors aren’t necessary (unless you really want them).

Blue highlights hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular lately. We bring you 28 ideas to help you style them and rock this style like a celebrity. Don’t forget that adequate care is paramount, especially if you want your hair to look perfect even weeks after getting highlights.