Auburn Highlights: 20 Classy Looks for 2021

Auburn highlights is one of those color combinations that give a playful yet mysterious look to the one who sports it. Moreover, the color is ideal for almost any skin type and any texture of hair. If you are looking to change your hair color now then you might want to consider going for highlights.

The color falls somewhere between shades of red and brown on the palette and when combined with the right highlights, you can look mesmerizing in this hair color. When it comes to auburn hair, there are a number of highlighting options that you can go for.

Want to get started? Let’s tell you all about how to get that gorgeous shade on your locks!


How to Do Auburn Highlights on Hair

How to Do Auburn Highlights

First, you need to make sure that your colored hair was not done a long time back. Say, you colored your hair to auburn less than a week ago and you are considering getting highlights, do so within the first 6 weeks of the treatment.

However, if you are set on getting auburn hair with highlights, then you can discuss it with your professional and go for a look that you have in mind. If you are getting the color done at home, all you need are a few safety towels, hand gloves, your preferred color, foil paper, clips, and wet wipes.

Firstly, separate your hair into segments where you want just the auburn hair and further separate it to where you want your highlights, if you are going for dark highlights such as copper or chocolate brown or if you are considering getting an elegant balayage then you can do the colors at the same time. If you want lighter highlights such as gold or blonde then we suggest you wait for a few days until the first color sets in.

Once you separate your hair into segments, work on dividing them conveniently with clips and set aside. Wear your protective gloves and remove one clip at a time followed by placing a foil paper for that segment of your hair. Apply your auburn shade carefully on your hair and cover with another piece of foil paper. Repeat the process until all the auburn segments are done.

Now, start with your highlights. If your highlights fall on the darker side of the palette then use the same technique and color them. Wait until it is dry and wash off. Make sure you do not towel dry your hair fiercely when it is still wet. Apply after color serum and a protective serum if you are blow drying at home.

If you want to do light-colored highlights on your hair then give your locks some time before starting the color treatment again. You will have to use bleach depending on how light the shade is. Carefully separate your hair into segments and bleach the parts you want to do your auburn highlights in.

Once your hair is bleached and washed, you can start with your blonde/gold or any preferred light color for the highlights. If you have copper or brown colored hair already and simply want to go for light or dark auburn hair color, then you can follow the same process with just a highlighting kit.

We are sure you want to show off your lovely locks as soon as you get a new color. Hence, always make sure you use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners or masks for your hair. Follow up with the regular use of protective serums to safeguard your sensitive hair from the environment.

To prevent damage from styling techniques, go for heatless methods or use appliances that have a ceramic coating that distributes heat evenly. Make sure you always use suitable color protective styling gels and creams.


Beautiful Auburn Highlights Hairstyles

The following are the 20 most gorgeous auburn highlights hairstyles that are trending this year.

1. Layered Hairstyle

chestnut hair with auburn highlights

If you have thick long hair, why not show be proud of it? Create a great new look with a chestnut hair color with auburn highlights that will be perfect for both fall and winter. Keep that messy touch and sport a middle part that will allow you to wear the mane on your shoulder. 


2. Auburn Bob

brunette hair with auburn highlights

Searching for something that will spice up your brunette hair? Auburn highlights are the answer! Get a bob haircut and wear the bangs on one side. Style the highlights only on a small portion, on the top. 


3. Shaggy Auburn Hairstyle

layered hair with auburn red highlights

Play with that fabulous layered hair by styling auburn red highlights that will amazingly shine in the sunlight. Wave and curl the mane and you’ll enhance that fantastic texture and glowing shades. You can also opt for middle parted bangs that will create an excellent frame for your face. 


4. Rihanna’s Auburn Hair

auburn highlights on african american hair

Auburn highlights will gorgeously elevate your spectacular African-American hair. To recreate Rihanna’s hairstyle, you need to build a big wave using your bangs and curl the whole mane. It will provide not only a lot of dimension but also texture.


5. Dark Auburn Wavy Hair

dark brown hair with auburn highlights

Softening a prominent jawline has never been easier and if you pick a dark brown hair color with auburn highlights and a wavy bob haircut, you might get your wish. You can also draw all the attention to those thick eyebrows and brown eyes with proper makeup.


6. Wet Layered Hair

Those auburn peekaboo highlights will certainly get all the attention they need. Go for a layered haircut that will make your curls beautifully fall and swipe your bangs on one side. Some foam will help you achieve that kind of wet look. 


7. Dark Hair with Auburn Highlights

A short hair with auburn highlights might be the change you needed if you’re aiming for a glamorous look. The bob shape is probably the best option because it’s also long enough to style flattering waves. You can use a wand or a straightening iron to pull off those curls.


8. Bright Auburn Highlights

Whether it is short or long,  any dark hair will look fabulous with some auburn highlights. They will give your whole mane that most wanted glow and if you use a thick wand to curl your hair, you might find yourself looking like a Hollywood star. 


9. Centre Partitioned Long Beach Waves

auburn highlights on wavy hair

The auburn brown hairstyle looks stunning on long locks especially if your highlights get lighter from the root to the tips.


10. Straight Bangs with Beach waves

beach waves with auburn highlights

Perfect if you want to mix things up a little. Go for sharp and straight cut bangs on the front while styling the rest of your long auburn hair highlights and beautiful curls.


11. High Ponytail with Soft Curls

high ponytail with auburn highlights

This cute highlight hairstyle is the best if you want to keep your locks away from your face. The soft auburn curls add volume to the ponytail.


12. Waterfall Braids

waterfall braid on auburn hair with highlights

Starting with a braid from one side and hair segments intertwined, let your gorgeous red auburn hair with highlights do the talking with this mesmerizing flirty look.


13. Side Swept Front Puff

hairstyles with auburn highlights for women

The best option for women with shoulder-length hair. The front puff adds more drama to your look and keeps the focus on your facial features.


14. Chunky Highlights 

Want to have a hint of blonde highlights on your auburn hair? Try mixing up colors like this super sleek straight bob here.


15. Smooth Fishtail Braid

Give a glimpse of your brown highlights on your auburn hair with a fishtail braid that runs amidst flowing mane.


16. Boho Chick Bridesmaid Hairdo

best hairstyles with auburn highlights

This half up half down hair with a twist, complete with minimal ornaments is perfect for proms, weddings and what not! Simple yet beautiful highlighted medium auburn hairstyle.


17. Long Layered Hairstyle

Layered Auburn Bob Hairstyle

Simple, classy and fun. This highlights hairstyle is for the adventurous. Style your auburn layers with soft waves for a stunning look.


18. Messy Bun

top bun with auburn highlights

Top buns are an all-time favorite. Recreate your version of the top bun with auburn highlighted hair that just has a few stray strands fall on either side of the face.


19. Burgundy Hair with Auburn Highlights

Burgundy Hair with Auburn Highlights

Long burgundy plum hair with highlights mixed together and a thick bangs is a great combination, which is really worth the time spent making it.


20. Messy Bob

messy bob with auburn highlights

Auburn hair with blonde highlights on messy bob is a great idea for women with short hair. It looks great with any face type, requires little maintenance and really makes an impression. Sparkling jewelry is a great addition!

Galaxy Hairstyles to Try in 2021


No matter which hair color you choose, styling them right is the best way to truly enhance the colors visual appeal. Especially with auburn highlights, you have to keep mixing things up and experimenting with hairdos.

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