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11 Best Short Hairstyles With Shaved Sides

Shaved sides on different short hairstyles are associated with a free spirit and extrovert personality. The women who decide to have these haircuts are bold in their fashion and styling choices and they do not care much about what other people think.

Deciding on this step might be a challenging thing for most women, but if you are one of them, and you happen to have short hair too, there are some pretty cool hairstyle suggestions to try out with shaving the sides.


Short Hairstyles With Shaved Sides

Here we have 11 side-shaved hair ideas for women with short hair to try and to get an edgy look.

1. Minimal Shaving

short hair shaved sides female look

This hairstyle shows a short cut, something like a thicker pixie cut. The hair is cut equal in the length, following the growth pattern. The sides and the neck are low shaved, just enough to create a misbalance in the look.


2. Faded Purple Hair

short hairstyles with shaved sides

The faded purple is a popular hair color. It is not achieved very easily because it requires a pretty light base. However, the final result is wonderful.

The shaving here appears only on the frontal parts of the sides and they don’t go all over the back. The side hair is shaved, while the other falls straight down.


3. Short Curly Mohawk

Afro Curly Top With Shaved Sides

This is a short haircut that is very attractive for the women having curly afro hair. The top is quite bushy, voluminous and it opens to the sides.

The lower parts are shaved and go around the entire head. The shaved part follows the line of the head while the top provides a tree look.


4. Asymmetric Bob + Shaved Side

Asymmetric Bob with Shaved Side Hair for girls

It might be challenging for many to try out this look, but it sure will find its place somewhere on social media.

It is an asymmetric cut short hairstyle that presents different lengths and shaved sides. The shaved part is hidden making the look even more extraordinary and giving it an artistic vibe.


5. Pixie with Shaved Sides

Pixie with Shaved Sides

When it comes to directing the hair in some other direction than it’s natural, many might come across difficulty. However, with the proper cut and styling, anything can be achieved.

Here, the sides are shaved high, while the top is left long and combed to the front. With its length, it falls over the forehead, creating a look of come unordinary bangs.


6. Short Blonde Pixie

The beauty of the pixie cut in its dominance with the length of the top over the sides. For a more accented and unique look, the short blonde hair will look even better if the sides are shaved.

The shaving does not have to be very high but it should be visible so that it can create a contrast.


7. Extra Short Spikes + Sideline

Lots of women love wearing extremely short spiked hair. This is one of those hairstyles where you do not have to do any styling. Instead of that, the side hair is shaved for making the look more intriguing and there is a sharp line on the sides.


8. Pink Pixie with Gradual Shaving

This is an interesting short hairstyle with shaved sides that involves both gradual shaving and change of color. Each line comes in a different color. The shaving is done in the lower part of the hair, while the change of color comes through the hair.

Here, the combination of blonde and pink lovely complements and blends the entire hairstyle, but there are lots of other similar colors that you can try out.


9. Bald Sides + Spikey Mohawk

Not a hairstyle for everyone, the Mohawk is a rebellious and free option for the independent personalities. Along with the shaved sides, it gives a total punk look. The sides are done in a high bald fade and it only goes form topside to the backside.

The middle of the head is left with a longer portion of the hair, styled in spikey Mohawk. The front is styled upwards and gives the short punk hairstyle an additional height.


10. Shaved Undercut

Side-Swept Short Hair And Shaved Sides

The side-swept top always stands for a hairstyle with different styling options if it is straight and let down it looks more like a lob. If it combed and swept to the sides, it gives a more extraordinary look.

Whichever the case, the sides of these short haircuts are shaved and finish with a discreet side part that divides the shaved part from the top portion.


11. Half Shaved Head Haircut

women's short haircuts with shaved sides

A punk short hairstyle where the hair is styled to the side, straight and sleek. Here, the one-sided is shaved low, and as it continues up, the cut becomes short. The top is long, falls on the other side reaching the ear. The back is cut short.

These are some interesting and cool short shaved haircuts that every woman can try and flaunt. The side shaved hair are a daring and bold look and they speak about the willingness to try out new things and set trends.