21 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles with Highlights (2021 Trend)

There is nothing better like starting your day in style. A good hairstyle lifts your spirit and elevates your self-esteem. Choosing the perfect haircut is both an art and science.

If you go by the trending fashion, then having short hair will help you out. Today, we have the 21 short hair highlights ideas that will surely get you all the attention.


Latest Short Haircuts with Highlights

These are 21 most sassiest short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights for modern women to try out this season.

1. Brown and Blonde Bangs

short hairstyles with highlights

The exciting thing about this hairstyle is the mix of contrasting colors. The dark brown root is a good background of the blonde hair.

With a parting on the side, it exposes the beautiful contrast to the admirers. The sweeping highlighted bangs on the side help in elevating the facial features.


2. Pixie with Highlights

pixie haircuts with blue highlights

The undercut on the sides helps in turning the pixie into a marvel to admire. It is good to note the crimson red jetting out from the root.

Again, the mix of light brown and dark blue highlights will make you want to have this look. It works well in an afternoon outing.


3. Short Undercut for Women

short hair undercut with blonde highlights

One thing that stands out in this short haircut is the high side undercut. The fact that it is on one side only makes it a rare fashion statement.

To add on the artistic creativity, the layering hair sweeps to the other side. The blonde highlights in a maze of black hair bring out the exotic flair.


4. Blonde Bob + Side Braids

short bob with full highlights

Having a bob on your head is trendy enough. It works for you if you enhance certain aspects to it. The side braiding is a step out of the ordinary.

If you look closely, you will notice the blonde hair comes from a dark hair scalp. It is a clear expression of your experimenting with the full highlights on short hair.


5. Golden Blonde Highlights

short haircuts with highlights

The aspect of thick hair on a bob is promising. It is the laying of the strands that give it a standout. Highlighting shades of blonde on the brown hair is a classic mix. For ages, this blend of brown and blonde never disappoints any occasion.


6. Short Hair + Shaved Sides

Sometimes keeping it simple helps in maintaining the original concept. Dark hair has few options when it comes to highlighting with similar shades.

As in this short hair highlights, using a mix of light and dark brown shade is stunning. The wavy side bangs offer the feeling of femininity.


7. Shades of Brown

A medium bob gives you the leeway of experimenting with various ideas. The short waves on the tips of the hair enhance the highlights.

Brown shades can give you a unique way of showcasing elegance as in this hair highlighting. You experience the beauty without exaggerating the colors.


8. Brown with Grey Lowlights

It is the epitome of the elegance of the professional woman. The traditional bob stands out as a neat short haircut for women. This bob is a slight departure from that notion. It has simple shades of grey twisting in the shadows of brown.


9. Glossy Blonde

Auburn is the color of the elegance. Thus it connects well with your soul. This short auburn hair with blonde highlights makes the look simple yet elegant.

The tones of the dark, medium, and light auburn shine under the glamor. It is a highlighting experience that will never fail you.


10. Brown Fluffy Pixie

short hair highlights

If you have short hair, the options can be scarce. This highlight hairstyle comes in handy to rescue your self-esteem. The fluffy side gives the hair a volume in texture. It complements well the women with long oval faces.


11. Pink Highlights

Luminous colors are hard to blend. The short angled bob has a rare mix of screaming colors. The dark metallic blue sits on the black hair. But it is the exotic introduction of the glossy pink highlightings that gives it that classy touch.


12. Red Highlights on Black Hair

This side part bob is standard with women. The highlights from different dark shades blend with ease. If you imagine that black and brown are a mismatch, you are wrong. The red highlights are a beacon of beauty and attraction.


13. Wavy Blue and Green Hair

Pixies typically come with straight hair. So adding the wavy twist on it gives it an elevation. The thing I like about this hairstyle is playing with colorful ideas.

Having the silvery blue and green brings in the glitter out of the dark root. With matching accessories, you will surely stun everyone.


14. Face-framing Highlights

The light effect on the bob is a hairstyle statement. When you have that particular function to attend, this short hairstyle with highlights will give a special touch.

It is easy to create and maintain. The fluff layers on the top give your little hair a high volume appearance.


15. Hot Spikes

short spiky hairstyles with highlights

Hair highlights can be stressing if you do not understand your facial features. On this hairstyle, the facial contours come out perfectly well. This makes the spikes on the hair fashionable.

The addition of light blonde highlights on the short hair makes it feminine. It is best for outdoor weddings.


16. Chocolate Brown Hair

This is the stamp of simplicity. Using one color to style your hair is wise. It gives you the best of ideas without wandering to the extreme.

Brown has many shades that you can highlight with on your hair. In essence, you need a few shades of dark and light brown to turn other heads around.


17. Pixie with Bangs

It is a pixie with an alien touch. The light brown angled bangs give out the shout of freedom from the black background.

In all circumstances, this hairstyle gives you that leverage over other hair fashions. You can wear it anywhere without feeling out of place.


18. Silver Highlights on Black Hair

Naturally, black blends with any color. Therefore it is wise to play around with your creativity. This side undercut gives your hair that sleek look. The strands of silver highlights on the black are excellent.

If you are a regular on the fashion runways, you may try this one of these coming days. It is a perfect showcase of short hair with highlights.


19. Balayage Highlights

When you feel like going departing from tradition, never try something extreme. Experimenting with a blend of highlight and lowlights may seem impossible.

That is false. Looking at this short haircut, the front hair has blonde highlights.


20. Shades of Brown

short hair highlights and lowlights

This wavy layered bob gives you the feeling of contrast. The background of the hair is black. The front hair has the highlight of a light brown shade.

The back of the head brings out that dark brown lowlight to you. It is a simple way of showcasing your hair color artistry.


21. Silky Brown Pixie

short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

In this case, the pixie gives out that exotic taste from the Star Trek series. It is an exploration journey that helps you free your taste of fashion from the traditional confines.

The blending of the front lighter highlights opens up to the black lowlight at the back. The significant thing is brown and black never disappoint.


The fashion trends are dynamic. One style hairstyle can overstay in a generation while another passes by the whim. It is essential to know what is fashionable and move with it. These 21 short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights will help you step out in style and elegance.

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