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35 Renowned Actors with Blonde Hairstyles to Copy

Actors with blonde hair are everywhere in showbiz, showing just how popular the hair color is, no matter your age.

If you’re seeking a new hairstyle in blonde or just want to update your already blonde hair, take some inspiration from some of the most well-known actors.

From short to long, edgy to dapper, there’re certainly some actors rocking blonde hairstyles anyone can copy!

Amazing Blonde Hairstyles Rocked by Actors

Here are some of the best blonde hairstyles a few highly popular actors in showbiz are killing lately.

1. Chord Overstreet

Blond Actor Chord Overstreet
Chord Overstreet

Chord Overstreet is the perfect example of a boyish haircut that casts a spell on all who see it.

This medium straight haircut features a clean, tapered look with the length falling just above the shoulders. Blonde highlights seamlessly blend into the natural hair, adding a sun-kissed effect.

2. Gabriel Mann

Blond Actor Gabriel Mann
Gabriel Mann

If you prefer some texture in your haircut, opt for actor Gabriel Mann’s style. His typical blonde haircut is short and straight, parted off-center with a spiky texture. The swooped shape brings a contemporary edge to the classic look, while a defined part with spikes keeps it modern.

3. Lucky Blue Smith

Blond Actor Lucky Blue Smith
Lucky Blue Smith

Men who like a moodier hairstyle vibe will love Lucky Blue Smith’s show-stopping look. His messy shaggy haircut in platinum blonde gives a casual vibe.

His layered tousled hair creates a textured and carefree appearance, while the striking platinum blonde color adds a bold and edgy touch.

4. Lukas Gage

Blond Actor Lukas Gage
Lukas Gage

Not sure how to style your longer hair? Actor Lukas Gage rocks his naturally wavy medium blonde hair in a center part. The casual waves nicely frame the face, providing a natural and relaxed charm. The centered part adds symmetry, enhancing the balance of the style.

5. Luke Eisner

Blond Actor Luke Eisner
Luke Eisner

Women go crazy over men with surfer hair, like Luke Eisner. His shoulder-length curtain haircut is his most recognizable feature.

His golden blonde hair with a center part frames the face and offers a balance of elegance and casual charm for a distinctive appearance.

6. Mitchell Hoog

Blond Actor Mitchell Hoog
Mitchell Hoog

In the Saved By The Bell reboot, Mitchell Hoog plays Zach Morris’ son, so it makes sense that the actor would have a similar haircut.

The famous blonde highlighted hair in swooped waves makes a comeback as seen here. You can get a similar look by finger-combing your hair with a bit of hair gel or mousse.

7. Noel Fisher

Blond Actor Noel Fisher
Noel Fisher

If you like keeping your haircut short and simple, the short crew cut is a classic and timeless hairstyle. Actor Noel Fisher shapes his bleach blonde hair by closely cropping the sides and back while maintaining a longer top.

8. Rune Temte

Blond Actor Rune Temte
Rune Temte

For older men with longer hair and a fair amount of facial hair, we recommend Rune Temte’s rugged look. Tempte proves that even older actors can rock very light blonde hair.

His side-parted hair with extended layers presents a carefree and effortless vibe that strikes a balance between maturity and casual sophistication.

9. Troye Sivan

Blond Actor Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan’s cool longer-on-top, shorter-on-sides haircut with white-blonde tousled locks make him one of the coolest blonde actors under 30.

If you want to get this look, make sure your hair is wavy enough to add texture and flair on the top.

10. Tyler Oakley

Blond Actor Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley

Another great look for men with thicker hair is Tyler Oakley’s straight spiked hairdo. This shade of warm blonde is easy on the complexion and very natural looking.

This hairstyle is about maintaining shorter sides with a long textured top. You can fingerstyle your hair with a little hair product and blow dry upwards to get the shape.

11. Alexander Ludwig

Blonde Actor - Alexander Ludwig

For instant classy style, go with a smooth mohawk fade like actor Alexander Ludwig. His blonde hair is combed back smoothly and features a bald fade that nicely defines his face shape.

12. Leigh Francis

Blonde Actor - Leigh Francis

Leigh Francis is one blonde-haired actor who flaunts his thick hair quite nicely. The light and airy waves flip out from the face. Just comb in an off-center part before working in a little hair styling product.

13. Nathan Gamble

Blonde Actor - Nathan Gamble

Actor Nathan Gamble’s medium blonde hair is short layered, making it an ideal option for men who prefer low-maintenance haircuts. Use a little mousse and a blowdryer to create the wind-blown side combed look.

14. Ross Lynch

Blonde Actor - Ross Lynch

Younger men can feel confident they’ll look very handsome with very light blonde or platinum hair color. Actor Ross Lynch keeps his hair short with layers for shape and movement. You’ll be able to finger comb hair in minutes in the mornings easily!

15. Lucas Till

Blonde Actor - Lucas Till

A matching blonde will look great on your hair if you have a medium to darker skin tone. Actor Lucas Till styles his short medium blonde hair with a side part, smoothly combing it mostly to one side for a dapper look.

16. Riker Lynch

Blonde Actor - Riker Lynch

If you’re one of those bad-boy types seeking a hairstyle to match, blonde-haired actor Riker Lynch’s look is one to copy! His longish platinum blonde hair is styled straight, with the hair combed forward and to the side.

Blonde Actors with Blue Eyes

17. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth with blonde hair

Chris Hemsworth is one of the hottest actors in the film industry, isn’t he? His blue eyes have an enthralling charm, and the blonde hair just brings them out more. Here, he has combed his hair backward in a sleek and modern manner which you can copy in all of your business meetings and formal events.

18. Leonardo Decaprio

Leonardo Decaprio with blonde hair

Leonardo Decaprio is one of those blonde actors who flaunt their natural charm in style without having to go out of their way. The way he carries himself on and off screen is commendable, but this classy half pomp with side part hair wins all of his hairstyles.

19. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris with blonde hair

Neil Patrick Harris has the most beautiful eyes, and his blonde hair complements his eyes so well that it is hard not to stare at him. Of course, this exquisitely put-together hairstyle is meant for cover pages, isn’t it?

20. Ryan Gosling

Blonde Male Actors with Blue Eyes

If there is one male actor who is the epitome of perfection with blue eyes and blonde hair, it is Ryan Gosling. Everyone goes dreamy-eyed when he is around, and his natural friendly charm is irresistible. If you want to go for a blonde actor-inspired look, this fun and natural hairstyle is your thing.

Actors with Blonde Hair and Green Eyes

21. Jude Law

Jude Law's blonde hair

Jude Law looks impressive and incredibly handsome with this youthful and stylish look. Naturally, he is the first person one thinks of when there is a mention of green-eyed and blonde-haired actors.

The loose curls are styled in a messy way which falls about in a natural and sexy way. The waves are so perfectly done and the hair is cut in all the right angles at all the right sides.

22. Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard has won many hearts with his lovely green eyes and blonde hair, hasn’t he? The short hair brushed to a side is so attractive, stylish and elegant that we can hardly stop staring at his flawless hair. You can also copy this look and rock it with confidence.

Famous Blonde Haired Actors with Brown Eyes

23. Josh Hutcherson

If there is one actor with blonde hair who does justice to the whole brown eyes and blonde hair look, it’s Josh Hutcherson. He is so natural and classy in his demeanor that all love him. Here, his hair is styled in classic pomp, making him even more charming and endearing.

24. Alex Pettyfer

The I Am Number Four star, Alex Pettyfer, has such flawless looks that he never seems unworthy of a cover page. His short blonde hair is brushed backward in a natural and sleek manner, adding just the right amount of glamour that this guy needs.

25. Austin Butler

Austin Butler looks so charming and elegant in this messy long hairstyle that it is undoubtedly something that you would want to copy for your daily casual look. The brown eyes are on full display, with the blonde hair falling down the sides of his face framing it naturally.

Blonde Actors with Dark Skin Tone

26. Shemar Moore

Blonde Actors with Dark Skin Tone

Shemar Moore here looks glamorous and impressive with his dark skin tone and blonde hair. This is such a fun way of carrying himself that you can copy too. You can even have your goatee beard in natural black to even out the overall look.

27. Chris Brown

Chris Brown has cropped blonde hair, which goes nicely with his dark skin tone. He has a simple class about him which shows in every one of his looks. You can get this blonde actor’s look too if you do not want to spend a lot of time on your hair and still want to make it look stylish.

Blonde Male Actors with Fair Skin Tone

28. Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson looks stunning in this hairstyle. His lovely blonde hair is medium length and falls down in gentle smooth cascades. You can go for this youthful and super stylish look without having to worry about over or underdoing your hairstyle for any occasion.

29. Charlie Hunnam

This handsome British actor with blonde hair has a royal vibe around him. You can look royal and rock this British hairstyle easily if you happen to have lovely blonde hair cut short.

30. Rupert Grint’s Long Simple Look

Blonde Actor Rupert Grint

If your hair is more on the strawberry blonde side of blonde, then you could match Rupert Grint’s hair well. The style is very simple and has a lot of long hair brushing across the forehead. It’s a very soft look.

31. Ian Ziering’s Small Spikes

Ian Ziering with thin blonde hairstyle

Are you looking for an actor with a more straightforward style to replicate? Ian’s hair is mainly brushed flat, but there are some spikes right at the hairline to add interest and texture to the look, making it more stylish.

Older men will do well with this look as it’s excellent for thinner hair. It will also suit someone who isn’t a fan of doing extensive styling.

32. Tom Felton’s Short Fluffy Textured Look

Tom Felton with Short Blonde Hair

Tom Felton has a pleasantly short and fluffy look. The hair spikes up at the front and on top, but it’s not harsh and remains soft looking.

The hair on the sides has some nice fluffiness and thickness while remaining subtle. It’s a classy everyday and formal look that works in many situations.

33. Chad Michael Murray’s Choppy Look

Blond Actor Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray’s hairstyle has been sought after by men for years. Women love it, and it makes any man look fantastic.

The hair is long on top and thick on the sides, cut to have a fluffy texture but a choppy and masculine style.

Blonde Actors Under 25

34. Bradon Fitzgerald

Blonde Haired Actors Under 25

This refreshing youth of 16 has the coolest blonde hair styled most exquisitely. His short hair was combed and styled backward in an impressive way, giving him a very star-like and fashionable look. You can copy this hairstyle too and be confident about rocking it anywhere.

35. Dylan Sprayberry

blonde haired actor Dylan Sprayberry

This young blonde actor has won our hearts with his acting and stunning looks. This is a fun and classy hairstyle for formal events when you do not feel like spending a lot of time on your hair. Just pair it up with a light stubble beard on your face and see how irresistible you become.

These fantastic blonde hairstyles look so good on these actors that you can hardly take your eyes off them, which is why blonde actors are our all-time favorite. So, why not go ahead and try them yourself too?

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