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17 Most Flattering Bob With Bangs For Black Women

Bobs with bangs can flatter any face shape, however, the most important step when choosing the right cut is to make sure it suits your face shape.

Bangs come in many shapes and sizes, and blunt, feathered, or curtain are just some of the options. And most important, not all will work with your features. Blunt ones will cover a large forehead, while asymmetrical and side bangs will make a face look less chubby.

The same rule applies to bobs! And if you are dealing with natural hair, then you must know that layers are the way to go.

Fresh Bob Cuts With Bangs for Black Women

Check out the article below and discover how to style your bangs and bob hairstyle so it will suit any black woman!

1. Blunt Bangs With Flipped Out Ends

medium bob with full bangs for black women

Wanna know what’s hitting the trends right now? Bobs with bangs with flipped ends that looks marvelous on black women!

If your hair is natural and has texture, you will need to flawlessly straighten it or get a high-quality wig that you can style however you like.

2. Short Blunt Bob with Bangs

blunt bob with bangs for black women

A blunt bob looks stunning on dark skin when paired with bangs. This look is super low maintenance except a trim in every few weeks, making it a breeze to manage on a day-to-day basis.

It’s especially a great look for showcasing the rich, natural texture of your hair, giving a modern vibe.

3. Rihanna’s Wavy Bob

bob with middle part bangs for black women

Rihanna is a real trendsetter; any hairstyle she gets instantly transforms into a look anyone wants.

This time, she got curtain bangs and a medium messy wavy bob hairstyle with waves and curls. Add some foam to tighten the waves and define your strands.

4. Pixie Bob with Side Bangs for Black Women

black pixie bob with bangs

Black fashionistas love bobs. Don’t want the length of a bob? Then combine it with a pixie cut. Create loads of layers and straighten the hair.

Style your bangs to the side and keep them also layered and spread on the forehead.

5. Red Bob Hairstyle with Asymmetrical Bangs

red bob with bangs for black women

Style loads of layers in the crown area so this section will gain a lot of volume. In the lower part, go for feathered strands and keep your bangs asymmetrically trimmed.

This way, you will have more length on one part.

6. Taraji P. Henson’s Wavy Bob

layered black bob with side swept bangs

With waves, layers, and flipped-out ends, Taraji P. Henson got a lot of volume for her bob hairstyle with bangs.

The American actress has a rounded face shape and when she needs to diminish the aspect of those prominent cheekbones, she goes for side-swept bangs that flatter her complexity.

7. Asymmetrical Bob for Black Women

black bob cut with side bangs

On one side, you will need to keep your hair longer, so you can obtain that asymmetrical effect for your bob. As a black woman, you will need to straighten your hair to achieve those flat strands.

Keep the front side pieces from one side longer and opt for a side part with bangs.

8. Naomi Campbell’s Short Bob

French bob with bangs for black women

As a fashion icon who needs to look flawless on the red carpet, Naomi Campbell knows the best ways to look flattering.

The supermodel has a heart-shaped face and she opted for a blunt bob with bangs. The hair is short, covering the ears, and has a rounded shape.

9. Bob for Tight Curls

curly bob with bangs for black women

Layered bobs with bangs are some of the best choices for a curly-haired black ladies who wants to flaunt her amazing coils.

To warm up the look, you can lighten up your hair color and go for a blonde caramel nuance. There are tons of hair colors that suits black women, pick the one that’ll complement your personality.

10. Curtain Bangs for Black Women

black bob with curtain bangs

This bob haircut features medium curtain bangs ideal for dark skin. On the sides, the hair gets gradually longer, gaining more length in the back.

The ends are smoothly curved and the rest of the hair is straightened.

11. Layered Lob with Blunt Bangs

long wavy black bob with blunt bangs

Famous dark-skinned actress Kerry Washington has an oval face, so most hairstyles will complement her. She went for layers that start in the cheekbone area and pulled off some smooth waves.

This way, the top has more bounce and volume. She covered her small forehead with blunt bangs that extends below the eyebrows.

12. Shot Bob with Flipped Out Ends

edgy black bob with bangs

If certain trends only last for one year and never come back, it’s not the case for the bob haircut with bangs and flipped-out ends.

In 2001, Iman wore this haircut at the Vh1 Vogue Fashion Awards and launched a trend that quickly took over. And now, it’s back and hitting as hard as it did in the early 2000s.

13. Braided Bob

braided bob with bangs for black women

Braided bobs with bangs work like a charm for black women who don’t want long plaits. If you have rich and thick hair, you won’t need to add hair extensions.

Trim your braids short and chop them in different lengths for your bangs.

14. Short Pixie Bob with Highlights

short black bob with highlighted bangs

Cut your hair short, keep it in its natural color, and pull off some blonde highlights for your side-swiped bangs.

If you don’t want to trim your hair, you can go for a weave or a wig. Make sure you tightly braid your natural hair and apply moisturizers.

15. Bob with Top Volume

half up black bob with bangs

If you want to obtain more volume for the top, straighten your natural hair, then give your ends a curve. Swipe your bangs to the side, then select that crown hair.

Tease those pieces and use a large hair clip to secure them in the back, creating more volume for the top.

16. Platinum Blonde Ombre for Bobs

blonde bob with wispy bangs for black women

Get a straight bob with wispy bangs and lighten your pieces. Go for a blonde ombre that keeps your roots in a dark blonde nuance.

Pull off some thin hair strands from your temple line and layer them, creating a rounded shape for your bangs.

17. Red and Yellow Bob with Bangs for Black Women

colored bob with bangs for black women
_shadesofshannon_ /Instagram

Such a vividly colored bob with bangs is a perfect choice for black women who want to stand out and stun with their new look.

If you don’t want to damage your hair while bleaching (coarse hair is more fragile than straight hair), get a wig that already has the colors you love.

A bob with bangs is a low-maintenance hairstyle for black women. You can create it by chopping your hair and straightening it, using weaves to get the desired shape, or wearing wigs. All alternatives are suitable, whether you love a classic or a nonconformist look.

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