18 Amazing Blunt Bob with Bangs That Work on Everyone


How to Style Blunt Cut Bob with Bangs

Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept Bangs with Blunt Bob

If you have got a round face, thin hair and wide forehead, side-swept wavy bangs with blunt bob are a go-to hairstyle for you to complement your face and hair type.


See-Through Bangs

Blunt Bob with See Through Bangs

These bangs can be a bit annoying as the hair keeps coming your way, but they look great on round and heart-shaped faces by adding definition and natural contours to the features.


Curly Bangs

blunt bob with curly bangs

Curly hair is difficult to manage and style but blunt cut curly bob with bangs is a great way to style your curly mane uniquely and looks voguish and a la mode.


Blunt Bob with Bangs

If you’re seeking short hairstyle inspirations for your next haircut, we’ve compiled a list of 18 amazing blunt bob hairstyles with bangs you can choose from.

1. Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

Blunt Bob with Side Bangs


2. Blunt Black Bob with Bangs

Blunt Bob With Bangs for Black Girls


3. Bangs on Short Blunt Bob

Bangs on Short Blunt Bob 


4. Medium Blunt Bob with Bangs

Medium Blunt Bob With Bangs


5. Blunt Lob with Bangs

Blunt Long Bob With Bangs


6. Blunt Very Short Bob with Bangs

Blunt Very Short Bob with Bangs


7. Blunt Weave Bob + Bangs

Blunt Weave Bob and Bangs


8. Blunt Curly Bob And Bangs

Blunt Curly Bob And Bangs


9. Platinum Blonde Bob with Bangs

Platinum Blunt Bob with Bangs

If you want to go for a short yet bold hairstyle, blunt platinum bob with bangs add a hint of drama and romance to your everyday look.


10. Bob with Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

The art of styling a bob is to try it with different colors and hues of hair dyes. The blazing, bold and bright hair dyes help to change the appearance to a greater extent like this ginger dyed long blunt bob with bangs that give an extra edgy look and feel to the bob hairstyle.


11. Asymmetrical Bangs

Short Blunt Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

You were wrong if you thought that short haircuts are limited to a few hairstyles. A short blunt bob with pointed V-shaped bangs dyed vivaciously from the tips is ideal if you want to opt for a classy, sassy and unique hairstyle.


12. Half -up with Thick Bangs

blunt bob with thick bangs

To all the women with wide and prominent foreheads, this thick bangs on blunt cut medium bob is simple, an easy and an absolute classic hairstyle that makes a statement and adds grace to your overall look.


13. Pink Bob with Bangs

pink blunt bob with bangs

Go an extra mile with this exquisite blunt cut bob with bangs and two-toned tips as it adds a little glitz and appeal to your hairstyle.


14. Blunt Bob with Bardot Bangs

Bardot bangs are fantastic to remove some weight from your hair. The middle parted bangs help to keep your blunt bob neat and in place.


15. Bright Blunt Bob with Baby Bangs

short blunt bob with baby bangs

This extra bright and edgy look are for all the bodacious and fierce women out there. The bright, vivid and neon dyed hair is terrific and looks exceptional with the blunt bob haircut and bangs.


16. Blunt Lob with Wispy Bangs

The uneven messy bangs give a natural and light look to your long wavy bob hairstyle. These blunt bangs & bobs are easy to style and maintain zero efforts to freshen things up.


17. Neon Bob Balayage 

two toned blunt bob with long bangs

This is not your everyday hairstyle and demands extra attention and maintenance, however, if you want to make a hairstyle statement and can stick to the upkeep it requires, this long bob balayage hairstyle is fashion goals and serves serious style fierceness.


18. Blunt Wavy Bob with Bangs

wavy blunt long bob with bangs

This hairstyle looks straight out of a summer fairytale. The cool tones with waves give this hairstyle an extra fresh and subtle look and the long wavy bangs are styled as side part bob framing one part of the face. This is absolutely the best summer-friendly blunt cut bob with bangs style on our list.


FAQs on Blunt Bob with Bangs

Are one length bob and blunt bob the same?

Yes, one length bob and blunt bob are the same as they are achieved by cutting the hair to the same length from the natural position of the hair.


Which one goes well with bangs; Blunt bob or Blunt lob?

Blunt lob is the same as blunt bob except for the fact that it is longer and requires less maintenance and care. Blunt bob and lob both go well with bangs, however, blunt bob looks more edgy and alluring with bangs than a blunt lob.