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25 Best Hairstyles For Black Women With Oval Faces (2024 Guide)

If you’ve got an oval face shape, consider yourself lucky as a black woman. There are so many hairstyles available for oval-faced African American women. Oval faces are slightly longer than their width with a round chin and narrow jawline that is almost equal to the forehead.

Such slender faces are universally flattering and go perfectly well with nearly all hairstyles as you don’t need to hide any sharp angles or make your face look longer. Still, you need to be careful not to ruin all that natural beauty.   

Regarding natural beauty, go through the following hairstyles for black women with oval faces and we bet you’ll find your favorite one.

Flattering Hairstyles for Black Women with Oval Face Shapes

African-American hair can be styled in countless ways to accent your gorgeous oval face. Whether you prefer short or long hair, our collection of hairstyles for black women with oval faces is sure to have something that suits your unique features. Just keep scrolling!

1. Afro Puff

natural hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Black ladies can balance out their oval faces by slicking back their kinky curls and allowing them to fluff up naturally on top of the head.

Make your updo look exceptional by braiding the scalp with a middle part and using a synthetic drawstring puff for a voluminous finish.

2. Pineapple Updo

black hairstyle with headband for oval faces

Oval face shapes often come with big foreheads and that is when a pineapple updo with bangs saves the day for curly beauties.

Assemble those coils near the crown area to fall forward all around the face. Pin down some strands to work as faux bangs and fix in place with a headband.

3. Buzz Cut 

buzz cut for black women with oval faces

Set that symmetrical face on full display with a simple yet statement-making buzz cut. This hairstyle is ideal for black women with oval faces who want to take a break from styling their tresses.

Get an appropriate-sized clipper to refresh your look at home within a couple of minutes.

4. Bantu Knots 

bantu knots for black women with oval faces

Bantu knots come with so many benefits. They are easy to create, protect the hair from any damage, and produce gorgeous curls when uncoiled.

Section the hair, create tiny buns, and secure them in place with elastic bands or hairpins. Complete the look with a colorful liner and get ready to drop some jaws.

5. Tribal Buns 

box braids for black women with oval faces

Long hairstyles divert all the attention towards those soft cheekbones but can sometimes drag down an oval face.

African-American ladies can avoid this by opting for long box braids and styling them into half-up space buns with another one in the center while giving off some chic tribal vibes.  

6. Ballerina Bun 

bun hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Simple is sexy and here is a look to prove it. Make that slender face shine by slicking back all the hair into a high ponytail.

Slip on a donut bun maker to create a perfectly round updo that will stay in place the entire day. Swoop down the baby hairs and voila!

7. Layered Kinks 

afro hair for black women with oval faces

Embrace your fluffy curls with utmost pride by asking the hairstylist for a layered haircut for the shorter strands to fall on top of the longer ones.

Black teenage girls can also add a subtle glow to their gorgeous oval faces by lightening their tips and keeping the roots dark for a two-toned look.    

8. High Ponytail 

ponytail for black women with oval faces

Create a waterfall with your long tresses by gathering them in a top knot ponytail.

Use a weave in the case of short hair and add some bounce with loose beach waves. Tame those tiny baby hairs to make sure everyone sees that stunning oval face of yours.

9. Soft Pixie 

pixie cut for black women with oval faces

A medium-length pixie hugging the head is ideal to accompany the soft features of an oval face shape.

Add some layers to avoid a blunt look and pin back your bangs whenever you want for a change. Going a little short is worth a try too as it will further uplift your eyes.

10. Curly Faux Hawk

mohawk hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Faux hawks look funky and make a suitable hairstyle for black women with oval face shapes, especially those who want to show off their petite jawline.

You don’t necessarily need to shave the sides, instead pin them back gathering all the fluff in the central region. Add shiny hair cuffs for a fancy finish.

11. Twist Bob 

short black twists for oval faces

Bob with bangs can do wonders as they work with any hair texture. Opt for Senegalese twists and layer them to add some body and playfulness.

Cover the forehead with bangs or bring it under the spotlight by pinning the chunks back producing a classic half-up hairstyle.

12. Half-Up Yarn Locs 

locs hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Another half-up half-down hairdo but this time on long tresses. Yarn dreads protect the hair just as conventional locs but appear much more neat and tidy. Use yarn in any color and before deciding on the length, keep in mind that they can be heavy and take time to dry.  

13. Baby Braids 

long hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Baby braids are back and look sexy like never before. They frame the face and blend in flawlessly with the remaining loose tresses.

Take chunks on both sides of the face and plait them down adding clear elastics on the ends or vibrant ones for a pop of color.

14. Gray Fluff 

hairstyle for black women over 50 with oval faces

Black ladies getting on in years can refresh their look by chopping their afro curls into a short rounded haircut.

Embrace those grays by going for a dove gray base and adding subtle silver highlights on top. Use a pick to fluff up the locks and that’s it!

15. Cornrow Ponytail 

cornrow braids for black women with oval faces

What are hairstyles for oval-faced black women without some good old cornrows? Incomplete of course!

Experiment with traditional delicate cornrows or get straight-back chunky ones also called goddess braids and secure them in a low ponytail at the nape.    

16. Braided Swirls 

black hair updo for oval faces

Oval faces are called perfect for a reason i.e. they look perfect with literally any hairstyle even if it is an unusual one like the one depicted here.

The kinky curls are assembled in an afro puff with braided swirls shaped like the number 8 at the front. Extensions are all you need.  

17. Pink Dreads + Curly Ends 

dreadlocks for black women with oval faces

Celebrate your womanhood by getting the hair dreaded while incorporating hot pink strands in the process.

Leave the ends loose and add tight curls for a fun look. Tousle all the chunks on one side of that cute oval face and observe eyes pop.

18. Front-Row Twists 

curly hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Mixed-race girls can outline their face shape by twisting or braiding the front strands tightly with or without a parting although a middle part is ideal to complement the symmetry of an egg-shaped face. Leave the remaining curls loose to sway with the wind.

19. Platinum Buzz 

blonde hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Buzz cuts look flattering on those with evenly proportioned faces. Bleach and dye the left-out fuzz into a cool platinum tinge to contrast against your dark skin tone. You can also get a shaved design along the sides or carve out a hard part instead.  

20. Purple Crinkle Dreads 

hairstyle with extensions for black women with oval faces

Having talked about traditional dreads and yarn locs, here is another way to add a quirky touch to dreadlocks. Braid the chunks when wet and leave them to dry to achieve a crinkled pattern. The lilac and lavender hair colors are worth a shot too.

21. Space Buns 

hairstyle for black girl with oval faces

Space buns are timeless, ageless, and flawless and nobody will disagree. Save an oily hair day or keep the strands away from the face by creating ponytails on both sides and wrapping them around into buns. This look is an ideal hairstyle for school-going mixed-race girls.  

22. Long Top, Short Sides 

short hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Oval-faced black ladies can opt for a boyish appeal by clipping their sides short keeping the top prominently long. The curls will fluff up naturally and add height without effort. The pink platinum hair color is sure to grab some attention.

23. Wedding Updo 

wedding hairstyle for black women with oval faces

This wedding hairstyle for black women with oval faces can be recreated at home to save an expensive salon appointment.

The high updo is wrapped around with a single braid and accompanied by a side-parted front. Bring the look together with a crown headband, soft makeup, and delicate jewels.

24. Highlighted Bangs 

straight hairstyle for black women with oval faces

When it comes to oval faces, you can experiment with any type of bangs to look equally pretty without a doubt.

Opt for blunt bangs, curtain bangs, or thick side-swept ones with a layered neck-length bob. Highlight the front and use a barrel brush when styling the hair.

25. Color Pop 

dyed hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Add a pop of color to that hairy cloud on your head to turn around some heads. Use permanent dye or temporary hair chalk and combine different colors together to create a one-of-a-kind hairdo. Don’t forget to get a round haircut too.

The above hairstyles for black women with oval faces are sure to make you thankful for all that God-gifted fluff along with a versatile face shape. Try whichever look you like but avoid anything that makes your forehead seem big or your face unnecessarily long. Best of luck!